Thursday, October 04, 2012

Bless their Pointy Little Heads

Dog Transmitting, while the rest of you are abed.......

May your noses, always be cold and wet.

It's difficult, ...No 'fell aft aglay' goes unrewarded. I'll give you seven blue Wednesdays for one of your red turquoise Thursdays and call this even /steven can deliver. You take the manhole cover off and you see the nasties come afoot. I hope you have the connection to make the connection; nothing else explains it, besides and in between times, ring the bell! Heed the call! We are unfortunate travelers, one and all. This is the landscape of the dimension of the time frame, for the no names behind the ones who do this, nasty shit, full time in, the mainstream, to summon it forth again and again.

So, you got your Copperheads and Diamond Backs, who own the low rent shacks, where the trash collects and no one forgets but eventually everybody's going to lose their cherry. Ignorance doesn’t knock and there is no door that will open, no heart will be left unbroken. In this world you have to walk with 3 feet. You don't know how you got that extra leg from the Zio-conversion control of all things unholy of true Rock and Roll. The bells ring for one and all.

We are in the days of bad shit, right out of the pit. The most important thing is that we not fall in to it. Though, given human nature and this being Kali Yuga. It can be a problem. In Goa during the time of the early raves they had these pig toilets. They are probably still around. It would be the Christians who practice this because neither the Muslims not the Hindus eat pork. I am sure you will appreciate this tasty explanation and yes, of course, they then eat the pig when they want to. Now that is recycling!

We've covered a lot and not even gotten started yet but, dear reader, I have just been spending some days, with dear readers of the most exquisite and wondrous kind and I am exhausted with beauty and what can be. So I bid you adieu, with this shortest of posts and leave you with a brief transcript, a portion, a small section, of what we got up to, my friends and I. We'd never met before, some of us and some of us had but this piece is with one I had never met and we did it on the fly:

extemporaneously out of the blue from us to you.

More to come and then some.

End Transmission.......


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