Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Lothario from Loserville in Handjob Heaven; Ben Sompow Rhodes

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Oh! Oh! No! Can it be? What are the odds? What's the opposite of anomaly... commonplace, routine? You'll probably want to be sitting down for this. There's extra points, if you happen to be sitting on the toilet, which means you're using a laptop or a tablet. Guess what? Go ahead, guess. Hmmm, probably a good idea if I mention what it is first, being as most of you aren't psychics, although we do get the occasional psycho. Okay, wait for it. What are the odds that the guy, AKA; 'sold out, murderous, psychopathic, oleaginous whore' or SOMPOW, one Ben Sompow Rhodes is a Tribe Member? Wow! Yes, uncanny and unexpected as it might be, Sompow Rhodes is a member of that 'Chosen' Satanic Cabal who are day and night, working overtime, in overdrive, to plunge the world into a red fury, of carnage and destruction. Would it shock you to find that Sompow Rhodes has a brother who is president of CBS News? What are the odds?

It gets better. Guess what Sompow Rhodes used to do for a living? He was/IS a fiction writer! Well, he's an alleged, fiction writer. I don't know if he actually wrote any books but he is definitely still at the fiction game AND... he's the very same Zio-Troll, who worked at muddying up the waters, following the Benghazi debacle, which the Obama 'crew', 'posse', whatever... set up as a public relations stunt that turned into a public embarrassment, with a few deaths thrown in.

You can't have a Tribe inspired operation go down without a few deaths; that would go against their primary modus operandi. Preferably there would be more than a few deaths... because their god, euphemistically speaking, is a blood thirsty, very thirsty, demon out of the deepest bowels of Hell and not a God at all. This demon demands blood, as the price for his efforts on their behalf. Here's a little bio blurb on this paunchy poltroon; “He did not have a degree in government, diplomacy, national security; nor has he served in the CIA, or the military. He was toiling away not that long ago on a novel called ‘The Oasis of Love” about a mega church in Houston, a dog track, and a failed romance.” Since I didn't see any published books mentioned, we'll presume that he hasn't written a damn thing, except for vile, death intending, lies. This is his job description; 'deputy national security adviser, for strategic communication'. Yes, this failed experiment from The Hair Club for Men, this single's bar junkie from Handjob Heaven, this Lothario from Loserville, got shoehorned into the (snicker) president's inner jerk-circle (those are the terms you run into when I moonwalk the words), because the (snicker) president is a robo-controlled mind slave who does exactly what he's told. Word!

Oh! Oh! Oh! (good grief, I'm starting to sound like Sompow Rhodes when 'he's' on the toilet seat) The dreadful (unintended) irony of this whole affair, is dripping down in some horrid deliquescence, like one of those agonizing scenes in “Alien”, where Yaphet Kotto is walking around with an automatic weapon, looking for the monster ...and it's all about as funny too.

If there was ever any doubt that the United States government is a wholly 'owned' enterprise of The Zionist Crime Empire, these doubts can be set aside today. It's a done deal. The cat is out of the bag and it's not a cat. It's a great big, flesh eating wharf rat from the meat packing district in New York City ...who thinks he's uptown. Speaking of districts, I'm pretty sure that this whole plague of Zionist soul suckers, when their true form is revealed, will look very much like the aliens from “District 9”. There is no way that these creatures can be human. Forget that. It's not possible. They are, without a doubt, alien infiltrators, who are walking around in human bodies that have been manufactured at The Rand Corporation's underground laboratories and this, this explains all that organ harvesting that they get up to. They got a corner on the international organ harvesting business and it's a matter of survival. See, the bodies they have aren't equal to the long haul. The organs wear out on a regular basis and they need new ones after a certain period of time. It makes perfect sense. Think about it.

Oh! Oh! Oh! (stop it Sompow; somebody has to take those Divine videos away from this cat). Sorry, I'm getting telepathic bleed offs from this creature. It's some kind of Vulcan Mind Meld thing. I have this capacity to tune in to the subject of my focus; in this instance that would be Sompow and I feel like I'm trapped in a toxic waste dumpster behind an Israeli medical research center. Concentrate on happy images, Visible, fluffy bunnies and caterpillars with texting balloons over their heads, saying bright and optimistic things:

Yeah, that's better, much better.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I can hardly stand it. It's so vividly real. It's so completely in your face! Obama needs a big tattoo on his ass, or his forehead that reads, USDA Prime, Israeli owned, Stepin Fetchit Ass (the quality comes out before the name goes on”!). It's too much! I can't take it anymore. These sick, twisted shitbags have completely taken over. It's too bad they own Monsanto, cause maybe they could come up with some kind of an insecticide that works against this infestation. We need lightning bolts out of the sky. We need astral flamethrowers incinerating... we need... we need... sigh... we need something, something military, industrial grade. We need flying saucers from Arcturus or the Sirius Cluster. We need an army of benevolent aliens to rescue us from these infernal, psychopathic, crocodile swine.

Where is the cosmic pest control? This is darker than dark. This has got to stop. It's official people.

The bad guys, the really, really bad guys are completely in control of the American government (and Canada and Australia and the UK and sundry). It's not just a concept anymore. They're deep into all of the law enforcement. Israeli security companies are all around the nuclear sites. They're in the airports. They're selling plutonium laced, Dead Sea cosmetics in mall kiosks.

I gotta go do something else. I gotta cut this short. This it just too much. It has become so obvious and transparent and irrefutably so that there just isn't anything more anyone can say. It just is. It just is.

End Transmission.......

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