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All is Not Quiet on the International Front of Selfishness.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance on March 16th at:

Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus,
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.


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We were discussing selfishness recently and here is something that takes the Devil’s Food Cake. The serious irony is who is funding the lawsuit. The greed, acquisitiveness and runaway self interest ‘going down’ these days is past proof positive that calamity is presently in makeup and soon to be on stage. The noxious stench of this kind of routine and ubiquitous behavior offends Heaven; not to mention Lady Nature. Notes are coming due.

On the International Front of Selfishness, consider the greed of the Zionist- International Monetary Fund and what they’re seeking to do in The Ukraine. Remember that the ousted president of The Ukraine was democratically elected. It should come as no surprise what forces were engaged in having him driven from the country. Once again, the same loathsome and demonic players are in the midst of it. I guess this is yet another case of mistaken identity, along with who controls all these banks; these bloodsucking leech banks. The only good and justifiable war, is a war against those behind all of the evil and unjustifiable conflicts around the planet.

The reversed Kabala Boys are having a field day raising Hell on Earth and they are able to do this due to the deep and abiding corruptions of those who serve their whims on command either through blackmail, fear or fealty the one and true god of The Zionists, Satan; The Dark Lord of the Pit and his assorted hench-demons. It’s a labor to keep the faith alive in the face of these twisted monstrosities. One thing I will say... let there be no doubt where I stand on the issue or how I view these creatures.

I don’t know if it is mostly stupidity or mostly fear that keeps the masses hobbled under the whip hand of these fiends. What I do know is there is no designated point at which they will stand back and belch, push away from the table and say... “I’m full, I've had enough”. No... they will not stop until they have destroyed or enslaved all life on Earth. They will not stop until they have bled the populations white and then they will suck the marrow from the bones of their children. Never measure one such as these by your own standards of behavior. They have none. They have no moral code, no compassion and no mercy.

Pressing forward in the backs of their minds is Mr. Apocalypse, driving them to outrage after outrage as they damn themselves into measureless time, convicting them in the eyes of all the world and making them so sick of their own being that to look into the mirror is to retch.

No one should be surprised that one of David Cameron’s top aides is a pedophile. The larger portion of the House of Lords and The House of Commons all share in these tastes and exercise them in secluded chateaus and estates around the countryside. The same is true in most all of the countries of the west. As for The East well... corruption is global.

Day by day these perversities and atrocities come to the public view. Slowly, ever so slowly, the whole of it begins to dawn on the darkness of the common mind. The common mind resists. The common mind does not want to know. It is too much responsibility to bear and the common mind shares in the responsibility of what happens to them because of their acquiescence to it. How did they become such willing tools of their own penury and want? When one ceases to be their own master, it is inevitable that they will become enslaved.

How did they become enslaved? It’s a simple thing to understand. When you are in bondage to your appetites and desires, you are in bondage period. Any passing slave trader can have you. There are those for whom perversity is pleasure. They delight in evil, simply because it is evil. It intoxicates and inspires them. They are not like you and I.

As all legitimate scripture has told us (that would not be those scriptures that talk about the founder of another scripture being boiled in excrement), this world is a place of perpetual suffering due to ignorant desire. This world is a place of discovery and either you discover or you do not. If you do not discover the reality of what surrounds you; what animates and composes you, you wander in a carnival spawned from the mind of Clive Barker or Stephen King. You are in an enclosed attraction of funhouse mirrors that are no fun at all. You are surrounded by distorted images of yourself and others, seen through a lens filter of personal needs and desires. One must learn to be in the world but not of it? How is this to be accomplished? How does one come into a state of consciousness where this is possible?

There are numbers of disciplines out there that purport to free you from the thralldom of this world. Some are effective and some are bogus hokum, designed by snake oil salesmen to separate you from your money. Some of them provide a brief salutary relief, a sort of temporary buzz but there’s no ongoing effect. These are generally easy to perform and are attended by a philosophy along the lines of, “if it feels good, do it.” There has been some number of fraudulent gurus expounding this sort of thing. Distinguishing between what is genuine and what is not can be effectively accomplished by simply determining if it is a quick and expeditious fixall or something that takes work.

Why have I segued from my earlier topical commentary to this rambling metaphysical travelogue? The artificial world is what it is and it does not change except to get worse. It follows a predictable track and that is why there is no clear historical record of previous cultures beyond the point of some several thousands of years ago and there were cultures and civilizations before that and before that and before that. They generally come to a point where they destroy themselves and the majority of people at any time are also engaged in personal destruction. There is an argument to be made for all death being suicide of one form or another.

To see things as they are; why is it that most people are unable to do this? Their line of sight and their clarity of sight are compromised by their appetites and ambitions. Whatever it is, it is some form of self interest. You would think that self interest, just by the definition of the term, was a necessary and useful mindset. It’s not because... there is a divine being, there is a celestial realm that has final authority over all things here and being in the good graces of that element of existence is all important. Self interest goes counter to cosmic interest and always has. It leads to predictable results and the only help you are likely to get in following through on it, is to follow through on it. Though there is only one ruling authority, it personifies itself as one being here in the manifest (Satan) and another in the unmanifest (the ineffable). The whole of life is in figuring this out and becoming able to operate on faith that this is true because... you’re walking blind for a good portion of the time until that inner eye opens, until the secret chambers of the heart begin to resonate and the unified mind begins to resonate to the one.

Here is strife, turmoil and discord and the degree of that which you experience is relative to the amount of strife, turmoil and discord within you. So it is that you can actually “Go placidly amid the noise and haste.” If you tumble to, stumble over or have presented to you, ‘a means of positive passage’. The world is filled with people running around and informing people on ways to manage their existence, who are themselves, not in charge of their own existence. The most amusing of these are; the psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, sociologist and of course, the religious fundamentalists who are magically able to translate the teachings of the Prince of Peace into a guidebook, along the lines of “Canon fodder for Dummies” or ‘101 one ways to serve and profit in Banker Wars against defenseless targets’ Those serving the medical profession are presently learning that standards and verities are only a matter of the determinations of vested interests. What was pathological yesterday is now normal, what was perverse is no longer perverse, even if it had been considered so for thousands of years in nearly all cultures.

There is a real problem that attends thinking for yourself. You wind up increasingly separated from the herd mind. There is another problem that accompanies doing the right thing and that is figuring out what the right thing is and then having to decide whether you can afford it. You need the right temperament for any of these things, or you’ll never get around to any of it in the first place. Emptying the mind of extraneous clutter and practicing Broad Daylight Awareness will bring about a permanently changing and progressing state of consciousness. These are tools and there are others. It’s a matter of personal choice. Failing that, the choices will be made for you.

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