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Ed Gein in a Skin Suit with Louboutins

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Now we see an ominous glimpse of the agenda of the 1%. Those who are directly responsible for world conditions at this time. ISIS was created by western and Israeli intelligence services to act as a foil and a stimulus for reckless adventurism, manifesting as a whole lot of murder and mayhem against people without the weaponry to defend themselves. They are the new boogeyman to replace Al Qaeda, who is getting long in the tooth and they are the ones who are going to be blamed for the next major league false flag event soon to take place in the US or some similarly strategic location. However, the sense of things here says, USA! USA! USA!

Even your generic dumbass ought to be able to catch on to this by now but... unfortunately for the country, probably not. They'll provide the immediate outrage and sense of violation, while screaming about liberals, who in fact are not liberals. As is t.he case with those whose job description is to come up with symbolic names for their staged offences against humanity, they have assigned the name ISIS to this group of psychopathic mercenaries; Egyptian moon goddess and wife of Osiris. We can only hope Horus is around and a departure from expectations.

Here's the kind ofindividual that makes up the ranks of the 1% being as I was born (allegedly) on the 22nd, I am including 22 quotes from the Monsters of the New World Order and you get a lovely photo of David Rockefeller to go with it who says lizards don't walk among us. Sure, you could argue he looks as much like a weasel and of course his dietary preferences reflect that but lizard feels as legitimate as anything else.

Now let us foray into yet one more cheap stunt from the dungmeisters at the top No... really? Really? Yeah, well, I don't know one way or the other but anytime something like this happens and anytime the Zio-press trumpets some event that sparks all sorts of potential action, I have to assume they fabricated it.

In the meantime, onward goes the relentless assaults upon human freedom and common sense and this is all part and parcel of tenderizing and pacifying the public to accept whatever ridiculous situations these fiends come up with. Things like that and things like this are meant to send a powerful message to the lumpen (headed) proletariat. This is meant to be enjoyed along with the disappearance of a functioning economy, a bankrupt jobs market, a no longer present manufacturing base and assorted ills ALL CREATED by these same evil and possessed autobots, who operate at the pleasure of their infernal liege lord. If you are not human but you are walking around in a human suit, especially in the way Ed Gein used to, or if your behavior leads to similar results, there are only a few options as to what you might be. You might have regressed back to an animal state and we see that more and more, as appetite goes into ascendance over reason. You could be divine... and we see less and less of that as time goes by or... you could be demonic and in the cases of those plaguing humanity 24/7 we would have to say it is the latter that is in evidence.

For the elite there is a whole new meaning to, “let them eat cake”. I have to assume that Louboutins are shoes and that puts me in mind of the irrepressible Jimmy Choo. I don't know how many of you are aware of the upscale women who were having surgery done on their toes so that they could fit into a pair AND for the rest of you lunkheads there are increasing shortages of all those critical comestibles upon which you rely. When it comes to maintaining the basic elements of life and the acquisition of basic staples, nothing says it better than Nutella.

These are the times that have been predicted for so long. This is how it is when you contemplate what it is. On the one hand a greedy acquisitiveness that will stop at nothing to achieve its ends, with a face like David Rockefeller and on the other hand a massive rank and file of those too stupid to live; Darwin Award candidates all. I don't mean to set a pessimistic tone to my posting today. I'm optimistic, even though my recent plans have now been stood on their head, so that if I were anyone else, I would throw my hands up in the air and say WTF is going on? I haven't seen such a turmoil of changes as I am now seeing, ever, in this life AND today of all days.

One has to stay on the sunny side of the street NO MATTER WHAT one is confronted with. Even my former consort, amicably disposed to me, is shaking her head and not understanding how certain things can be happening to me. It has reached the realm of science fiction and fantasy. What am I to take away from this? There must be some kind of higher plan and I must rely on that. I fail to see any other option, especially now, as options play musical chairs with my head. Good grief!

No... it never pays to be negative. Even if one is facing the headsman's axe, there are any number of potentially positive outcomes and some of them even include the axe falling. When you don't know you don't know but... this is a plane of infinite possibility, of whose possibilities only a limited amount are seen. It's like a bus station surrounded by a fog bank. No one knows what is in the fog or beyond the fog and it takes a trepiditious touch and go through the unseen, accompanied by an innate assurance that all will be well and that portion of the mix greater than the trepidation, to finally win out.

Have there been creatures formerly resident here who has won out? We may have record of their visit here but we know little about where they ventured on to. Great men have been poisoned by the state or poisoned by their followers, like Socrates and Prabupad. Could that possibly have been the end result of their tale? I have the benefit of certain evidences that cannot be shown, seen or spoken of. They can only be acknowledged and held close within the secret chambers of the heart and for this reason I do not despair nor ever shall. I shall never embrace curmudgeon status or have my heart harden or my mind enslaved by appearances brought forth out of darkness. That is a course taken by others and I will not walk that way.

I suspect that beyond this vale of tears there awaits things more terrible than the mind can presently imagine and things more beautiful than the mind can imagine and that is solely dependent on any given mind in accord with courses taken. In a world where symmetry is seen in all things, outside of the human realm, could it be possible that justice does not manifest at some level according to its own mysterious workings?

We live in an age of the instantaneous, an age of technological marvels and an overwhelming onslaught of information, accompanied by a smorgasbord of delights tailored to every appetite. Something has gone missing in the mix as a result. What is unseen, is defamed and ridiculed and what is seen is held up as absolute. As a result of this, some tiny minority has become convinced that they can come to hold sway over the whole of it all. They are dreaming. I tell you with a certitude that I cannot express in words, they are dreaming. We are all dreaming but... some of us wake up.

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