Monday, September 22, 2014

Ooooooooooooh, it's Lonely at the Top.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Watching the Domestic Violence League (also known as the NFL) yesterday, it was impossible not to notice the cringingly embarrassing Apple ad for U2 or Me1st, however it is that you label them. While traveling about I also came across this bit of info that then led me to this trenchant screed. Yes... U2 gave away a free album but... Apple paid them a hundred million dollars for it or... did they?

That these guys live large is not in dispute. You can find out about that via simple net searches. That 'he' hangs out with high profile financial criminals is also not in doubt. You can find that via a simple net search. That he is seeking to (or has already) buy a portion of Forbes magazine is common knowledge in certain circles. The album, appropriately named (snicker),”Songs of Innocence” is further rendered incredibly absurd by the cartoon graphic dancing in the video. Then you listen to the lyrics being sung and you ask yourself (if you are me), “what the Hell is he singing about and how come it makes no sense?” And... more importantly, what is the source of this epidemic new musical loop that has started appearing in nearly every commercial release and goes something like, “uh uh uh uh oh, oh oh oh oh uh, uh uh uh uh oh.” and is also now in this latest U-Boob tune.

People are actually complaining, IN DROVES about the inclusion of the new U2 album with the iphone 6 and Apple has gone so far as to show customers how to remove it from the iTunes catalog. Yikes!!! Isn't that the worst bad press (nearly) that you have heard about? Except maybe for Joan Rivers vocal chord termination, after cursing the Palestinians. Mr. Apocalypse... you rock!!! Can anyone deny that something mysterious and invisible is afoot? Can anyone deny that it is not operating in favor of the self styled elite and their Banker Daddies? There aren't many things to lift our spirits these days or inspire us to cheer from the sidelines as all kinds of individuals and groups of humans do courageous and beautiful things to kindle faith and determination in the hearts of the masses around the world. No... we got U2 who “keeps on rockin in the corporate world” I'm not going to waste a whole bunch of virtual ink on these cats. There are articles upon articles mostly all saying the same thing, or revealing huge real estate deals in trendy locations, or whatever. Some of you might like these guys and some not. I just thought it newsworthy for The Petri Dish headspace, which is the cultural blog. I liked them back when The Joshua Tree came out but not very much after that.

I like my songwriters to be on the right side of history. Most of them aren't. They've all crumbled before the altar of wealth, excess, privilege and VIP invites. Sometimes an artist can ride the waves and have success and demonstrate a conscience and sometimes an artist is pushed to the margins, blackballed and sundry. A true artist is less concerned with this and more mindful of who he or she works for and... if you are a true artist, well... you do the math.. The question of what comprises a true artist may be a difficult one to answer in a time where they are, pretty much, nowhere to be seen. The powers that stink have barred the door to that form of expression. That's why we got, “uh uh uh uh oh, oh oh oh oh uh and uh uh uh uh oh.” all the way from Bimbo Rock to the Olympian rockers.

Okay, lets be truthful. I'm a purist when it comes to these things. To me, being an artist is a sacred obligation and the passion and inspiration must, at all times, outweigh the press of self interest. It must operate independent of bankers and governments. It must act as the voice of conscience when law has been rendered meaningless and evil men and women disport like rampaging apes upon the stage of human existence, to the dismay and disadvantage of all other life forms.

Those who are familiar with the tenets of ageless wisdom and occult history know about the power of the special muses who work upon the imaginations and hearts of those gifted to be fonts of inspiration for humanity. In these times, the existence of such forces is routinely ignored and there's no great reach to understand who the muse is in the performances of Gaga, Cyrus and Beyonce and many another. Babylon she come. The reasoning behind these productions is to suck the mind down into such attractions and thereby short circuit any interest in deeper things. This is why nearly all art is now garbage, all media is sensation and lies, all literature is not literature and I don't need to get into what television and movies are focused on. These are all control systems. I find it difficult to believe these could be effective but obviously they are. I must be living in a bubble.

What's it like to have thousands of angry iPhone customers demanding that your music be removed from access on their units? Something is going on in the world. Something is going on beneath the surface of the world. Newsprint media is going out of business. Television news ratings are in the basement. Music stars are canceling tours and ways of behaving that used to just pass unnoticed or be described and accepted as something other than what they actually were, are being seen for what they are and backlash is the order of the day.

And the hacking... oh my! Hacking is the new big thing. It's been operational for some time but now. Well then whose auspices would hacking fall under? Wouldn't that be Mr. Apocalypse? The things that take place under the cover of darkness just aren't as effective when light begins to break into the room. Maybe that is because you can see things as they are and not what you imagined them to and that tends to be a mood killer. It's why situations and people can look a whole lot different when you're drunk than when you are straight, or when you are conscious and when you are hypnotized or asleep. Broad Daylight Awareness is an anomaly in this world. Wherever you turn it, things stand out in sharp relief or... they scuttle sideways into the shadows like a crab. It's a harsh light in many respects and not for everyone. It's an illusion killer and most people don't want their illusions laying real still in a pine box, with a lot of weepy people in black standing around. Of course, that would be shared illusions, I suppose, otherwise you're standing by a grave all by yourself, looking down at something you once believed in and it's all still and peaceful now and... kinda sad. Yeah... sad... not many people enjoy having their cherished illusions sink below the sight line into a crypt.

This is why a lot of people keep trying to bring the dead back to life. This is why you can be so fearless and flushed with that sense of reckless immortality when you are young but... time and circumstance have a way of making you settle for things that aren't even there in the first place. I guess you can simply look around you and see what I mean or... look around you and not see what I mean. I think that explains it. I think that explains the wreckage of broken buildings and huge heads of stone half buried in the sand. Call it precognition or call it a flashback. It only depends on which side of the sun dial you are standing on. One might say that that's how it works with arguments, perspectives and pretty much anything. It depends on where you are standing and which way did you come in? It especially depends on what you want out of it; what you think you want out of it.

How does perversity find it's way into a life? It comes in when what you thought you wanted proved not to be what you wanted and... when you can afford pretty much anything, normal is just vin ordinaire. Constant indulgence in anything renders it a whole lot less exciting than it used to be. You need harder stuff and harder stuff AND HARDER STUFF. Okay visible, I can hear you, don't shout, people are trying to sleep (bwhahahahahah).

Uh huh... it's the middle of the day! What? People don't sleep in the middle of the day? Point taken.

Well... what do you know. We ran out of things to say (not really). Actually the time frame window closed and though you might see me moving my lips on the other side of the glass you can't see any more text. Sometimes... that's just the way it is.

End transmission.......

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