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The Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums of the Dark Side.

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{a few moments ago, just prior to engaging in whatever this is, I went to Smoking Mirrors and noted that there were 621 visitors on the site. This is because by this time I was on Rense.  Previously I was on Whatreallyhappened and Truthseeker and the count for much of the day was a bit above 300 visitors onsite. Obviously zio-Google is doing their usual on my behalf. 7 years ago I was getting 1.5 million visits a year for all the good that did-grin They are real good about downsizing.}

Watching “Maps to the Stars” and it only took a few minutes and there was the Tribe Reference, this time with a twist. We''ll see how it develops as we move along. No doubt most people do not know this facet of David Cameron's background and what does our boy David do? David cheerleads for war. It's in his genetic code, which should not be confused with Semitic because he is not that and nearly none of the rest of them are either. The reason that they coined this term, 'Anti-Semitic' is to convey the impression that they are Semitic. Why would they do this? They want to legitimize their right to the land of Israel, which they grafted over Palestine BY FORCE. They have invested all kinds of skullduggery and monstrous lies to act as a kind of fiat currency behind their claims. It's as if one used Fool's Gold' to back their money supply behind the claim which has no real basis.

Why do they even have to do this, or feel compelled to do this? It is because The Palestinians ARE SEMITIC and DO HAVE a legitimate claim on the lands that were stolen from them. Here's a small taste of the kind of thing that Israel does these days in their Genocide Program against the Palestinians. For me to list the crimes and offenses that take place against these trapped and unfortunate people would take up more than the rest of the post. You know much of it already and if you don't there are terms to cover what you are.

People will ask, “Why do things like this happen! There can be no God who would permit such things to happen!.” EVERYTHING that happens here is FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. All the roles being played are significant in terms of cosmic recall. Kali Yuga is The Clean Up Zone. It's the place where all kinds of things that never got sorted get sorted, or sordid, as you prefer. This is where THE Apocalypse happens. This is where the population expands to a ridiculous number because everyone wants to be here for reasons they forgot as soon as they arrived, except in those cases where the whole purpose of being here is to pack your life with shit or mess with other people for the purpose of personal amusement.

You hear about things like this frequently enough and there was this guy from Australia named 'Fosdick' or something like that. He was 'exposing' the inner councils of the Satanists but all I ever got from his exposes was a lot of runaround with nothing of any substance. There were a couple of women that David Icke wrote about who were supposedly programmed and one of them had all kinds of wild tales about George Bush and the rest of the high profile creeps. She went on and on about all kinds of outrageous things and she went on a speaking tour or several and was accompanied everywhere by an ex-CIA agent. I don't know how real all of this is but I sense certain things blown out of all proportion to whatever the actual reality is, such as 'thousands' of children sacrificed at regular intervals. I do not doubt that these things go on with both The Satanist and The Zionists who are kind of the Tweedle Dee and the Tweedle Dum of the Dark Side. It is visibly obvious that Israel murders thousands of women and children in Palestine alone. They use them for target practice, literally. It logically follows that there is an occult reason for this.

I suspect that there is a motive behind blowing these tales out of all proportion and that is in order to give a sense of absurdity to the whole affair. I closely read what these alleged former members of this and that have to say and they remind me in many ways of what I hear from channelers... a lot of vague information with seldom anything specific or prophetic (that comes to pass) attendant. The very nature of the phrases and terms are suspect to my visceral bullshit filters. It is true that I do not know so... I go by feel a lot of the time.

Of course George Herbert Bush is an icon of evil and has been involved in truly reprehensible acts. Pedo rumors have followed in his wake for some time. I don't doubt that in his case, or in the cases of Rockefeller, Soros, The Rothschilds and sundry that near unimaginable horrors are committed as routine. However, it is unlikely that either of these two programmed women are saying anything that isn't permitted. Why would a man as careful as George Bush even allow such a person to ever leave the place of their torment except in a very still and horizontal fashion?

The reverse Kabala Boys and the reverse Kundalini Boys and the stone cold materialists and the premier self interest junkies are all capable of anything in the pursuit of their interests. They are privy to information about the times and the future. Just as angels know things, demons do too and you're getting your information, of a certain kind, from one or the other areas of invisible entity land. Some are getting their information from higher ups and lower downs but the source location is the same. So they know about The Apocalypse and they know about their works being exposed in this time frame so they work to make the claims against them seem ridiculous and this blunts the impact because so called reasonable minds will go, “Oh that is so far out of proportion to possibility, it can't be true.” they do the same thing with 9/11 and anything they want the truth about discredited in the minds of The Baaa Brigade.

Up front reality tells you that certain forces are engaged in killing many tens of thousands of children in consistent fashion across decades. Look at Tribe Member, Madeleine Albright's comment about half a million dead Iraqi children. She said it was worth it. They kill them with lack of food and water. They kill them with both diseases and vaccines. They kill them in ritual sacrifice. They kill them in all sorts of mundane and extraordinary ways. This you can discover by watching the Crass Media. They might not directly associate what is being said here with deliberate and mendacious intent but any idiot ought to be able to put it together. You can certainly get a more in depth awareness by doing a little historical research.

In Kali Yuga, people are generally more stupid, indifferent and compulsively caught up in any number of the available distractions and entertainments that this age is famous for. It doesn't take a great deal of effort to fool most people. They want to be fooled and they certainly don't want to know anything if that makes them inconveniently responsible for the things they know and this is why there is cosmically a reason for mass calamity, terrible wars and all manner of afflictions because nothing short of these dire occurrences will wake them up and this is 'the wake up zone'. This is the Apocalypse and it isn't even under full steam yet.

Those who are awakened and partially awakened are more or less aware of what's going on and also of positive actions and directions they can take. If you are asleep you take what the dream provides. If you are awake you have a wider selection. It's as hard as it is because the potential payoff is as great as it is. Never forget that!

In the end, you get out of anything what you put into it. If it is a career, an avocation, a relationship; ANY relationship, you get the quality level of your investment. To be sure we make bad decisions and suffer from bad judgment when it comes to people. We learn or we will repeat the scenario until we do. All recovery lies in self discovery. All recovery lies in self discovery.

They just killed a dog in the film. What is this thing with all the dog killing in so many movies? I've gotten to where I can predict it. It's almost as common as Tribe self referencing, almost... nothing actually rivals that. The film ended and I figured I should come back to say, “that Cronnenberg is one sick dude.'

The hardest thing that any of us come up against is the thudding continuance of day following day. It's the hardest thing to stay centered and focused on the goal, given the onslaught of sensory overload and being ambushed by the superficial, banal and mundane. The pressures of family and friends; the uncertainty of world circumstance, the economic conditions, all of the imponderables and unpredictables... it can be a grind day after day; not to mention the treacheries and betrayals, the disappointments... they come into most every life. Once again, it's not what happens to us, it's how we handle it. It's not what others do, it's what we do. Strive and endure. What awaits is past all imagining.

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