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Trials and Tribulations on the Cusp of the Age.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

What to think... what to think. Israel and America want to destroy Syria, Iran and Russia by any means necessary. They create a phony terrorist army that is under the leadership of a Mossad agent pretending to be an Arab. The sense of hubris and privilege is extraordinary and why shouldn't it be? The populations they lead are at an intelligence level of a canned ham. They possess the innate cowardice of a chicken and the attention span of a pigeon.

People argue about whether there are good AshkeNAZIS. So the AshkeNAZIS play both sides of the fence. On the one side you got hyenas who matriculated through the Island of Dr. Moreau like Tweedledum, Abe Foxman. On the other side you got negative nagas whispering in the ears of the populace like Noam Chumpsky, or major media figures like John Stewart or Bill Maher who manage to move like a sidewinder across the desert of dumbass with their cat who ate the canary smiles and NEVER do either ever put meat on the bones of their criticisms. You can argue with me about these last all you want; tell me Stewart is funny and Maher is smart but I know what I'm looking at. I watch the schtick manifest like fallout every time the timer goes off. I can tell their minds are fiercely focused on that paycheck and if they didn't operate according to controlled scripts they wouldn't be there; how it is.

I wonder about a lot of things these days. I wonder who is who and what does that mean? I wonder about people who come into my life and behave like they are paid to do it. I wonder about how high the sky, how blue the moon, how far is too far and how quick is too soon. I wonder and I tire and I sleep and in my dreams, I meet with bright shining faces that tell me things I thirst for and things I do not want to hear.

I know I am in a dream and the voices on the wind speak to me. Consciously I register little and unconsciously I register it all. The end result just takes a little longer.

I'm not surprised at the wide range of Stupid that proliferates like a winter cold or flu. You can pretty much see everything as a mathematical axiom and I often do; this much of this, leads to this much of that. This, interfacing with that, absolutely results in this. I see it time and time again. It is known as pattern recognition; at least it is to me. Then again, I am prone to believing my lying eyes.

Now it is, in these perilous times that we see why the psychopathic Zionists took over control of the media, entertainment, publishing and the art world. If you are a dumbass, a coward or totally absorbed in some appetite or interest, you are easily snared in the lies they manufacture. When you add this combination up you can see it is a significant portion of the population. They don't need to control the minds of the entire population; not even half. They just need a goodly sum that believes their lies and sets up an oppositional force that can be manipulated in any number of ways.'Am I dead or only dreaming?' When is one actually dead? I presume you can be dead any number of ways. You can be dead to all kinds of things and still be moving about.

Of all the things that need to be dismantled, the media is number one. So long as it goes on manufacturing heinous lies, awful government policies will follow. The culture and society will continue to be shaped in awful ways. It's all taking place on the first 3 floors of the Kundalini Express.

Were you graced with the eyes of wisdom you could see humanity writhing in torment at any one of these levels and nearly totally absent from the floors above. This is what reversed Kabalah is all about. It is a manufactured darkness that contains human consciousness within regulated parameters.

Just as malls and entertainment complexes, resort hotels and a sporting stadiums are constructed for their particular purposes, Cultures and societies are transformed from within and without by specialized interest groups with specific agendas. Hammer on certain issues long enough; slip them into the education system, design them as a human rights concern, get government to put government policy behind it and especially make it a pet project of entertainment and media and and a good number of people will not mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm.

Look at the terrible and outrageous things taking place in the day to day. This is accomplished by the Shylock Bankers; cue the sniveling, genuflecting clown, Joe Biden. The bankers own the media and the government as well. A long time ago, the bankers compromised the critical areas of government and convinced it to allow usury to be policy. For so long as this continues, the world will function as a slaughterhouse.

You have to understand the mentality of who you are dealing with. Their greed is all consuming. Their sense of privilege and special status is off the charts. They are monsters in human form. I cannot say this often enough and in the realm of appearances 'it seems' that they are all powerful and relatively unopposed. This force of appearances exists for one reason and that is to see if you buy into it. All power is borrowed. It is accessed out of a single source for the purpose of demonstration. If this were not true, none of us could continue in our efforts to serve the light. It is all about seeing what you will do; seeing what you believe in, seeing what you consider real.

Not all the forces of the world arrayed together can stop an idea whose time has come or curtail the determination of a single soul in its quest to a positive and dynamic end. Too few of us are students of history and the majority of these are students of historical revision. Academics, writers, pundits and so called experts all get a nice pay check for perpetuating myth and fabrication. Basically... they are paid to lie and they know this because along with lying is included, omission. It's as much what you leave out as what you put in.

On and on it seems like nothing changes and that is because our only sources of information are those locations we gather it from and whatever we may observe happening in the world around us. That is obviously very limited, especially because most of it is a lie, including what you see in the world around you and though the liemeisters do their level best to conceal what is real, this can only continue for so long. We are in a time of apocalypse. I cannot stress this enough. This is a time of exposure, of revealing and of revelation in every sense of the word. Most of us are not seeing most of any of this at the moment and... so far up until this moment ...but all of us are going to see a great deal more, whether we like it or not. The manner it impacts upon us will be directly relevant to how we process or refuse to process the information. Its intensity will be measured by the degree of ones self interest, juxtaposed with ones indifference to the needs of others.

There are few perhaps who believe that there is going to be a global readjustment of moral values but... given where the lack of them has led us, I think it is safe to presume there will be a collective blowback once the severity of cost has impressed itself on those who remain in the aftermath.

It's hard to believe that it all works out when, in any particular life, it never seems to work out. It just changes into something else. This means our expectations are based on things going the way we want them to instead of the way they are meant to. Of course, the more our preferences become aligned with the will of the cosmos, the more things will work out according to expectations, even though this means you are operating without expectations but... of course, that isn't the case either. They just aren't the same as those which dance through the hopes and dreams of everyone else. Making the leap to more than human can be a solitary and terrifying escapade and failure can have harsh consequences. However, nothing ventured nothing gained and everything comes at a cost of some kind. Some of us have already paid a terrible price here and there on the way and some of us don't even remember many of these things or what they cost us.

I'm writing as I am today for reasons that will be made clear in the short term. Sooner or later something or several some-things are going to happen and it sure looks like we've arrived at sooner instead of later.

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