Saturday, September 13, 2014

Waiting for the Dawn to Rise on the Beach of Last Resort.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

“E-bo-la my lord, E-bo-la... E-bo-la my Lord... E-bo-la.” “All we are saying... is give Ebola a chance!” They're gathered around the campfires, on the Beach of Last Resort. They got a couple of out of tune guitars and a couple of cases of Rolling Rock to go with that prime Colombian shake they like to smoke. The boys are dressed in hip hugger board shorts and the girls are in crotch cutting cutoffs and tube tops. Everybody is randy and ready for those horizontal hula opportunities. Suffice to say they don't give a tinker's damn who did 9/11 and they think Chumpsky is a hoot. They don't understand much of anything he has to say about those things he is considered an expert at but then... neither does he.

Greg Paleass and Noam Chumpsky are locked in an ideological death grip. They are philosophically Krazy Glue(d) together in a Last Tango in Paris, Broke Back Mountain kind of a way. Kanye West has replaced Marcel Proust as the modern prophet of the meaning of life. Niki Minaj's butt implants are the source of what prophecy we have these days and are known as The Globes of Delphi in homage to The Oracle of Delphi. It is from between the cheeks of these massive globes that conventional wisdom speaks out in percussive bursts of drums and bass. Niki and Kim Kardashian are going for the Mixed Buttocks Martial Arts championship, where they are locked together in a demented Sumo tangle. Zio-sleaze E-Zine, TMJ is reporting on it. They've become something more pornographic than anything Al Goldstein ever thought of. Their behind the scenes handlers saw an opportunity to drive Roger Goodall from the honcho job at the NFL. As a prelude to that they are mustering a petition to get Mass Murderer and 9/11 conspirator Congo-Lezzie Rice nominated to the post. Of course that won't happen so no one will be too disturbed when they slip one of their own in, which was the intention behind the whole Ray Rice exposure.

We now know that neither Abraham, Moses or Noah were Hebrew but these were rather tales taken from the Egyptian and Chaldean myths, just as the written language they use today was lifted from the Chaldean Flame alphabet. The whole lineage and legacy of the Old Testament is taken from the histories of other peoples and shaped and rewritten by historical revisionists in order to give a false impression. A great deal of the Old Testament is a work of Gematria that is decoded by replacing letters and numbers with each other. Any student of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage knows what the purpose of that is, or let me say, what the purpose of that was supposed to be. It was all about the secret language used to communicate with the angels and anyone who could do such a thing was in a position to command things considered to be beyond the capabilities of humans.

Unfortunately we have been transiting through the Kali Yuga and that means everything good and noble becomes degraded over time by those people who degrade everything they touch... so the Kabalah, which was also taken from other sources, was reversed and became a language for communication with demons. Similar degradations occurred in the Masonic tradition which, anyone who is actually familiar with the system knows was taken from the Egyptian mysteries and hasn't got anything to do with purposes it is put to today. The author would love to go into more detail on all these things but the author is banned from public discourse by the people responsible for these mutations presently under discussion. The changing of the age will reverse that condition, once it gets underway with the transforming winds filling its sails. Those winds will not be coming from twixt the globes of Niki Minaj or Kim Kardassians m'assive posteriors.

Michelle (ma belle- NOT!) is slated to make a BIG announcement in OUT (to lunch) Magazine shortly. The news releases are accompanied by a picture of what looks like 'a package' in her dress. This is a little obvious and- of course- I don't know the truth of the matter, the gay agenda chatter is that this is 'very good' for the cause, in a way similar to 9/11 being 'very good' for Israel but... that is probably why they set up and carried out the whole thing to begin with, eh wot?

The really BIG NEWS is that Howdy Doody intends to bomb Syria. As we know, the inference is that it is to get rid of the US and Israeli formed ISIS, which is a manufactured threat of Ooga Booga that the Israeli run western forces intend to use as a scapegoat when they dirty bomb Charleston, or wherever they plan on doing it. Russia and Iran know that this is actually a means by which to bomb the Syrian army and air force, so that Israel can move in and steal whatever they consider to be of value, just as they have done in every other country that they blackmailed western forces into attacking for them, while they sit on the sidelines and sneer and cheer; death and destruction being two things that make the whole nation tumescent.

FEAR like FIAT, is an anagram- FIAT= fix it all the time and FEAR? Fuck Everything and run!

Is Michele a tranny? Can she do a convincing version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” in a Judy Garland wig? I don't know. Should that prove to be the case, the impact on the American culture will be significant and cause any number of reactions that are sure to be unintended. How this would play into the upcoming November elections is hard to say but... since the voting system is completely compromised it probably makes no difference in the short run.

Yes... the rich are different. For some reason they are all of a type and the characteristics of the type are huge indicators of what drove them to get rich in the first place.

Let's talk about food for a moment. You probably already know this and in most cases don't care one way or the other. Possibly you have seen this but most likely not this version. Although visible likes to post hoaxing articles to see if the reader is asleep, it's not the fun it used to be given the large number of people that take everything said here to be true in a literal sense. This is not a hoax article -what it proves beyond the shadow of a doubt is that the Israeli controlled CIA is a complete gangster organization that operates, like the Israeli government, with impunity around the world and anyone who calls attention to either of these can well call attention to themselves of an undesirable sort.

All these things happen because of Materialism. Materialism corrupts to the level that it is manifest at. The greater the force of Materialism, the greater the state of corruption. This is a fixed and precise mathematical reality and it is easily observable as so by anyone with their eyes at least half open, which is the normal state for lizards but of course lizards already know this to be true because they work it to the max.

You hear all kinds of things about lizard people, like you do about tranny first ladies and white ninjas out of a Fulford wet dream. You hear dreadful things about the economic system crashing into the basement any day now and we've been hearing that and assorted for years, YEARS now. Someone, of course, is profiting from this and the only thing I am sure about in this case is that it ain't me. “no, no no, it ain't me babe.”

Ten years ago I believed all kinds of things that I no longer believe today. Last year I believed all kinds of things I no longer believe. It is altogether possible that there will be things I believe today that I will not believe tomorrow. I'm flexible like that. I recommend it. Believing what isn't true is one of the worst conditions anyone can be in, except for believing what is true in this particular time zone. Another things that goes to the prom with believing what isn't true, is the degree to which the ordinary human mind is controlled by the reactive mind and the actions of the reactive mind are all directed by what anyone believes to be true. Very large lies are disseminated by very big liars and believed in by large groups of people, for the purpose of controlling public perception. Controlling public perception is job one for the Satanic elite that run the joint because that is the most guaranteed way to have an endless supply of canon fodder; an endless stream of sexual slaves and slave labor and an endless stream of morons who are proven morons because they believe things that only a moron would believe, such as that their fellows are responsible for all of the misfortunes they are experiencing instead of the ones who are telling them these lies. Some would argue that they are not morons but more specifically dumb-asses.

Since I am not all that informed about left brain pseudo sciences, I can't really comment on that, just as I cannot comment on NLP given who it was that came up with it. The first thing I always check is provenance, starting with my own. Have a nice day.

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