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Of Prepubescent Profanity Tarts, Warming up for the Alternate NAMBLA Games.

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Obviously we have to address this 'tots with tiaras' profanity advert; not only completely off the wall but also, nothing more than an example of crass materialism, when you look under the hood. And what would a viral PC advert be without skewered statistics? Now we got one in five raped but they kind of covered themselves by tacking on 'abused' or 'assaulted', I forget which. I do know that this includes verbal insults and dirty looks. Here's a little commentary. You get a clue about several things by reading the comments. Here's the website and you get to see the video too. A good terse explanation about the reality of one of the statistics can be found here, as for the other stats, I've made my observation and I wasn't being whimsical.

There's some very twisted Wrong Way Riegels loose in these unreal times. It is impossible to explain anything to these people. It is surely pointless to argue with them and certainly the wisest course is to cross the street when you see them coming, or better yet, live in another town. If any of these venal hypocrites were at all interested in improving the lot of women in this world, they wouldn't spend any time in the USA on that matter to begin with, but rather consider the appalling condition of human sex trafficking world wide; Tel Aviv is one of the main destination points but it's all over The East and Europe. Then there's the way women are treated in Africa and by Islamic fundies; well, by fundies of every stripe but... of course, it would be a great deal less than safe for anyone to head off to any of the places where these things are going on and then intercede on behalf of these women. It would, in fact, be suicide to seek to intrude upon the unfortunate traditions that abound in these far locales. It's much safer to run your mouth in The West where you've got Gay Academia and the Gay Entertainment Empires at your back and... of course... this video is brought forth by The Gay Agenda... duh. And of course it's getting rave reviews from people like Jane Lynch, the Lesbian from Glee and of course, Ellen Degenerate thinks the video is killer too and I'm guessing there's no reason to be surprised at other fluff and tinsel actors also getting behind this video, given what their preferences are.

What you have to always keep in mind is that what you hear about is like an iceberg. The greater mass is always below the surface. There are things below the surface, many things, that do not often see the light of day and we only hear about them in oblique ways, or slipped into fictional expressions like some of the works of Bret Easton Ellis and others you may or may not know about. Of course there are writers who treat with some of the seriously dark shit that is going on out of sight but you're not going to find them anywhere near the mainstream. I'm mentioning this to point out that there are conditions and behaviors that are many times worse than you generally hear about, going on all day long in various parts of the world. A considerably large number of people are living in various degrees of Hell on Earth. I could start running an extensive list now but... I know practically no one wants to hear about it and there's next to nothing you can do about any of it. Once again, the only thing you can do anything about is YOU. You're not a thing of course, except when you have subverted yourself into one, or devolved into an animal or... far, far worse.

What I am noticing is that humanity is splintering off into separate worlds and each of them is determined by states of awareness or a lack of awareness, or selective awareness that sets the tone vibration for the envelope that contains whoever they are. This is in keeping with the cosmic sorting out that takes place in an apocalypse. Yes... it seems like we are breaking off into our own islands of consciousness. In some cases there is such a separation of awareness and understanding that we have nothing to talk about with each other. It seems to go without saying that we are headed to different ends entirely and by implication; worlds beyond that. I'm beginning to sense a meaning to all of this but I won't say what it is that is coming into my mind at the moment; better to let it grow for awhile in the compost and see what the flowering tells us.

There seems to be little question that we are at the end of an age. It is more than that. We are at the end of a series of ages and whether there will be life continuing on into some new horizon is yet to be seen. Almost anything can happen. When seen from the perspective of ordinary life, wrapped up like a fly in a spiders web of sticky materialism, there seems to be little hope. When seen with the thousand year stare it looks quite different but usually the thousand year stare results in silence pretty much, so you don't hear anything, which is frustrating because that thousand year stare looks all kinds of impressive and you think that if the cat would just say something it might clear it all up but he just stands there with that frozen stare in that frozen stance looking like one of those statues you see all around Florence, Italy.

I got to tell you, some years have passed in the process of my doing this. I lived a whole lifetime in a foreign country and then, with no justifiable reason it just shifted into hyper-change and yet one more lifetime now opens up and across the reach of everything that passed in front of my eyes, during this time, I find that the main fruit of the course has been confusion. It's all less clear than it was and it wasn't very clear at any point before that. I'm speaking about the world as it bobs and weaves in an intricate kaleidoscope of appearances, not my personal state, which is about as good as it has ever been. I'm guessing the former is because nothing has been comprehensibly decided yet. Everything is still in flux and the window for dramatic change remains open.

One thing we know is that the last time the CIA and Mossad started sending out strange powders, strange things happened and it was preceded or followed by heinous government sponsored terror.

One of the things that keeps me sane is the near daily appearance of examples of Mr. Apocalypse's sense of humor. I got to admit, he has become a real living figure to me. I am one hundred percent convinced that he is walking around wherever he feels moved to and doing these things. I am further convinced that every time he does something he makes sure that those who are being made into demonstrations get a cold wind across the napes of their necks at the time. Here's just one of many examples that I have come across. This one didn't become major headlines because they discovered afterwards that it wasn't a roach, it was just Rahm Emanuel showing up late. Mr. Apocalypse had done a momentary Kafka switch on him, turning him into what he is behind the mirrors and smoke that make him look like a man most of the time. All those mirrors, all that smoke, all those strange incantations and blood sacrifices might have been effective enough in former times but they just aren't enough any more. There's a stronger cleaner magic on the scene these days, oh yes. AND speaking of which, this just came across my desk. Mr. Cosby is quite the powerful guy; a member of the black elite. For mainstream media to do such an expose on him is telling. You go, Mr. Apocalypse!

We have entered the zone of 'how the mighty are falling'. Anticipate... expect more and revelations of even greater, stripped naked profiles, coming up. Apocalypse; uncovering, revealing. This is what it means. This is what apocalypse means; expect it. It also means having the covering pulled away from our individual lives. It means awakening and some will do just that; awaken. Others will feel the winds of change tugging at the cape of denial that they wrap themselves in and will pull it even tighter around them. They fear the responsibility of coming to know what they already suspect. Change requires change. Change requires change. Here is a serious occult truth. Were you capable of all the demands of change on the golden spiral, there would be no need for you to die. You would simply continue to evolve. Serious students of The Emerald Tablet know this. Let us keep in mind also that the consciousness behind the architecture and creation of all the great maxims, sayings, cosmic riddles, accurate and correct analogies of Alchemy and so on, are still resident and accessible to those intrepid, not to be denied, high to the ground hunters after truth. I consider myself to be a hunter/gatherer; a hunter gatherer of truth. Truth is a double edged sword. One should not pursue it if one is not amenable to the truth acting upon the one in search of it. This is the very facility that weeds out the insincere and regardless of the mistakes one might make in their life, if they are diligent in their quest, all these errors will be corrected and summarily erased. Once you come into your own, everything that was never a part of you to begin with, is returned to the source of wherever that shortcoming or inconsistency originated.

An informed intellect and aware player, in the time of apocalypse, takes advantage of all of the options provided by an apocalypse, thereby avoiding having the apocalypse act upon them in unfortunate fashion. Instead, they act in concert with the apocalypse and enjoy the ever increasingly arrival of greater and greater awarenesses of what's what. In the end, regardless of the eternal questions about what is what, due to only half of the Mobius Strip being visible on the temporal plane, ones destiny is part and parcel of ones belief system. If the belief system is erroneous, it would be the same as for an explorer whose compass ceases to function properly and that would be due to its being magnetized by something other than True North; regardless of whether one is headed north. Here... I might add that within many a belief system there is ample room for going wrong and only a narrow window for being right. This is why I assiduously maintain that in these perilous times, the only certain and secure route is some form of Bhakti. All paths of knowledge are fraught with danger. Find good counsel and... follow it.

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