Thursday, October 02, 2014

Send them to Plum Island with Hannibal Lecter.

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There will be no peace. There will be no harmony of social equilibrium. There will be plenty more conflict, an increase in plagues like Ebola and continuously intensifying Stasi type police composed of moronic thugs and this last you will have UNTIL you strip the 1% of their money and influence and the central bankers are rendered obsolete.

As it so happens, the Stasi type police forces work to protect the interests of the 1% and the moneychangers. Where is Jesus Christ with his whip when we need him? AND as it so happens, the Ebola epidemic was financed by the 1% because nothing like this, including war and all manner of degenerate behavior goes on unless the (people?) at the top approve it. They want less people and more money. You need look no further than that. As it so also happens they are behind just about every war of any size going on AND they are the motivators behind all the disharmony and lack of social equilibrium. And finally, they are the reason there is no peace.

There's a color blind revolution going on in Hong Kong because Sheldon Adelson has legal problems with China and also because of how China's financial system is working at the moment. Any talk of change and a brighter tomorrow is simply bullshit until those responsible for existing problems are rendered powerless. This isn't anything new. Some while ago. 'Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.” Of course one would have to include others to the list. My personal solution is to strip them of their assets and powers and put them on an island like Diego Garcia or Plum Island; given that they are worse than Hannibal Lecter in every sense of expression.

These people are doing awful things with impunity and they have a whole battalion of Robo Bitches like Howdy Doody Handjob Kerry, Catamite Cameron and so on. The time is here and the time is now and so it goes that all their plots shall turn against them. It is in the nature of evil to turn upon itself, which is where that phrase, “evil destroys itself” comes from.. Timeless sayings are timeless for a reason. Even though most peoples minds bounce off of these sayings, these sayings endure because they are true. They are true in the long ago yesterday and in the far far future.

Things change in ones mental climate when one realizes that the media is a flaming dumpster of syphilis infected hyena shit, surrounded by a cloud of toxic smoke. Like anything, you get used to it and since the signs of fatality do not manifest, you assume it's not a problem. Sure it smells bad but... by this time so do you. There are a number of films that depict how it is, or might be, like “Idiocracy: and “$ellebrity”. When the mental state of the general public is like what is expressed in Sellebrity, society is in grave difficulty.. When it is the focus that sustains financial empires like those depicted, the society in in grave trouble. We'll see what happens. Certainly Ebola is quite fitting to the moment and whether this is true or not, it is true in a relative way as relates to any number of their other murderous enterprises.

Now Ebola has come to Hawaii. Well... MonSatan is already there. I'm slated to return there but... I've been stung on several occasions now. Where does one go and maintain at a reasonable level with the minimum of stress? It's a difficult question to address because once you've gone through all the trouble to get somewhere, there you are. I'm engaged in the most intense internal communications these days but it doesn't turn to whatever the next location is for whatever the reason.

“What is truth?” That's one of those cosmic one liners. You look at it in a prima facie kind of a way and the mind bounces off of it like it does so many things. The mind goes, “Yeah, what is truth? There's so many versions around.” However, if you look deeper at the statement and the circumstances going on around it; the other comments and... provided you bring a more serious objectivity to it, there are all kinds of potential meanings other than.

Bad guys, psychopathic wheeler dealers, organ brokers, commodities whores, pubic hedge fund muff divers and assorted scum of the Earth have all kinds of reasons for why they are. When you try to unravel the complexities of how they got to where they got to, you wind up feeling like you are one of the court flunkies at the Council Of Nicaea, where they invented Christianity and from which it then unnaturally morphed into whatever it is today.

Understanding evil is attended by timeless admonitions. Nietzsche hit on the essence of it when he said one should not, “look overlong into the abyss”. The same as one should be mindful when pursuing monsters, not to become one. They say you should know your enemy but I suggest it is better to know yourself. You can never learn enough about why anyone is how they are by a study of any particular life. You can take ten different people and put them through the same exact conditions that caused your test subject to be the way he is and you will get ten different results. Of course, in some cases the results might be somewhat similar but some won't be similar at all. Serial killers are known to have a childhood that involves serious parental abuse on one side or the other, bed wetting, fire starting and the torture and killing of neighborhood pets. Some people in similar terrifying circumstances do not turn out to be serial killers, do not set fires and do not torture neighborhood pets.

To get to states of perpetuating violent capacity, or a clinical indifference to the suffering of others; an appreciation and sexual charge from harming others, you often don't get there in a week, ten years or one lifetime. First of all, the conditions of any life are set up prior to entry. This is how people get to where they get to and why they have so many predispositions that appear as they grow up into whatever they become. It's why some people are so resistant to change and some people are so flexible. It's why everything is the way it is because of what everything and everyone was before and everyone will evolve into what they later become because of what they are right now AND... if you want to change your life, stand guard at the gateway of your mind.

Some people don't believe in reincarnation. That makes no difference whatsoever because reincarnation believes in them and any casual observer of Nature and the universe should be able to see what's what as far as cycles go. The truth is not what any one person or any collective thinks it to be. It's what it is. It can't be defined and it can't be told. It can only be versioned. What can be defined and what can be told are the delusions and illusions that we collectively endorse and transform into an appearance of reality through collective assent. Nothing is that substantial until we buy into it. We make everything real that seems to be real, real in our lives. And the cosmos... the cosmos adjusts our perspectives through events created to deal with every single lie we have convinced ourselves of.

This is the essential power of, “I don't know.” When this information has been transferred to a visceral awareness, you're in a good place, a better place. A lot of what we formerly thought we knew were all a part of our confinements. A surprising amount of people believe themselves to be free and they are not because their idea of freedom is based on the very things that rob one of their freedom. Free is an internal affair and this has long been known. It does not depend on external circumstance. It is a state of mind.

Folks, I don't know what to tell you besides what I already have to say; work on yourself. Make peace with yourself and make peace with others when you can. Live simply. Come into possession of an uncluttered mind and this you can do when you have reduced those things that are important to you to very few items. A simple life is not a boring existence. It is the quality of the things we focus on that makes all the difference and an empty mind is not the same as an empty life because an empty life can be filled with all kinds of things. It's the quality that counts and one thing for sure, you will be in small company should that be how you are. In any case be what you are. It is the most natural thing in the world and you don't need to think about how to do it. You are it.

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