Monday, November 10, 2014

America with Beats Headphones, Listening to the Bad Drug Dysfunctionata Sonata.

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“Thank you troops for our freedom!” Just one of the big, ‘staged’ signs flashing at all the NFL games this past Sunday. Tomorrow they celebrate, “Veterans of Central Banker Wars on the 11th; if I am correct about that. During the final hours of NFL Network, prior to the games coming on, they had a big group of uniformed American Freedom Fighters, whose job it is to kill people in foreign lands, on their own soil, whenever it happens that corporate policy determines there is something in those lands that it wants possession of but doesn't want to pay for. Or when the Satanic/Zionist cabal just needs to kill, they suit up and head off.

At the same time there is the ongoing war against all things Muslim, by the Israeli Banker Crime Syndicate, which owns and operates a good portion of the western governments. From the ranks of these stupefied and hypnotized goons, they draw endless ranks of canon fodder, to die in the J Street and K Street Wars. This is what happens after years of case after case of Miller Lite Reconstituted Urine and Hog Nostril Pizzas, with Fritos sprinkled all over the top. As Papa John says to Peyton Manning in the commercial, “I can’t believe it took me 20 years to decide to put Fritos on my pizzas!” It shouldn’t take him another 20 years to decide to put Hammond’s Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Eggs on his pizzas too. People will buy it. They'll buy shit if you serve it to them warm. That’s what cutting edge is all about. It’s about being innovative. It’s about risk taking. It’s about being visionary and when it comes to Papa John, it’s about stimulating the taste buds into a religious rapture that transforms the eating public into a pack of feral dogs who just discovered a fresh corpse in the alley of some city where a Banker War is in progress.

In times of Material Darkness, when Bankers rule the world, things like this are a logical extension of the conditions created by their unbridled appetite for gain, at the expense of everyone but themselves. As civilization degenerates into something that most definitely cannot be considered civilized, situations like this will become routine. Rampant cannibalism is a definite sign of end times and the conditions that bring such behavior about... are all generated by Banker Policy, so one would not be in error assuming that they most definitely approve of this dietary preference. It certainly mirrors their own, in which they devour the public wholesale through their financial thuggery. It’s the sort of policy that indirectly leads to an ever larger segment of the population reflecting the mindset of this lovely creature.

I’m going to try to illustrate something I saw in Hawaii and hope I don’t offend too many Californians. I’m probably not talking about you but... well, first let me start off with something Frank Lloyd Wright said some while ago. He was talking about architecture but it applies in every other sense as well. He said; “At some point, God reached down and grabbed the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose rolled to California. There is a similar truth concerning Hawaii. At some point the ineffable reached down and grabbed the San Bernardino Mountains and then grabbed The Sierras and shook them and everything that was loose got snatched by a tsunami and floated to Hawaii.

I lived on >Maui for a number of years and one thing you notice; if you pay attention to begin with, which I did but which was not anything that I observed turning into a trend; if you paid attention, you noticed there was an army of blond haired, blue eyed people who were dumber than a lava rock lamp, who might have been in their 20’s or early 30’s but looked like they were past 40 because of the ravages of the sun upon their features. They all spoke Dude Language and they would bunny bang one another every night in a sort of carrousel of musical bodies, like a rotating Sushi automat. All of them were drunk by ten PM and later on, many of them were drunk by ten AM.

These people came from Kalifornia and I’m thinking it’s possible that they might have migrated to Hawaii during the Santa Anna wind season, like hot air balloons, due to the excess of compressed hot air in their heads. I remember many a humorous attempt at communicating with them in the early days. I don’t remember any of us ever doing lunch though. There are/were a whole lot of these people in the islands and there was also a whole lot of rich kids on trust funds. They all lived in Makawao, Haiku and Kipahulu. Kipahulu was Maui’s answer to Little Israel. Then there were the new age wackos and they were based mostly in Maui Meadows, with a good sprinkling upcountry. They all had their special language that they used to communicate with each other and the only reason I am bringing all of this up is to point out that in the greater United States there are hundreds of thousands, no doubt millions by now, who are in some phase of self delusion brought about by Dude Consciousness; Political Correctness, Gay Political Agenda Mindset, Epidemic Ubiquitous Alcoholism, Some Bad Drug Dysfunctionata Sonata and the always present, “I used to be all fucked up on drugs. Now I’m all fucked up on God” syndrome.

Sanity is an endangered species that has been replaced by a... certainly not endangered feces. Then there is self indulgence, literally writ large. There are even Facebook pages devoted to it. It seems like there is some connection between WalMart and conspicuous consumption but... The Trifecta... The Hat Trick... is when you combine conspicuous consumption with WalMart, McDonalds and Jaysus. It’s not just the hair that is big in those zones.

I AM NOT knocking fat people. I’ve known a lot of people for whom being portly is genetic. I am not talking about fat. I am talking about criminally obese and when it comes to child abuse, one of the most glaring examples is parents letting their kids get like this. Two thirds of the people in UK are overweight. I’m guessing it is pretty much the same in the US ...which also exports it to Mexico.

Anyway, inclusive of the mental state of the people I saw in Hawaii and also while in California and what I know about the recreational pursuits of the general public overall, I would say that America is in a whole lot of trouble. Health care alone is stratospheric but it is going to be in the ionosphere soon enough. Don’t get me started on Fracking.

Now... I am soon to migrate back to the islands. I might gravitate toward Maui first should conditions make that possible, before I go to the Big Island, in order to record with my band and do the networking thing. I know I am going to see what I saw before but I’m a live and let live kind of guy. It is probably a shortcoming of mine to be amused at these people. However... the level of superficiality, due to climate and the lovely geography, is... is... really out there, Dude.

I get the very strong feeling that it is shortly about to be time for all aware and concerned personalities to find themselves a location outside of the hotspots, where Push and Shove are even now in their cars and on their way to. It’s the pressure cooker effect. I hear that carpetbagging serial killers are actually migrating to Detroit due to the accessibility of victims, so many abandoned locations and the absence of a comprehensive police presence.

“Oh Brave New World that has such creatures in it.” Let us (as Khayyam once said), grasp this sorry scheme entire and mold it nearer to the heart’s desire. I got a burning desire to change the world, primarily because I have to live in it to some degree but... I know; change yourself and you change the world and that will be the name of that tune. We sincerely hope to see you in the resonating awareness that Mr. Apocalypse is bringing with everything else. As for the pending Golden Age; we are the Golden Age.

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