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May you be Ever Thankful, Today and Always.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! It doesn’t matter if you are a descendant of the Pilgrims, or a Protestant Christian, or an American; as far as the whole historical basis for the holiday goes, it is as phony as all of the other ones, as history has been revised over time, rewritten by the victors for the sake of propaganda. The mindless announcers who are actually proud of being talking heads, are all using the term, ‘Turkey Day’, because there could well be an unspoken prohibition against the use of the word ‘Thanksgiving’, just as there is a public and hostile prohibition against the word, ‘Christmas’ ...and especially when it is associated with the word, ‘Merry’. Who is it that is making war on Christmas? It is the Zionist Jew, organized against all things Christian. Oh... how they must howl with laughter at the impossibly dumb Christians, who support them in every way, while they sneer contemptuously at them; these villains of the material plane who way back in the day, engineered the execution of the founder of their faith and who today, through their system of international bankers, spread war, genocide, murder, torment and mayhem of every color of the poisoned rainbow, world wide, for the purposes of profit and control.

I am thankful that this will come to an end. When? This I do not know but... what I do know is that at any time before it does in a wider sense, it can come to an end for you and me on a personal level. It’s something that you accomplish in your heart and mind, when you declare yourself free of these psychopaths and the prisoned thinking they promote upon all the perpetually fearful, wage slaves strapped into harness. It is something you achieve when you break their spell on your consciousness. At the same time you will find that this rupture in the relationship between you and the self appointed overlords of the material realm, who made a deal with the Prince of Darkness (they MOST CERTAINLY did) WILL cause a rupture between you and your formerly close associates from other times, who are not up to the task of seeing things for what they are and will be upset with you for seeing things as they are and worse; having something to say about it. This I notice among some of my creative associates on Maui who are eternally wishing and hoping that those who pull the strings on the world of the arts and entertainment, will approve of their obeisance before the throne of Mammon and throw them a bone. I am thankful that regardless of the seeming cost to me career wise and the censure and approbation that will surely come in the polite society of our genuflecting peers, I am what I am; on the right side of history AND... not polite but rather boorish and unrefined, when it comes to what only the fearful and opportunistic cannot see, or speak out against.

I am thankful for many things. I am thankful for events that have cost me dearly over recent times. It used to be that I could look back with the predictable 20-20 hindsight and see where my rash and impetuous nature had been the cause of circumstances not going well for me. In these later times that has not been the case. It’s simply been that ‘to be expected’ torturous refinement, in the fiery crucible of experience. You don’t burn up Karma, in the hope and expectation of liberation, in remarkable times, without some intensity of suffering attendant. I’m thankful for all of that. I’m thankful for a huge remission in my anger. I’m thankful for the disappearance of my insistence on going according to my own limited vision. I’m thankful that I can let my destiny rest in more competent hands.

I’m thankful for the ongoing tolerance of my readers, as I seek a better balance in my comings and goings. I’m thankful that there is so little anonymous invective directed my way, by comparison with the support I had no real expectation of. I’m extremely thankful in the times when I come by on a following day, with the thought that I probably embarrassed myself good, by being too exhaustive in the pursuit of honest exposition and find... that it was not the case at all AND... that always surprises me.

I’m thankful that we all share this space; visitors from around the world come here, from literally every country in the world. It still amazes me when I see the counter listing visitors from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine, Mongolia, China and the Russian Federation. Visitors arrive from countries with unpronounceable names in the Eastern Bloc; the marvels of The Internet. I’m thankful for things I can’t even remember that I am thankful for, but which will occur to me during odd moments in my day.

I want to say a little something about this day. It’s something I started commenting about in my posting on Christmas Spirit a couple of weeks ago and that is having to do with collective human awareness. There is an immeasurable power in the focused will of the public and that is why the Satanic Elite are so concentrated on breaking it up. It is why they are all about division and discord in the first place. When the mind of the people is clear, it is much harder to confuse them. It is easy to see the impact of the war against harmony among humanity; Ferguson is an example of this. The slandering of the Muslim faith is an example of this. The proliferation of cheap entertainments and the push for the legitimatization of all manner of perversions and excesses is an example of this. There are many examples.

So it is that on Thanksgiving, when some numbers of people are actually focused on being thankful, that there is a real spirit of thankfulness, which travels across the material plane. It encourages qualities in all of us that we may pay too little attention to the rest of the year. The Powers that Think they Are do their level best to distort and profane every expression of higher qualities in humanity. One of the reasons that alcohol is so heavily promoted is that alcohol fuels ‘guilt’ and guilt drives the engines of commerce in many ways. Guilt also causes us to think less of ourselves than we might ordinarily. Alcohol promotes bad behavior. It is one of the chief sources of regret among the population. It is a certainty that a large portion of the people presently in prison are there because of actions engaged in under the influence of alcohol. We say things we wish we had never said; “in vino veritas’.

So much contention arises around the family dining tables during holidays, when relatives and friends gather; they drink too much and they say too much and they behave badly. It is to be expected and it is routine in many places. It will happen today. It will happen perhaps even more than usual, as the economic squeeze at the hands of Satanic Bankers gets worse and worse.

I am delighted to add my feelings of thankfulness to the general pool of thanksgiving, which will shine forth in many homes and communities today. I am truly sorry for those with too much, who have no gratitude at all; who are made happy when their devious assault upon others meets with success. They are self congratulatory about this sort of thing. I’ve seen it in action. Yes, there are people whose faces shine at the memory of having gotten over on someone else. They see themselves like Conan the Barbarian; “Conan! What is best in life?” Conan: “To crush your enemies and see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

Today I’m going to be going through my few belongings, deciding what to ship and want to give away, or try to sell on Ebay. There’s not all that much left after I had to leave so much behind a few months ago and I’m going to think about all the things I am grateful for. One of the things I am surely grateful for, is the uncertainty I feel about where I will wind up and so much that is still undecided and the fact that I can leave that in the hands of the force that shapes my life in progress, knowing that no matter how it does or does not turn out, it will turn out exactly as it was meant to and will turn out all the better for my not interfering in it.

The weather is terrible across much of the US today, flights are being cancelled and the roads are icy. There will be accidents and fatalities and there will be remarkable reunions as well; all part of the coming and going and living and dying that is the fruit of our temporary residence here, born out of mystery and bound for mystery. In many places around the world, the conditions will be direr and the dangers will be far greater. Many will go hungry. Many will hope only for shelter and an end to the bombs and bullets. It’s something to think about; that though your own life may be far from how you might wish it to be, it is certainly better than that. Be thankful. Be grateful. Be constantly grateful and thankful and it is altogether possible that you will be given more to be thankful and grateful for.

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