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The Precognitively Vibrating Nose Hairs of Nostrildamus

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I've learned so much from my mistakes, I’m thinking of making a few more.

It’s pretty amazing what happens when corporations gain personhood. The transition from person to beast doesn't take very long. Of course... they were beasts to begin with. It appears that they either truly do want to destroy the Earth, or... reduce whatever population remains to a drone status, or... they are certifiably insane AND incompetent so things like this happen as routine extension of their business day-

A brilliant article; to be expected from this particular source.

All over the world, the truly certifiable insane are acting out; Mr. Apocalypse has been hitting them in the ass with a cosmic taser. The complexity of evil in the process of self destruction takes longer than we might have hoped for. For years, we have stated here, unequivocally that the gangsters and monolithic liars and historical revisionists who wanted the establishment of the country of Israel upon the lands already occupied by The Palestinians, wanted that country for one reason only and that was in order to have a sovereign state to legitimize international criminal activity. This has been proven over time to be an indisputable truth and every time an Israeli criminal gets caught engaging in criminal behavior, they flee to Israel to hide. Meanwhile, in Israel, the business of the Israelis is clear. I post these things apropos of nothing; it just has to be pointed out. Since the International Criminal Court is, like everything else, under the control of the Banker Crime Syndicate, what I like to call The Marinara Massacre has been white washed and it now more along the lines of a Fettuccine Alfredo.

Legitimate Business enterprises in a country where the rule of law is, more or less honest, are efforts that can often succeed, providing the businessman is not a moron but... in a country where the rule of law has been completely corrupted by illegal enterprise, under the command of criminal cabals, legitimate endeavors have little chance of succeeding, especially if they are small businesses. Such is the case in America today. The criminal cabal I speak of is a conspiracy between Wall Street and the Central Banks. Here is only the latest to come to light via the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse.

If you build a building wrong, it will eventually fall away sooner than later. If termites, which are parasites, are permitted to riddle the building, it will lose its integrity. Corruption is like garbage being generated at a level where it cannot be dealt with. If the people in charge of managing the removal and disposal of garbage are criminals, a host of maladies might result. The world situation has passed far beyond this. Corporations with the approval of Central Banks; everything MUST have the approval of Central Banks, are sterilizing women in Africa and India and we would presume something like that is happening in China as well.

One might be forgiven for thinking that the worst they can imagine is on the doorstep. The malicious monsters who are behind the lion’s share of the world’s problems are not the sort of creatures who are prone to taking a step or two back, even when cosmic forces, ever less gently prodded by Mr. Apocalypse, let them know their hour has come nigh. The building is not sound and it is riddled with vermin and parasites. The power being gained by these parasites is now at work in many countries. Israeli intelligence is all over Mexico, doing their worst. At Yale University, 30 % of the students are Tribe members. While the country falls into massive disorder, they are insinuating themselves in every area of critical operation; in government, in business, wherever there is money to be made off of the backs and at the expense of others, they are there.

I’m going to make some predictions that are absolutely going to come to pass; unless something from the following paragraph comes to pass. I am not, one of the precognitively vibrating nose hairs of Nostrildamus but... simple logic and intellectual projection can be very accurate here when drawing from the ‘in your face’ appearances everywhere. America is going to fall apart. In some places it is going to be very, very bad. Most of you have never seen what can happen when the thin veneer of civilization falls away and reveals the visage of the beast.

Note; there’s always a possibility that ships might come out of the sky; or Shambhala materializes out of the concealment of The Mist; or ancient civilizations inside the Earth might suddenly become visible on the surface but the odds are long for that. Given that none of these things happen, what follows is all too likely. There is that third possibility that some representative of the highest levels of being might materialize but... my sense of that, for this age and circumstances, is that if that is going to happen it will manifest in a simultaneous awakening in the hearts of humanity. This is ALWAYS a possibility. One can hope.

In some places it will go on in more or less of a normal fashion, though some things will be harder or impossible to get after awhile. In certain other countries conditions will be better although they might seem to be less so at the moment. Roving bands of desperate men will become a norm. Outrages against women and children will become a daily affair. They already are in some countries. Religious insanity is really going to go around the bend. People that believe in nothing will be overwhelmed by compulsions to consume and engage in just about anything. For those who have read about war time conditions, you will know what I am talking about.

Everything will be for sale. It already is, isn't it? But this will be different. Survival will depend on it. It may not be apparent to most at this time but your own survival and the conditions that it takes place in will have a great deal to do with who you are; what you have made yourself into and what you rely on. Is it real and lasting? You will be too. Is it transitory and perishable? You will be too.

For me, the most disappointing thing, besides the visible degeneration of the masses, in terms of their interests and level of intelligence, is the slow pace of my own progress. I have come to understand that when something can’t be anything else, then it has to be whatever you are left with and what I am left with is that sometimes one is not allowed to evolve beyond a certain point for reasons that might be sharp and clear in the more rarefied atmospheres but relentlessly opaque down here.

What do you do? I guess you can just accept it for what it is and remain in a holding pattern but you can’t even remain in a holding pattern unless fuel is burning and circles are continuing to be made so... even to stay at the level you are at, you have to keep going. Gravity can be a harsh mistress. It’s important to maintain your confidence. Once you lose your confidence you are in trouble. It comes at me. It comes and wakes me in the early morning and sometimes in the day, when I wonder at my pending migration and how I will manage, after all this time, in a location where a great deal has changed socially and politically and certainly economically ...but as I look back over my tumultuous existence, I note that there have been many times when I had no idea how I would get beyond various present and looming circumstances and somehow... there I was on the other side of them after the process of passing through. Crises come and go. Somehow we are still there... somewhere. Every one of us has been through similar things to some degree. Nothing was ever made better through apprehension and worry.

I know for you and me, it is not that we create this apprehension, uncertainty and fear as a natural expression of our being. I believe such emotions are generated into the mix by forces bent on taking our confidence. They operate in subtle ways and we have to remind ourselves that this is not us; this is something foreign seeking to make us vulnerable to a negative mindset. It is in the atmosphere and we have to recognize it as part of the game plan of the enemy. Otherwise we blame ourselves as if it were a matter of personal weakness rather than an assault on our well being. You have to stand guard at the gateway of the mind. You just have to.

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Book recommendation; "The Circle" by Eggars. If you like well done and gripping novels; this is something along the lines of some of Crichton's works. It's very plausible and definitely speaks to human nature.

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