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Color Coded Slot Cars to the Sewers and the Stars

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May your paws always have the right directional GPS.

Every so often we point out that a mini golden age is coming. That’s pretty logical because there are things going on in the realm of technology that are soon to shake the world; probably in a negative sense as well, given that the military industrial complex burrows like a termite and wallows like a bloated pig in anything and everything that comes up and which they can apply to the commerce of killing people who are somehow standing in the way of commerce, or are simply handy for the purpose of test kills; like Palestinian children. Israel know how to treat kids but... let’s stay on track with that golden age and not focus overly on those that we know are maliciously and satanically devoted to bringing Hell directly up on to the Planet Earth; probably so that they will feel more at home.

So... on that matter, there is this. That is only one of any number of quantum leaping breakthroughs, that are waiting restless and breathless like, in the wings for their moment to transform that portion of the world to which they apply. There are good things and bad things interacting simultaneously. The bad things, like the good things, start out as ideas and then whatever shepherd or basilisk herds that idea, sees to it that it catches the shuttle into the manifest.

There are people out there doing good things; feeding the homeless, setting a good example on various levels in various theaters of operation, working in prisons and moving through the ass end of society to minister to drunks, drug addicts and the deranged. That is certainly a minority. The majority is composed of mindless consumers and sensation junkies. Then... at the other end are the monsters of the moment, the Satanists, Zionists, Israelis and all of the leaders in all of the countries that they control through their world wide, criminal banking syndicate, masquerading as a nation. Inside their minds is a radiant black snake of evil with its tail in its mouth. It’s not like the snake of the Ancient Egyptians, symbolizing certain eternal verities. This is also a snake that is eating itself but it is an evil snake, consuming itself after another fashion, acting out the perpetuating truth that evil destroys itself. It is an intrinsic feature of evil to destroy itself and anyone stupid; reckless, corrupt, arrogant or similar, standing close enough to it when it goes into combustion.

The more I look at the situation, the more I see something like all those cloverleaf highway structures that you see around LA or any city where they are in proliferation. Lets say that each one of these highways is color coded and the people moving on each one is bathed in the light of that color as they go. Some of these highways are on an incline and some on a decline and some are just moving on the horizontal and they are all headed somewhere. Let’s say that each of these highways are composed, as everything is anyway, of vibration and depending on the identifying facets of each vibration a certain magnetic resonance is emitted and each of them exerts a pull upon every entity that resonates on that wavelength. It’s like color coded slot cars to the sewers and the stars. It is likely that in many cases, those traveling on these roads, especially the roads that are going down don’t have a clue about where they are headed, or why they were ever here in the first place. If they knew, they wouldn’t be going that way in the first place.

A lot of the time when you go wrong, it starts out as a slight, possibly near unnoticeable detour from your previous course. It could be that this continues; one slight deviation after another. Eventually you are going in a direction much different than you had been and the further out you get the wider the distance between the original course and the present course. You would think people would be made aware of what is happening to them by the simple observation of the environments they are passing through; the things that happen, the kind of people they meet but... the series of nudges and leadings that took them astray were not great enough to register. The increments were too subtle.

It takes a pretty constant focus to stay on course, if you are going the right way. It’s like dust on a mirror. Leave a mirror sitting anywhere for long enough and soon there will be sufficient dust so that no reflection can be seen. You have to attend to the mirror because 500 tons of dust falls on the Earth every day. The mind is the same way. The mind has to be kept free of the garbage clutter, the astral garbage that is everywhere in the Sargasso Sea of the Kali Yuga mind. If you don’t pay attention to the details of conscious living, eventually you won’t be conscious any more, in some way or another.

Around the whole of the Earth there is a thick invisible web and out of that web all of the things of this world are generated. Anyone whose attention gets set on any of these things causes the web to vibrate and different events can take place following this. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

You look around you at the state of the world. You see elephantine behemoths pounding each other in the panty section of some UK big box store. It could be the price or it could be the designer, Omar the Tentmaker, that draws the combatants. Freakish things come to pass, deep in the festering intestines of material darkness. People become crazed. They run berserk. They trample their offspring beneath their feet in the pursuit of Crap. You can’t enlighten them. You can’t reason with them. You can’t reach them. They’re locked in on that color coded switchback highway, headed wherever the sum of their intentions has provided as a place for them. Look on the bright side. Even if your only contribution here is as compost, you are contributing. Everything serves the whole, one way or another.

Meanwhile, a golden age of boundless energy and formerly undiscovered resources loom on the horizon, coalescing in the invisible atmosphere, precipitating down into form, like mist solidifying. It applies where it applies. Some portion of everything presently familiar has to go. Out with the old and in with the new. The bankrupt systems and Hollywood House infrastructure of institutions and rules of engagement, which presently exist only for the benefit of the people who own the slaughterhouse, are crumbling into ruin.

The most significant feature of the moment is the crypto Zionist, Saudi oil war. Dialectic ‘materialist’, Karl Marx once said that all wars are wars of commerce. He didn’t say it exactly like that but that is what... what he said meant. A war of commerce is being waged against those whose politics don’t mesh with central banker plans. That war is being waged against those countries that rely on the profits generated by their own energy trading. The Saudi rulers are a truly vile aggregate of psychopaths. There are no limits to the kind of inhuman cruelty they will engage in to further their ends. This kind of thing is a walk in the park by comparison.

Those consumed by evil do not see what is coming after them. Their whole focus is on whatever nasty plots they are trying to carry out. It’s like people with some degree of offensive skill in fighting. They are at a disadvantage with an alert defense that waits on it. It’s like that old reference about not starting fights, only finishing them.

The strutting, preening, ego raging, bombastic and insufferable stone cold cowards who are killing on a wholesale level, to counter the bone rattling fear at their core, are up against something like all that. They will never see it coming. That’s how it is when you are only thinking about yourself. Only thinking about yourself means you will never enjoy life or get anywhere near the real meaning of it. Only thinking of yourself means that Love will not come around you. You can fool yourself with clever imitations of the real thing, the same as you have fooled yourself into thinking you are real but... eventually... when it’s too late, you will be given ample time to repent at your leisure, or not. In some cases, in the blink of an eye, you are transported into an entirely different realm of existence and there’s no coming back to the former particular episode, so quickly vacated. All things in time. All things in time.

I used to love to fight. I thought it was fun and no doubt people thought I was crazy but I found sparring exhilarating. It keeps one in shape, youthful and alert. Those days slipped away without my being aware of it. Years have passed since I was so affiliated and will probably not return. Most conflicts, I now realize, can be resolved before they ever occur. They can be resolved before the potential combatant is even aware of opportunity or motive. By mysterious ways they both depart as if they never were and, in fact, they never were. I don’t know that it takes two to tango but in this instance...

Ta’i Chi is an interesting art. Most people don’t realize it is also an effective fighting art but that is something that comes into play later on as far as instruction goes. I knew a guy Lou Findley. He passed on years ago. When skeptics would try to argue with him about the gentle use of force he would cite the example of hitting a table leg with a bare toe while simply walking. One time my friend Michael Green said to him. This is all bullshit. I could punch you in the face and you couldn’t do anything about it, Lou told him to go ahead and so Michael did. As the punch approached, Lou caught the wrist with two fingers and turned the punch right back into Michael’s mouth.

One time I was at a beach party on Maui. It was one of those 1st year birthday parties for someone’s kid. That is a particular Hawaiian tradition. There were coolers of beer and in my mind the particular cooler was filled with Budweiser. Without paying a lot of attention I pulled a beer out and twisted the cap off. I took a drink and thought, “What?” It was a Steinlager... heh heh... an interesting event I’m not likely to duplicate. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in this life. Earlier on I wasn’t paying the kind of attention I should have, These days it seems like that is all I do.

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