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Speculation upon the Cause of Israel did 911 Denial.

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Time marches on, healing all wounds and wounding all heels and doing a lot of other things as well. Actually time doesn’t really do anything. It just measures and dates the passage of events. I approach a signal event and like me, the world; portions of the world, also approach signal events and everything that happens has something to do with something that happened at some point previous and it lays the groundwork for everything that is going to happen. It always strikes me as both interesting and amusing that people, for the most part, do not critically and objectively witness things like logical sequencing; object and circumstance associations, by kind, by proximity and by occurring at the same time. There are all kinds of evidences of things seen and unseen that one might glean for the posterity of their being; were they aware enough to tumble to any of it.

The truth is that most people are blinded by their desires and their fears. Look at all the various ways that people get themselves into trouble and... let us consider that ill health would qualify as trouble. Anything you don’t want on your doorstep or in your life is some kind of trouble. Now... the principal by product of Fear is Worry. Worry is a systemic disorder that leads eventually to a physical disorder because the things of the mind precipitate down into the material plane.

The more you entangle yourself in the operations of the world, the more you have to worry about. It would profit anyone to think of themselves like an energy saving appliance, let’s use a gas stove by example. If you turn the dial all the way up you will get a flashing image of different colors coming and going out of the blue base. If you dial it down you can have a nice steady blue flame. You could motor along like a refrigerator with nothing to worry about, given that you’re keeping it all cool but... the power of the world is impressive and this is something else that doesn’t seem to impact on the general consciousness. You are faced with something you have to deal with. It would behoove anyone to be aware of this at all times because the world is always doing a ‘snatch and grab’ for your attention.

If you spend your life acquiring shit, you will eventually wind up surrounded by shit. Whatever you spend the majority of your time engaged in will become what defines you to yourself and to others. Most everyone sets out after something that holds forth the promise of providing for their needs. So they devote their life to this and maybe they survive to a period of not having to do it anymore but... you’re always doing something until you are no longer capable of doing anything because you are no longer here. Of course, the vehicle you were running around in is still here but whatever animated it has gone somewhere else.

I’ve taken a long and circuitous route to get to where I wanted to get in this posting. All that has preceded it sets the stage for the wide angle mindset of the masses. 9/11 was an Inside Job that was done by Israel, in tandem with domestic and foreign intelligence agencies. The proof of this, should you care to look, is overwhelmingly conclusive from the circumstantial, independent of all the hard core evidence. If you are at all curious, you can find more than you will have time to study and all of it, which is the fruit of legitimate, non agenda driven inquiry, points to the same players. So what is the why of people’s indifference to this shocking picture of murderous treachery, on the part of a supposed good friend and ally, and the willful and conscious treason of individuals sworn to protect their country? Even before this we have the U.S. Liberty, which Israel bombed in a desire to fuel a wider war. Many sailors lost their lives and nothing got done because the bankers behind the scenes are pulling the strings of the politicians and the bankers are mostly the same people as were engaged in the acts of terror.

How come most people do not see this 800 pound gorilla in the room? It is because recognizing the truth makes you responsible for what you know. In that place within themselves, where most people hide the truth from themselves, lies the understanding that recognizing what lives there is going to complicate their lives and get in the way of them acquiring whatever it is they think they want. Most people simply do not want what is true to be true. They ridicule it, or they shut down as soon as it comes into the discussion. There are a number of massive and globally accepted lies that I, or any other informed person, can prove to be lies without any trouble at all. People don’t want to know. Because people don’t want to know, those who do know should not be sanguine about communicating truth to people who have decided to base their lives on lies.

There is a serious disconnect with this. If you base your life on accepting lies, due to Fear and conversely the pull of desires, which might otherwise be frustrated and not the least of which is the desire for a personal security in the same old same old, then your lie is anchored on lies and that ship has sailed, leaving you with a anchor but no boat. I have no idea if what I just said makes any sense at all but... what it relates to makes no sense to me so, I’d say we are even, should you be resident in that ‘other camp’.

The word, ‘inconvenient’ and ‘truth’ are often in proximity together. Ironically, if I remember correctly, Big Al Gore had a documentary fantasy film that was called, “An Inconvenient Truth” which, might more accurately have been called, “An Uncomfortable and Easily Disproved Falsehood.” The truth is that the truth is often inconvenient and people are prone to skirt it whenever the inevitable necessity to do so rears up in front of them; off to the side they go. The Tibetan Book of the Dead has an interesting scenario that it illustrates. It seems that when a person dies they go swimming in their remaining bodies in the direction of a light. The light gets brighter and brighter until it is very bright. Then, off to the side there appears another light, not so terribly bright and so they veer toward that light. That light then begins to grow brighter and brighter, just like the one before and similarly... yet another less bright light appears and so they veer toward that. This goes on through some number of expressions of the same routine. I don’t know what the limit is to the amount of repetitions there might be. Maybe it ends with a light that is not very bright period no matter how close you get and the only alternative is not yet another light but ONLY darkness.

I don’t think I need to get into the fifty foot tall, big bellied demons that are also mentioned in that book and which look, from what I could gather, like the demon creature in that classic film, “Curse of the Demon.”

I suppose my life would be a lot more convenient if I were to be like most people, which is probably why most people are most people. It always seemed to me that life was of real importance, something much greater than a temporary environment for satisfying basic appetites. It seems to me that that sort of thing would get old soon enough but apparently that is not the case as many people seem comfortable with only that through their whole lives. For me, life is all about inspiration and aspiration, which almost seem like breathing counterparts and maybe they are. Breathing is the one thing you don’t have any length of time to be going without. You can not take in water for several days and not eat for weeks ...but breathing... that is measured in minutes, just a few minutes.

It’s said that you have to want it, whatever it is that I often talk about here; the way a drowning man wants a breath of air. That’s pretty intense. For some reason, I have never been able to shake the sensation that there has to be more than fifty foot tall, big bellied demons waiting on the other side. Maybe it says that because that is what most people run into. I can’t shake the feeling that this is not true for everyone. What would the alternative be?

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