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That Ain't Paradise Beneath the Dashboard Light.

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I wrote an entire posting and then I decided not to post it and that is why I didn't post today or yesterday, depending on what time zone you are in. I feel like it is a little dishonest to go on from here and at least not tell you what the post was about. I put something together in the last couple of days and... I realize that the reason why I never tumbled to it before was because it was so fantastic. It just wasn't one of those things I would consider, mostly because, I never thought I was important enough to go through that trouble for. I stand corrected. I have seen some things of late and I realize I am tracked and monitored. This I know now. It doesn't change how I do my day to day but... it's something I can not put aside or ignore. I can trace it back to before my SOTT visit and every event after. The truth is, I've been played. It hasn't affected what I write but it does effect certain cardinal points in anyone's life; should it be focused on you.

I didn't want to come off as a paranoid reactive, or one overwhelmed by all his new possibilities and challenges. Some things I discussed, I now realize, I don't want them to know. That might seem curious that I would even mention it and alert whatever but, you may be sure, once I started catching on and the evidence became undeniable, I am pretty sure they knew in the same moment. I won't underestimate them again. The truth is that they can't do much against me, no matter how powerful they are because of who I work for. They can create situations where I might be moved to doubt myself and they can create circumstances that just don't make any sense and which the affected (me) might be encouraged to believe they were responsible for; that's about it. Their power is diminishing by the moment. All they can affect is the comfort level of those who love the truth. They can't change anything else and... people who serve the truth are used to being uncomfortable. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have had this 'eureka' moment. However, it means that I can never trust anyone again in the free and cavalier way that I have. I now know something that I cannot unknow.

Let's move away now from all that. By now, those tuned to the awareness by which things are known, knows exactly what I am talking about and that means I don't have to go into any deeper detail until there is more cogent and comprehensive detail.

The world continues to stumblebum its way from where it thinks it came from to where it thinks it is headed, which means, so long as the moment exists (and the moment goes on forever) it is clueless as to the meaning of person and place and even the moment itself. The moment is not what it is perceived as or collectively defined as. True... some rare souls comprehend the meaning of the moment but they are few and far between and; what do I mean by that? I mean that, unless they are gathered together for some important reason, they are usually at a wide margin from each other because there are so few of them. It's that dispersion thing, a kind of lesser known law that says the truly rare among us are often at a distance from another because it is important that there is always someone working for the highest authority somewhere in every neighborhood.

I believe the reason that the wise always recognize each other is that they are all hosting the same consciousness. One might think that makes them more or less like each other but... that is only true in certain ways. In many another way they are marvelously unique and equipped and empowered according to their specific tasks and the environment they complete them in.

It's funny, sad, ironic and a few other things that people all too often cannot see what is right in front of them. Consider the difference in perception, time sense and all kinds of other thing between an adult and a child. I'm not saying that children see what is right in front of them either. They are in the process of being taught what is right in front of them and it might be this process that results in the adults that come out of it. This is why regenerated innocence is so important because it capacitates your eventual ability to see things as they really are. Failing the acquisition of that you get senility. I repeat mention this kind of thing because it is very, very important.

In the end it is not what you acquired, it is not what status you achieved or your name brand recognition. What matter is what you wound up shaped into through the long haul of your every personalized reaction to everything you came up against. You can factor this in with what motivated you and how you came to measure things of value and no value according to the value and lack of value you placed on any of it. It comes down to, “can you live with yourself?” Some people have a wide latitude in this regard and some have a very narrow parameter. I'm not here to say which is the more legitimate. I don't know. I've thought about having that tattooed on my forehead, backwards but... that seemed like it might be a little overkill; speaking of which, when I left the Hawaiian Islands in late fall of 1999 (the same year as the car I am presently driving) there were a lot of people with tattoos. Of course, South Sea islanders are big on body markings but WOW! Since I have gotten back I am seeing people with tattooed faces; not the usual Maori or other types of ornamental sigils but things written on their faces and all kinds of other things.

You would think that anyone who wants to turn their body into an ink canvas would be interested in symmetry but now there are people who look like a graffiti wall. In some cases not nearly as nice as some graffiti walls I have seen. I'm not going to get into some of the signs of excess that abound here. Use your imagination. One thing for sure, they drink a lot of beer and smoke a lot of pot here. This is also a throwback zone. It is also milder, much milder than mainland law enforcement ways. It is much lighter here than Maui about which I hear all kinds of bad things and can now understand why I wasn't permitted to go there.

It's hard to see things as they are. Our perceptions are colored by so many things and the degree of our involvement and commitment to how we want things to seem to be. Things are not what they seem; you've heard that, I'm sure. You've heard, “appearances are deceiving”. Some very smart and well informed people have said this or something similar any number of times. All of this brings me back to one of the cardinal rules of life, which, if you do not abide by it, it will cost you a great deal. It is one thing to deceive others and there are also times when that is the only sane course of action but... to deceive yourself... that is a grave and terminal form of self injury. It also guarantees that you will not be able to see where you are going. It also pretty much implies that you will confuse where you think you are going with where you are actually headed. It would be as if you read a map wrong and were not able to read it correctly. It is as if your compass were compromised and your gyroscope unstable. It would be like sailing by the stars when you know nothing about the stars. It's bad enough when you do this to yourself but... most unfortunately, in some numbers of cases, you take a great many more people with you.

You can see the latter happening all over the planet these days. You can see large numbers of people taken in by bent personalities. At one point Kim Kardashian had more friends or likes or whatever than any other person on Assfacebook. The Beliebers number in the millions. Even Ballpoint Annie Frank would have been a Belieber, according to the Beliebster. There are also many millions of Lady Gag Me's appropriately named, 'Little Monsters'. There are millions and millions bowing down to some collective version of god and they will kill or defame you in a heartsbeat if you run afoul of them. There are millions of doomed and deceived soldiers in search of manhood; plunder and females, an education... they will certainly be getting an education. This is one of the biggest selling points that lead to a person agreeing to an intensive period of dehumanization resulting in the opportunity to express the absence of their humanity against people they know nothing about, on the orders of Bankers who initiate these wars for nothing more than personal profit of one kind or another; advantage, position of influence and acquisition are all examples of ways in which people personally profit AND... I've said all of this before and I am saying it now and I will say it again. The conclusion of all of this is that there will be no human progress and no common good until the Bankers are dealt with. These are some of the darkest criminals on Earth and it beggars the imagination to think of a fitting punishment for them. That's not my job. I am not the Punisher, so far as I know. I'm no doubt a smaller role, some kind of neighborhood herald, except that my neighborhood is the internet. There's a few of us working this environment. I don't know how many. I can assure you that it is nowhere near as many as are working for The Bankers.

I realize that the posts are not coming in daily as they have in the past and there is a very good reason for this. A lot of my attention is upon integrating here and that requires a lot of doing nothing but listening to the wind and whatever communications travels upon it. I apologize for this. I am also very busy getting myself set up. Another thing is that my former environment was very strongly permeated with the power and force of years impacting upon it in the same way. This location has not been programmed that way... yet. It will be. Hopefully, manifesting as an upgrade.

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I am trying to get a radio broadcast together. I have heard the requests and complaints. The quality won't be all that great but I will get to it, I promise.

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