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The Feckless Whores from Bent Nose County and the Angel of Dread.

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The world would be a better place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

One can only attempt to intuit what it means but all of a sudden, major politicians; by definition, political whores, are coming out to say that vaccines are good for you. In some cases like the thoroughly corrupt and sold out Rand Paul, they are coming out and saying they didn't say what they probably did say, which is consistent with political whores. The media is reporting on this but... what they are not reporting on and... which I think explains why this particular hoopla is hooping is that the public must be raising all kinds of opposition to this vile chemical offense against humanity and especially the young.

Speaking of politicians and those who operate them like remote control vehicles, here is a little anecdote about politicians and their place in the evolutionary scheme. Of course, you and I already know about this personality thing because we see them in action as they are, not as they attempt to present themselves. Speaking of cockroaches, let it never be said that they don't know how to look out for themselves. Even when they are working as spies in other countries and getting caught at it, it just seems to turn out okay for them. It's good to see that those presently moving toward the kind of destruction that is the final destiny of Evilstill have the appearance of total control over the global victimhood industry and the good will of bankers and nations in servitude to international bankers. What do we do? We don't do nothing except identify and acknowledge. The work of bringing down a herd of velociraptors is something that gets handled by the emergent archetypes of the new world coming.

Here in Hawaii there is now a cockroach problem that wasn't going on, at least as visibly as it is now, when I used to be in these islands oh... what feels like another lifetime ago. Prominent B-52 members of this demographic are heavy duty inserted into the political climate here and all kinds of hijinks are going on in pursuit of the control of, well... various things but I don't have to get into that.

There's some kind of a law; some kind of cosmic law that has to do with the more certain people push themselves in front of the action and the more they gobble and grasp and make all kinds of annoying noises, the closer they are getting to Doom City. Anyone who has real power doesn't need to be gunning for first place in the Drama Queen Awards. Those who possess true power know what a fatal mistake it is to flounce about on life's stage, pimping their importance, which is something that is all front and no behind... a mile wide and an inch deep.

Let's not leave the vaccine consideration just yet. The Obama administration PURPOSELY opened the US border to thousands of people infected with various diseases and they intentionally focused on the 'importation' of children in order to spread childhood diseases throughout mainland US. For all we know they infected these children with these diseases in the first place. They would have had no moral limiters that would keep them from it. They are completely under the influence of alien intelligences, whether that be purely Satanic or Bad ET. The two are interchangeable AND speaking of which, now they are saying there are all kinds of strange microbes running around the New York subway.

Joe Biden says that Russia cannot be allowed to redraw the borders of Europe. Looks like this fatuous and sold out whore, who gets pimped around the campus by Bankers, is doing what whores are expected to do. Well... just about ALL of them are whores aren't they? Yes... sad as the truth may be it is the truth. They are, for the most part, soulless husks of former humanity. Once they were children (maybe). Once they were altruistic teens, dreaming about some vocation; double maybe on the altruistic thing but... some of them must have been. Then... something happened. It happened in a hotel room somewhere. Something happened in Tel Aviv for sure in some of those cases. They call it a 'honey pot' I believe and we got Unzippit Livni on record about that sort of thing. Yeah...Bent Nose Livni is right out of Bent Nose County, along with all the rest of the trough guzzlers engaged in that exercise that Delmore Schwartz called, “the scrimmage of appetite everywhere'.

I've had a life that defies someone like me being a consistent optimist, which I am. There is reason for it though. I do not measure my life by external circumstance or things that happened on the way. I don't qualify the ignorance of early years with the lessons gained, except to say that was then and this is now and whatever the difference is... that tells the tale and that is where I am personally AND... that is where all of us are. We need only look at the two states in every case, concerning any of us. Some of us do and some of us don't and that is probably directly relevant to where we are at the moment; isn't it?

Certainly these... these whores are unlikely to engage in that kind of introspection though... introspection will come to them, unbidden, in the early hours of the morning, accompanied by the Angel of Dread. You can count on that.

Optimism... let's stay with that. I know it is hard for many of us. I hear about it, not infrequently. Why is this? It's because of 'appearances'. What is one of the most powerful generators of appearances? The media and the media is everywhere these days because this is the information age. This is also The Kali Yuga and as a result it is, The Age of Lies. The more the appearance of power in the hands of those deluded enough to believe they possess it, the greater their seeming sway over the minds of those under the spell of Materialism. If you are not under this spell but you are aware of the ubiquity of it, it can be hard to be an optimist. One becomes an optimist when they are aware of something that resides BEYOND the reach of appearances. That's my recommendation. What else have you got?

I've said it a great many times, it's not winning or losing. It's the role you play and how you play it. Think of the movies. How many movies have you seen where the actor loses out in some way or even gets killed but you know you would have been that person AND sometimes, it works out in some magical and unexpected manner, when it seemed the odds were all against it. In fact, this sort of thing happens not infrequently, in movies and in life. Bottom line is that most anything comes down to what you believe in. You'd have no motivation otherwise. It's true people do things they don't believe in and people do things they later come to rue for the rest of their life. Much of this comes through weakness, confusion and a lack of substance. It is easy to lack substance in a superficial age and as far as weakness and confusion go... would they not also be emblematic of these times. One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is FEAR and that accounts for a lot of what should not be and it certainly accounts for the behavior of whores, that... and the promise of gain. Is this the movie you want to star in? Who's your director (grin)?

Take a good long 'objective' look at it all. Is it confusing? Why would that be? It means you are caught between competing currents. It can mean riptides and undertows and that is always something beneath the surface and that definitely affects the impact of the power of appearances upon you. As long as there are so many possibilities in what you might do and where you might go, you are dealing with variables of potential but what if there were no variables? What if you had some kind of estate planner who manages your affairs? Whores do. Even bankers do. I don't care how free and independent you think you are, someone is making decisions. You might think it is you but the one thing not mentioned when we bring up weakness and confusion, superficiality and FEAR is;'the mind'. That's where it all takes place. It takes place in the mind. Who is in charge of that? Isn't the mind like a large body of water? It has all kinds of things moving on the surface and even above the surface. There goes a seagull. It also has a great deal going on beneath the surface. One might say that most of it is going on beneath the surface and one could also say that there is so much beneath the surface that most people never encounter or are made aware of more than a tiny fraction of what lies below. If you are a fisherman, there are all kinds of technologies and approaches that allow you to draw up creatures and things that live in the depths. If we are talking about the mind, the same thing applies.

Turn on your TV and you will see an endless procession of whores who perform for money. They repeat what they are told to repeat. They act according to a script given to them. They do and say all kinds of things that in some cases would embarrass a monkey but they do it. They do it for fame and gain and the promise of some kind of security, or out of FEAR. Is there a security against FEAR? There is no security in these things that provides a panic room when you need it; not against so many of the things that can and do come up eventually. Who's your director?

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