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Binnie the Rat and the Glueboards of History.

Dog Poet Transmaterializing.......

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

Depravity, thy name is TMZ. I don't guess I have to go into the origin of that cesspool. I go by there occasionally because I find the place so hard to believe. They focus near entirely on Reality TV show actors and the Kardashians. That's pretty much it. I feel polluted when I leave but I got my reasons for checking the place out. Of course, the reasons escape me at the moment. Maybe I always wanted to know what it was like to roll in a dead carcass like dogs seem to be very fond of doing; eau de la crypt.

Insatiable curiosity can be a good thing, depending on the direction of inquiry and given that you are not a cat. It can also get you into a whole lot of trouble. Any time you are so far outside that you forget about the inside, you can put yourself in harm's way without a whole lot of effort. It's like talking to someone in a roadside shitkicker tavern. You don't know what's going through their head and it's not like it's going to turn out to be Gore Vidal, stopping in for a quick one on his way somewhere.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if what you read in the news is an example of what's going on everywhere or whether they selectively pick isolated bad things just to give the impression that that is the general state of the times. We know that bad news sells. We also know that the appearance of doom and gloom and darkness, helps the overlords in their efforts to confuse, confine and terrorize the masses. They got two big whip hands at work in the moment. One is the ever increasing threat of both unknown and known dangers to the stability of people's existence and the other is turbo pumping up of the desire for unnecessary things. Motoring right along with all of this is the near terrifying breakdown in the formerly dependable infrastructure of state and religion and that is counterpointed and amplified by the daily exposure of those who work for the state and religious organizations as criminals, crass opportunists and general predators, in pursuit of personal gain at every turn, at the expense of everyone beneath them in the pecking order.

Let's face it, conditions have gotten pretty bad and critical mass can't be all that far away. I would have thought we would be there by now but everything turns out to be more resilient than expected. I take this to mean that there are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes; things we can't see. From the bottom to the top, a game is being played and we are all players, subject to a variety of manipulations and guidance too from any number of locations. Time will tell and we shall see.

The latest planned and designed provocation is that of the killing of former looter of the Soviet Republic and Zio Bot Nemtsov. Overnight they have turned this plundering agitator into a heroic figure. In this disgusting fluff piece, artfully constructed out of a whole cloth of manufactured lies, they mention what Putin had to say about him and I am inclined to believe that side of it, given the native inclinations of the sort of person Nemtsov and his kind have demonstrated themselves as, during the chaos that was Russia after the fall of the Soviet Republic. There's plenty more of them racketeering across the landscape over there and it is something Putin has to deal with.

The slathering and howling beasts of the material elite are screaming for Putin's head. Why? Putin doesn't go along with the program. Putin won't let them destroy Syria the way they destroyed Libya, Iraq, Egypt and everywhere else they have adventured into for personal gain at the expense of the native populations. Putin didn't let them steal Crimea. Putin opposes their efforts to subjugate The Ukraine and use it as a launching pad to destroy Russia. Once you peel away all the BS and demonic promos of the Zio-Press, you can see it is the bankers and Banker Nation that is behind all of it. They are as bad as bad can be and fitting villains for these end times. When I say end times, I am referring to the changing of the age. This is the end of the Piscean Age and The beginning of The Aquarian Age. The cusp period is nearly at an end. Look for ever more dramatic changes and keep in mind that Lady Nature is going to have a great deal to say about all of it as well.

Things can change very, very quickly. The whole world can become a different place overnight. At the moment, the larger numbers of the population are caught up in the thrall of materialism. That is a doomed direction and it leads to the loss of higher consciousness and objective reasoning powers that make it possible for a person to see and to tell the difference between what is safe and what is dangerous. This confusion of perspective and the loss and perversion of values, leads to chaos and progressive states of suffering, intensifying as they continue to either entropic stagnation or a culture of madness. The theoretical basis for these end results is solid. One can readily view it as it pushes into the event horizon and becomes a state of globally shared misfortune.

However... this is not for everyone. There will be shades and there will be glades. The former are not an attractive locale, unless you live in the Sahara. The latter will be few and far between but they will be around and they will be mostly WHERE THE FOOD GROWS and where aggressive police state tactics are less so than in other places. In some places the police have not lost their connection to the people; hard to find these days. Still... that seems to come along with people finding it hard to find certain things in themselves anymore either. In some cases, in most cases, they can't be bothered to look. It's like the forgotten technologies of yesteryear, when people had to do many things themselves, which they no longer do. There's a great book, if you can lay your hands on it, called, “How they did it in The 1890's”. I can't even find it in the search engines. Of course, my memory of the title might be a little off.

This year is a pivotal year. Much may happen or not happen. This summer and fall will tell us. The warmongers are hungry for blood like a rooster with satyriasis. They got blood moon poisoning. They got the Hecate side of the goddess slithering through their minds like water moccasins in disturbed waters. They've all been hijacked by the hordes of ancient evil that came through a open door. That door got opened by someone cause it was time for it to happen. Perhaps it was like some kind of combination lock that got magically opened by a particular configuration of planets. That's usually how things happen down here; cosmic forces move up against each other for the purpose of inspiring events. Sometimes these events, in isolated form, seem to be stone cold evil but... then they lead to something else that leads to something else that leads to something else and it turns into something that we've been waiting for in a good way.

Finally... it's that time of year again. Sometimes it comes more than once a year, when the prancing agents of Banker Nation come forth and dance like red assed baboons before the lawbreakers of Washington and the lawbreakers who might have once been lawmakers and maybe not, exercise their supreme (seemingly) rights to ride roughshod over the Constitution and every other essential inhibitor to the chaos and confusion of this dark hour. As Bush the Stupid correctly stated, “It's nothing but a piece of paper; more precisely, toilet paper. I stare across the agonizing stretch of centuries, in which millions have died for the crass material dreams of bankers. They died in muddy, exploded trenches. They died hanging on the wires. They died in anonymous rooms and and on the far reaches of desert sands. They lost their limbs and their minds and came back to limp under freeway under passes where they shot up bad drugs and drank Sterno filtered through bread. They killed their families and sometimes themselves as well. They died long before they died, at the command of bankers.

It's hard to image up the right picture. There they are, principally Binnie the Rat, elegantly dressed, appearing to be human but... by no measurement or definition, actually human. Surely one of their holidays will arrive shortly and they will celebrate it with some acts of horrific bloodletting. They will kill men, women and children because that is what their religion demands and anyone unaware of this is slated to live in harness to them and to die in any one of the ways already mentioned or to continue on in a mean existence of sustained torment and want. They will be given the names and faces of those responsible, by those who are actually responsible and they will be suited up and handed weapons to go forth and kill or be killed. In the end, as has been aptly stated, “there is no cure for stupid”.

There he stands and preens, before the most corrupt aggregation of doomed losers the world has seen in recorded history, with the greatest number of victims ever gathered together on the face of the Earth. Like the ghost dancers in the Overlook Hotel, they are caught up in and intoxicated by a passing scenery that no longer exists and when it did exist it didn't really exist in any actual way. They have convinced themselves and each other that it is all real and it is all necessary and it doesn't matter who gets hurt or how. It could all be so very different but it is not. How did it get this way? Look around you. Yesterday I was talking to a man and he said, “I don't pay any attention to it anymore. I don't want to know.

End Transmission.......

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