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Doing the Zombie Tango in the Black Mirror of the Abyss.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

Dogs represent the best and the worst in us. Unfortunately few of us press to the extremes and when we do it is in the undesirable direction, due to the nature of desire in times of darkness.

Yesterday or so, The Rope A Pope blessed a vial of blood because of what was called a (drum roll) “semi miracle'. In other places, people are killing their 3 month olds because of 'demons'. Others are killing their children for various reasons. None of them are being called a 'semi miracle'. Arguably, the popes have killed far, far more children than any of these small time operators and they often have sex with them first. In a smaller but no less powerful farce of a religion they also eat them, which I presume means they killed them too. I don't know about the sexual end but I think for the latter, the killing of them provides that experience. Am I being facetious? No. Is there documentation for this sort of thing? Most certainly there is. A large amount of people would scoff and say, “That is offensive and outrageous and patently untrue”. These are the sort of people who have NO historical awareness except what is force fed into their heads by the people who do these things.

Here's something else that is true... it's worse than what I have said so far. It is much worse. Here's something else that is true. This goes on because most people are only concerned with what they want and though they might be stunned and outraged by the things that happen, they have rendered themselves so stupid that... regardless of whatever degree of awareness they may experience between outrage, indifference and raw naked greed, they will remain rooted to the spot. They might talk about it. They might demand that something be done, while chattering around the water cooler, or in front of their TV ...but they won't actually do anything and most of the time they won't hear about these things because they will be waltzing in an ignorance drenched wonderland, with invisible partners who look like either Ryan Gosling or Taylor Twit in their minds but who look like Freddy Kruger or The Bride of Frankenstein in reality.

There's also a spate of young children, killing their parents, because their parents took away their iPad – iPod, or shut down their video game action. I'm sure there are other reasons. Anyone who has been paying attention should know why these things are happening and they are happening because Materialism is going through the stages it goes through and these are some of them. You will know that you have entered the final stage of Materialism when cannibalism becomes an every day event. It's already going on, under the radar ...and in those cutting edge (pun intended) salons and soirees where the privileged and elite gather together to celebrate the perversities that are the hallmarks of their existence. You think to yourself, “Oh, it can't be as bad as he says it is” I would agree; it's worse.

If you look into this sort of thing, you got to be careful because of what The Neitzsch said about the abyss looking overlong into you and being careful about not becoming a monster. That's two different quotes but who's counting? Also... there is a natural tendency on the part of anyone who gets immersed in the activities of darkness to become depressed and disheartened and wind up like Joe Btfsplk, walking around with a black cloud above their heads, or worse... wandering without knowing, into and through the Gates of Despair. You have to believe in something stronger than the power of appearances AND... in times of Material Darkness, the power of appearances is very, very strong. It is to be expected that many, many people will meet their fate, due to their being captive to the power of appearances. Students of arcane history know that history moves through predictable cycles. Even serious students of generic history know this, via Oswald Spengler and others. As surprising as much of what is coming may be to those not paying much attention, it shouldn't be surprising to those who have been paying attention. I myself would much rather pay attention than pay the piper. Those are 'pretty much' the only options.

I'll give an occult example of this, utilizing The Tarot.

The Magician, Waite Deck

Some of the Major Arcana cards have dual meaning based on this very thing. The Magician symbolizes the power of 'attention' or... 'concentration'. The result of paying attention or not paying attention is, 'life and death'.

I'm not going to wax overlong on this. Let me simply say, “It's later than you think.” depending on who you are. In some other cases it doesn't matter what time it is. In too many other cases, no thinking is actually taking place. It's a curious speculation whether many have any clue about the meaning of anything that happens to them. They interpret their experiences within the dimensions of their belief systems. It makes you wonder about the relative merits of being broke in India but in a state of bliss, as opposed to an executive vice president at Goldman Sachs, who believes himself to be a Master of the Universe. It's the former who is a real Master of the Universe because he is beyond the reach of the force of the power of appearances, while the latter is only a Master Baiter. The interesting feature here is that one isn't thinking of himself at all, while that is all the other is doing.

Some of us have a difficult existence but... life is change. One might say change is the cornerstone of existence. Some of us are dining in the high tower, or living in mansions with monogrammed plates and being waited on by servants, who might well have monogrammed asses. It's easy to think it will go on forever. It doesn't though, does it? If it was all peaches and cream, then why are so many of them wretched drunks filled with self loathing? Of course, you don't have to be rich to accomplish that (grin). Why do so many of them commit suicide? Why do so many of them wind up in court, for seeking to illegally steal more, when they already have too much? These days, granted, they usually don't go to jail. I could list a whole lot of negatives about certain lifestyles but most everyone who comes here knows about them. The one thing I find most unfortunate about these people is how having too much renders people so cheap, as well as their basic mistrust of everyone being after them for their money, which might be true in many cases.

Once again the power of appearances raises its ugly head, because even though we know these things, it doesn't stop us from dreaming about being better off, even when it might well mean we aren't better off. You can strive to succeed and if you are committed enough and got the right amount of acumen, you might get there but it's a lot like the way technology can outstrip the moral sense of a a culture and pitch it into catastrophe like it did in Atlantis and Lemuria. If you don't have sufficient character, being better off will just give you more occasions to exercise your vices. Throughout my life I have heard people say, “When I get money, I won't be like them.” I have actually seen this happen (more than once) and rather than turning into the exceptions that they said they would, they just became more of the same. I must say... I have seen a lot of amusing and also tragic things in my brief tenure here.

The thought occurred... to find some news blip from today ...to put an imprimatur on the post /but all I saw was trivial garbage, transparent BS, disinfo and finally... endless elements of distraction, set to foster confusion and assist in the continuation of la la land, as it zombie tangos into whatever permutation of Armageddon comes about through the combination of malicious psychopathy, on the one hand, and mindless lemming, death ballets, on the other. Most certainly some larger portion of the population is going to no longer be here, due to whatever conditions arise that they can neither understand, nor deal with, after all, they want their MTV and they want their Chef Boyardee and they shall have both, as soon as the microwave is done with them.

So it is that we come to the conclusion of this missive, with no singular bit of evidence to reinforce the points made here. In any case, if the points are not self evident at this locus; what difference does it make? It is what it is and you are what you are; for the moment.

End Transmission.......

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