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In the District of Menace with the 3-headed Mad Dog in the Toilet Bowl.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'When a man's best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.'

“Da plane! Da plane Boss.” What is it with all this plane action over recent times?

Other than the plane, we are caught between two locations that I like to call, 'the dolrums' and 'the creeping dread'. The doldrums qualifies as the grinding day to day, when will it end? When will it start? When is whatever is going to happen, happen or not happen? The other is the district of menace, which manifests itself as the eye of the DHS and NSA, staring up at you out of the toilet bowl, every time you go. Of course, it is an appropriate place to be, down there with the Mossad. It's what one would naturally imagine to be their natural habitat but... I digress. There's also the epidemic of callous police shootings, the terrible state of the economy, wars, more wars and rumors of wars to come and all of this is courtesy of the three headed mad dog in the toilet, which has already been mentioned. This is a strange creature. Most people don't realize that it has the body of a snake because you usually can't see it. It's back down the pipe running out of the toilet bowl. That is the banker portion of the monster.

We're on the verge of something. I don't know if anyone else is feeling what I am. Let me try to describe it. It is a giddy state of heightened sensitivity. It is uncomfortable now and again but... I am told it is always like this during the transitional stages; transitional stages of what? Aye... that's the question. It's difficult to process but... not as difficult as it was a couple of weeks ago (grin). I'm guessing this has less to do with the world situation than it does with a collective elevation in consciousness. We've talked about this before, these weird periods of high end resonance that feel like chaos to many and which I think are responsible for all kinds of unfortunate incidents world wide because a lot of people find it difficult to process them. I guess it is a lot like GHB. You get serious highway action that is attributed to something else and all kinds of fatal accidents, where the victim is unable to come back and tell you how he/she came to not be here anymore.

If I were like a lot of people, I would believe that what I am experiencing is the directed energy of some kind of psy-ops weapon but in that direction lies The tinfoil Hotel, where one locks themselves in their room and mumbles incoherently until someone comes to take them away. It's a modern day, Samuel Taylor Coleridge thing, minus the exhausting poetry. In a world in complete disarray, only the lucky ones have opium. I say this because of the measures of pain being dished out on all sides in this merciless age... seemingly merciless in any case.

Whatever the reason, this writer, at least, is having to use a great deal of attention to stay on top of this strange vortex of undefined energies in search of resolution, confirmation or stabilization; whichever comes first.

Let's be realistic. All sorts of powerful forces are loose in the world and one has only to look at the world to see the evidence of this. You can't see the wind but you can see the impact of it. Sometimes it is benign, as when it is whispering through the trees, or bringing some respite from the heat of the day. Other times it can be tearing homes from their foundations and causing other mayhem. You can't see it in operation though. You only see the effect. That is the way it is in the world at the moment. A variety of variously motivated winds are manifesting undesirable courses for both groups and individuals. Sometimes, no doubt, these courses seem desirable, until they wind up wherever they wind up and the afflicted are to be found tearing out their hair and screaming, “How did I get here?”

There are things the world publicizes and things that the world does not publicize. This is done in order to make certain lifestyles seem more desirable than they turn out to be. If people knew where they were going to get to by living in a certain manner, you may be sure they would not do it. If people knew what the real conditions of warfare were, they would be much less likely to attend. If people knew how hollow material success turns out to be they might well be more restrained and idealistic in their interests and pursuits. Of course, these days, a lot of people are picking up on that and... heh heh... the opportunities aren't what they were once, anyway.

We've been hearing about UFO's for years but it never comes to anything. Carbon dated cave paintings are evidence that aliens have landed here and there is a theory that some of us came from somewhere else but... over the decades that we have been hearing about this sort of thing, what has it amounted to? All those crop circles, what have they amounted to? All these new age philosophies and those prophets who come and go, what has it amounted to? The world is certainly not improved from what I can see. Okay, you can say that the world is a big place and that it gets changed all the time in good and bad ways but it never gets changed entirely. That's even what I would say, most of the time, but that is not the track I am on at the moment. The track I am on is; what good is most of this doing? I just want people to realize that... except at very rare times, the world does not change with any kind of speed and it as often changes for ill as for good. This is why the individual has to take responsibility for themselves and not operate with any expectation that the world will follow. The world is the world is the world and it does what it does which, most of the time, it seems, is to chew you up and spit you out or, at the very least, break your heart. I'm guessing that the answer here is to not put your faith in the world. I'm pretty sure that is not going to turn into an original quote.

This energy I am talking about is intense. It affects everything. It's very much like being high on something; given that being high is not always an enjoyable experience. At the same time, it's not egregiously onerous (can I say that?). Some fashion or another of this energy is sweeping through the world at the moment and people are reacting to it in many different ways. Here is the kicker. It isn't what impacts upon you or dramatically affects you that is of primary importance. It is how you take it and what you do with it. One person might climb a mountain and another person might go right off a cliff. I see the most critical relationship in all of this as being the juxtaposition of this force(s) and one's values. The value end of it is the rudder on the ship. It determines where you wind up. Is where you wind up important? There you go, or not.

I'm not trying to discourage people from being interested in crop circles; UFO's, Byzantine brier tangles of idle speculation about things that happened and didn't happen a long time ago. What possible difference does so much of that make? Present day concerns I can understand. They impact directly on your life but the truth thereof or lack of it concerning what happened tens of thousands of years ago, before present history was recorded; of what use is that except, most likely, “don't do that.” but... do people take these lessons? They have recent and present day examples of all of these things and they ignore them. They see people dying all around them as the result of certain lifestyles and they go right on doing the same things. They're sure it isn't going to happen to them, until it does. So long as 2 and 2 add up to 4, certain courses are predictable.

Knowing particular things can be useful. Being able to do something about them is exponentially more useful and being able to know the difference between what you can affect and cannot affect is more useful yet. For me, much of life comes down to this. Even when we know this though, it can take a long time to learn it; if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Are we going to learn about what really happened on that plane or are we only going to hear from those who might possibly have set it up in the first place, in order to put yet one more Draconian policy into place? Where's the truth about the Malaysian planes? Where's the truth about anything really? The truth is inside you or it is not. Let me rephrase that, the truth is inside you and you are aware of this or you are not. Events come and go out here. Sometimes they are world changing and sometimes they are a fart in a windstorm. On any given day, all of the populations of the world that happen to be in your location (or anywhere) are moving to and fro around you in pursuit of whatever it is that they are after.

We know that Israel and various intelligence agencies; with the assistance of the world wide Satanic network, were behind 9/11. Those of us who do know this, can't do much about it except talk about it and that is, I am sure, a good thing but... getting real results out of our own efforts concerning it is most likely not in our hands. We can only do our best and trust in the certainty that the world will change at some point. Following that, we can only hope that change is of the positive sort. I believe it will be, at some point. Time will tell and we shall see.

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I'd like to introduce one of our newest contributors to this work in which some portion of us are already engaged.

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