Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You can Fool Yourself some of the Time but not All of the Time.

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“The serpent, the king, the tiger, the stinging wasp, the small child, the dog owned by other people,

and the fool: these seven ought not to be awakened from sleep.”

There are many serious, critical and world changing; nature attacked by the unnatural ...events LOOMING on the horizon. The most populous state in the US is soon to run out of water. This is an imbalance and every imbalance trends for further states of imbalance. Dry conditions trend toward runaway fires. It's not just California that is due to be hit in this manner. There are a number of surrounding states that are in line for the same. Consider the size of Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas, just to name a few. This is a condition that marches like an invading army and it will leave the same results in its path as would an army.

Drought impacts directly on the food supply. The bee holocaust, engineered by Monsanto and their chemical demons in arms adds to the affair. Lack of water in the atmosphere leads to strange and violent weather; out of balance, out of balance, out of balance.

The state of nature in its perverted status, is mirrored by a thoroughly corrupt and perverted culture. International war and mass murder are the driving force of the economy. The orchestration of poverty and plague are also a feature. Crime is business as usual at the top of the pyramid of privilege. That gives you the real trickle down effect. Children are disappearing all over the world to be kept as temporary hostages for brutal sex in Satanic rites. They are temporary because they die in torturous bacchanals of terrible outrage. These are performed in order to create a bridge between the visible and invisible worlds; conduits of power, funneled from dark entities, who feed upon the fear, pain and death and who become stronger and stronger inside the consciousness of those who have given themselves over to host these entities.

In Israel, genocidal attacks are routinely performed against near defenseless peoples, kept in prison ghettos for that purpose. These assaults are carried out on so called holy days. Any fool could make the connections if they chose to but most people do not want to know. They are content that it is not happening to them but that... is simply a matter of time. What goes around comes around.

The people of America and Canada, as well as most western governments, cannot believe that what is happening is what is happening. To believe these things are true is to make them complicit in them and this they cannot abide. Proof positive has been given over and over about the gratuitous nature of the conflicts that have been created by international bankers and corporations for their own financial profit. It is what they do.

How long can this perfect storm of recognizably evil circumstances continue? Scylla and Charybdis are screaming from the Marshall stacks. The volume dial is at 11. Meanwhile, the thick, viscous Dream Karo, reduces the populations to an underwater existence. They think they move on land but they move through liquid Jello. There are patches of light high up on the surface that send a ghostly illumination down into the depths. Normal is whatever you get used to. As Bruce Cockburn said, “the trouble with normal is that it always gets worse." On and on and on it goes and where it stops? Hmmmm...

One might imagine that 'they' have it all sewn up but someone, or something is messing with their agenda. Things are going wrong at the top. Undesired information is leaking through cracks in their faltering plots. The world, against all odds is waking up. It is truly a race to the finish. Will the world wake up in time to counter these fell plots against their very lives? Will it be too little too late? That is what our day following day is given us to determine.

No one can argue that a lot of things are all happening at the same time. Anyone paying attention can see that the movers and shakers on this plane seem to be motivated by some arcane force. They do things that you would not expect from a rational mind. One might say it is just hubris. They are so sure of their right to do as they please and so certain that they will avoid the consequences that they do the dumbest shit one can imagine. What is driving them? Whatever it is, it's really got a hold on them (cue Smoky Robinson).

One might think, having read to this point that all is lost; that doom and gloom are the destined twins of our inescapable fate. This is true only for those who believe and buy into it. It's been coming for a long time and everyone here is here for a reason. That reason may escape the majority of the participants but there is a reason.

No matter when you are here, now or a thousand years ago, you are here for only two reasons; to suffer or enjoy the fruits of your actions and to wake up. If you do not wake up, the cosmic force of awakening will impact upon you ever more severely until you do. You can cooperate with the inevitable or you can oppose it. You can stand stupefied in the path of the tornado, or you can step aside. The tornado will come regardless. The only imponderable to this point, short of the arrival of the tornado is; where will you be standing? Will you be anchored or will you be swept away? There is no 'if' about it. It is only a matter of where and when.

Millions of minds agreeing that something is real, makes it real. It may be only real in a relative sense but that will be real enough. This is why the Satanic elite have gone to such trouble to convince such a large number of people that what they see is real and that it matches up with the explanations and definitions given. They milk the collective belief systems of the populace to convince them of it and use the power of that belief to bring it about. First they tailor those belief systems to their own ends.

Go to any website and you are pounded by images of material culture. They pump up the desire. The desire becomes greater than the desire of any individual and it resonates across the land. It captivates. It fixates. It mesmerizes. Desire manifests through 3 particular portholes and everyone has them. When these 3 portholes are cut off from input from the higher portholes, material culture is all you have and it doesn't matter if it manifests in a temporal or religious manner. It is materialism regardless and that is why the big religious trends of the day are manifestations of evangelical insanity and fundamentalism. If you happen to have a somewhat functioning brain there is the new age movement, owned and operated by the demonic intelligence agencies. They give you that happy happy, 'we are all gods and goddesses' thing. Then you got all that immunity from cause and effect, as millions who have no connection to primitive cultures are herded into the celebration and worship of the same and it isn't where they come from. True integration does not occur and you wind up with a rootless wandering from template to template and none of them fit. You're uncomfortable and alienated but you don't know why.

At the same time that all of these things are happening, discoveries and inventions are occurring all over the world that can radically transforms the world for the better. In countries around the world, people are waking up. Five million people just signed a petition in Argentina against US aggression. All over the world the tide is rising and the tide is being brutally dealt with at the same time but their evil ways cannot continue for long. They are on the wrong side of history and EVIL DESTROYS ITSELF. Unfortunately, in Kali Yuga, evil also replaces itself and that is why when the tables are turned, you often wind up with what appears to be the same people sitting there. This is not going to continue either. The Kali Yuga is coming to an end and so are all of the things that were allowed to flourish in it.

We're on the clock folks and all this time... all this inconceivable time, of plodding perpetuation, is only there to provide you with a window for change. It's all scripted, except where it isn't. We do have that freedom to first make a difference in our own lives and then make a difference in the lives of others.

Look at the irrefutable evidence of what composes the environment in which we labor; Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These are antagonistic elements at war with one another. What would you logically expect from such interactive forces? Bring your own elements under command and you won't have any problem with the ones swirling around outside you. Outside of you is an illusion counterpointed by the illusion within. Get rid of the one and the other will vanish. When the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

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