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A Bad Case of Cliff Notes Influenza.

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Life in these times is like that first video game, “Pong”. Back and forth go the arguments about what is real and what is not. Those who are presented and high profiled by those who manufacture both news and celebrity know, in the less than quiet, violated sanctuary of their own compromised heart, who is signing the checks and who makes or breaks most anyone, regardless of their veracity or lack thereof; regardless of their actual worth as life currency in the bank of being. They know. One misstep, one flash of cosmic Tourettes and the agents of darkness will be on you one way or another. You'll be marginalized, erased or rendered unwelcome at the trough. For some, the trough is all that matters. It doesn't look like a trough. It looks like a red carpet dinner and after party. You feel exclusive, even though you don't know what you are being excluded from.

The greater wars abroad, pale by comparison with the less obvious wars for human attention and programmed information. It doesn't get much worse than Political Correctness. Political Correctness is a creation out of the Communist matrix. Who was and is behind Communism? They are also behind Political Correctness. Political Correctness is the psychological enforcement arm of operative Communism, as it is funneled into social venues, into the education system, camouflaged in music and movies which are as not politically correct as it can get. Why would popular culture, generated out of the cesspool of poisoned minds, manifest in visible violation of all their other efforts to the contrary? It is applied schizophrenia as a business model for social and political control.

It is the act of laughing in your face because that is what they think of you. It is simple enough to understand but hard to look at. Looking at it eventually generates an understanding of what is going on and only those who love truth more than lies are equal to the task.

Twitter was created to provide a forum for soundbytes without depth or detail. It is Cliff Notes Influenza and the key to the Cliff Notes module is that all kinds of otherwise relevant and salient information can be left out. When I was very young, I read all of the Classics Illustrated comics. Somehow I got my hands on them. Around the same time and certainly later on, I read the books themselves; point made, I hope. This parallels what the news tells us and what the actual comprehensive reality of the news is and was. We are told what they want us to know, not what genuinely took place. Corporate will drives the engines of permitted information. What drives corporate will? Right.

Let's look at the moon landing(s). I'm okay with the possibility that, perhaps, one of the moon landings was engineered somewhere other than the moon. But... all of them? Is the Mars Rover being shot in a studio? Given the level of technological prowess as it exists in this time, I'd say it is not a far fetched idea that landing on the moon is doable. Of course... decades ago, I don't know. It is an interesting dichotomy, given that those who believe there was no moon landing also believe that the governments have powers and capacities well beyond what is necessary to land on the moon. Then there are those who say that the moon is a hollow space ship or some-such. They haven't been there but someone told them this is true.

Here is the likely truth of it all. We KNOW that 'they' operate through divide and conquer. We know that disinfo is one of their trademarks, which is why it was so incredibly important for them to gain control of all media, or enough to make the level of impact they are after. Does it not seem obvious that they are positioned on both sides of the argument? Does it not seem most likely that they are promoting both ends and that neither end is correct? We know about their devotion to the Hegelian Dialectic. One of the things most absent in these times is, 'common sense'. Common sense and manners are two of the most desperately missing; certainly not missing in action.

As long as they can keep you arguing with each other about things that they can't prove and you can't prove, you're in a wasteland without objective capability. The directions on the label says, 'do not chew before swallowing'.

I am daily amazed at the shit people believe without the necessary confirmation. I'll allow that one might suggest this is true of me in one particular area but... I have proved these things to myself and that is the ONLY audience that counts as far as what I believe and what I presume to know. Across time I have proven the truth of certain things to quite a number of people in what I would call, 'laboratory conditions'; in the crucible of psychedelic inquiry. Rather let me say that I have proven nothing but proof came on its own.

Things have been proven here any number of times, though one might say that these things were already proven to those so inclined. I'd add that that would not have been one hundred percent of the time. Socrates once proved complex mathematical theorems using an ignorant 16 year old boy who could neither read nor write. He did this by asking the right questions along a particular incline.

Do I spend my time thinking about ET's? No... they know where to find me. Am I fascinated or curious about crop circles? No. Do I believe that the Masonic system is inherently corrupt or do I believe it was hijacked? The latter is what I think.. Do I believe a lot more is going on than meets the eye or the intellect? Assuredly.

In the ranks of the high and mighty, paedophilia, child murder, rape and torture are an ongoing affair and I believe the number so engaged is not insignificant. Pedophilia is against the law. Murder is against the law but the high and mighty perform mass murder every day. Fraud, embezzlement and counterfeiting are all crimes, yet the high and mighty engage in them every day. There are no acknowledged crimes that they do not engage in. The president of the United States; everyone who works for him, most of the Senate and House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, the FBI and all intelligence agencies are proven criminals and rank traitors to their country. Everything you are not allowed to do they do with seeming impunity. You don't need to know more than this. The real concern is, do these claims and accusations apply to you?

People are looking in every direction for answers. They are looking for explanations. They are looking for motivation and they are looking for a way out. We want a part of the world and we want no part of the world. That's an impossible wish. We want to be free but we engage in things that chain and imprison us. We want people to love us but we do not believe we have a right to this. We want all kinds of things that we don't really want because they are masquerading as the object of desire but they are not the object of desire. Most of the time we believe what we do because it is what we WANT to believe. What we want to believe is more powerful than our interest in the possibility that we might be wrong about what we believe. This is a compelling thing and not often addressed. It accounts for all kinds of crazy thinking, feeling and behaving. Nothing motivates people more than when something they have accepted as true is challenged or proves not to be. It enrages them.

People become far more inflamed when confronted by the hypocrisy of their false beliefs (that they know deep inside are false) than they ever are by what they know to be true inside themselves where that awareness lies, or where there is nothing but a vacant lot of what might have been but never was.

There's a fellow named Steven Greer who has written at least one book that I know of, filled with impossible claims and endless allusions to himself as a very special fellow indeed. If you read the book and you pay attention the guy gives himself away on nearly every page. Despite this, he's got all kinds of people convinced of all kinds of things. I guess it doesn't take much. People are so willing to believe just about anything these days, no matter how self serving the source of the information might be.

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