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And the Worst of the STD's is... Political Correctness.

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Sabrina Rubin Erdely is a liar. She is also a leftest Tribe member, smear artist, whose objective is destroying lives. Her most recent contrived whopper is not her first effort at destroying the lives of others. She created a title for herself that goes; “award-winning freelance magazine journalist.” Sabrina is a serial liar whose agendas are so important that the truth is not only incidental, it is unwelcome.

Tribe mogul, Jann Wenner has refused to fire Erdely. A little research into Wenner might bear explanatory fruit. I'm mentioning this because, repeatedly, there have been vicious assaults on the truth that have destroyed lives and which, more often than not, have included representatives of specific demographics. When you have to lie, consistently, in a big way, over and over, what you want to be true is far, far more important than what is actually true. It's like Elie the Weasel's book, “Night”, so named because at night it is much harder to see. It is also at night that vampires, werewolves and other assorted creatures of nightmare run about and do their business. Elie the Weasel is a member of this fraternity of creatures and 'night' is an appropriate title for a book filled with manufactured darkness but... once again, I digress.

If Jann Wenner, publisher of Rolling Stone magazine refuses to either fire or censure Sabrina Rubin Erdely, it stands to reason he approves of what she does. It took little time for me to find 3 examples of her vicious lying, which severely hurt a good number of people, unjustly accused by her. What I find most compelling about people like this is their adamant refusal to admit they did anything wrong. They seem to have completely adopted that old saying, “never apologize, never explain.”. Supposedly John Wayne said this and explained that it was a sign of weakness. A variation of this quote was actually made by Tribe member, Benjamin Disraeli. He either said, “never complain, never explain”, or “never apologize, never explain.” It becomes harder and harder to separate truth from fiction, based on how much time has passed. The more time passes, the more clutter there is around the object of inquiry. Just imagine how much of the Old Testament is fabricated bullshit.

There's some mention here and there about Ederly's lies, concerning the University of Virginia fraternity. Mostly it focuses on Rolling Stone magazine and not the writer who made it all up. There's no real censure taking place. It's normal. This author goes on about it somewhat. I don't usually like to link to him because he is an unrelenting apologist for Alex Jones who provides him a much larger forum than he would have in return for the favor.

Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky, all gave up their integrity a long time ago. It isn't something they miss, apparently. They defend the indefensible and they get paid handsomely for doing so. This is a very long and very detailed article about Mike Adams. I don't subscribe to some portion of the arguments presented in the article but... the documentation on Adams is riveting. I knew there was full blown corruption at work but I had no idea how extensive it was. I'm guessing that the deeper you delve into the lives of any of these people, the more you find things you wish you hadn't ...but which, invariably, you always do.

I've put in some exhaustive hours looking into the background of all kinds of people. I've looked into the backgrounds of people and their affiliated organizations, which have attacked me a time or two. I haven't had much to say about it and I haven't published these things because I didn't see any upside to it. What I am trying to get to here is that there is a reason for everything that happens. There is a reason people say and do certain things and often it is not the reason you think it is. You have to look behind the surface claims and what seems to be the motivation at first glance. There's often a deeper and darker agenda at work.

If people engage in a sleaze campaign against you, you seldom effectively vindicate yourself by attempting to counter it with the same tactics.

I remember reading and I am sure the reader remembers coming across a comment made by William Colby who said, “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” I would extend that to “most of the important figures in the alternative media” also.

Garbage, agenda journalism, like that performed by Sabrina Rubin (hyphen) Erdely is not accidental. These are intentional acts; not unlike the sort of sound bytes being manifested by Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and so many others on a daily basis. These thoughts don't just come spontaneously out of the air. These thoughts and statements are created for the effect achieved. People in marketing, public relations and media massage industries know all about the public's buttons and how to push them. They know about direct button pushing and they know about indirect button pushing, or pushing one or more other buttons first before they push their real target button.

People engaged in the continuous misinformation game, who present themselves as warriors for truth, yet make enormous profits off of the very behavior they rail against, are a curious breed. I don't pretend to understand them. I couldn't imagine doing this kind of thing. I hope I shall never find myself so blinded by self deception that I am similarly engaged. It's a frightening thought.

It doesn't matter how clean you try to be. What matters is what you say and do and who it affects. This is a time of tearing down the heroes of other times. In some cases, one might say that the evidence given makes a good case for doing this. In many cases this is not true at all. There is a reason that there is such an effort to destroy the reputations of famous individuals from other times. What they stood for is no longer politically correct. It doesn't match up with what the overlords want in terms of public icons. We live in an age of anti-heroes, of flawed personalities that behave badly and get celebrated for it. We live in the age of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Huge public relations firms work overtime to publicize their every movement. This isn't accidental. It's intentional.

I used to live in Woodstock, New York. It's much smaller but it is very similar to places like Berkeley. Ann Arbor, Bennington and others where the monster, Political Correctness, was fed and nurtured over decades of slow and incremental pressure from an international cabal who have been waging a war against both Normal and Natural for a very long time. These days, neither of them are allowed inside the city limits of most cities and towns. Back in the late seventies and early eighties when I was there, you could read in the local papers comments section about the tens of millions of gay animals that needed legal protection, due to discrimination that didn't exist and had to be invented. This was mirrored in claims that tens of millions of women were burned as witches, anywhere and everywhere. I'm not disputing that animals sometimes exhibit certain behavior traits. When and if such behavior becomes epidemic, the reasons for it can be read in articles like Tom Wolfe's “Oh Rotten Gotham Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink” (here is a protracted treatise on the type of experiments Wolfe sourced). As for the witches, I am not disputing that an unfortunate number of both men and women, but mostly women, got torched for no other reason than that someone didn't like them, wanted their property, or used their deaths to spread fear so that they might maintain control. Tens of millions it was not. This is exactly like another fictitious number created for an event that didn't take place; where the circumstances and events did not take place and where the number of actual victims was around 4% of the inflated claims.

The main feature of an apocalypse is the exposure of truth. Its dictionary definition is; revealing, uncovering. From the original Greek it is literally translated as; “is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation.” This is what the liars and perversion junkies are in terrible fear of. Some number of them know what they are up against. The rest are mindless drones.

Only really dark entities put seven and eight year old girls pictures on messages like this. It's the same people behind sites like this and even though, on the surface they appear to be in opposition, they are not. This is the state of the world at this time; take control of the direction of children's libido and you can fashion and shape them in the confusion of their transitions through puberty.

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