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Global Madness is in Full Approach.

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Surely you knew it was only a matter of time before things like this started to appear at the top of ass medias front page. It's what they want us to have on our minds and it wants us to be completely and thoroughly engaged with and agreeable to it. It's called programming and when you have been either born, or rendered stupid, you can become agreeable to all kinds of things. It used to be a slower process but 'they' only have so much time left now to complete their mission. They got angles that would make Escher blush. Here's a curious little item. Might it be because of this? If one ponders a deeper meaning, one might imagine that this is an attempt to control the percentages but... I don't know. It's just a thought. There is page after page discussing this topic. It seems they are all about historical revision. On the one hand they hammer us with strange tales. On the other hand they fabricate attacks upon themselves and finally they press the agenda that will put them legally beyond the reach of any criticism for anything. It's a wonder.

I don't know if all the dots connect. I see dots all over the place. Sometimes you see a lot of dots when you are straining to see. I have to consider if I know what I know, or I only think I know something. I have to consider this because I am aware of many people who know things that are not so. The same could be true of me, so I have to be careful when it comes to what I know. I tell myself that what I have is a massive amount of circumstantial evidence that flows in on the extended spokes that connect from all around the circumference into the central hub where, supposedly, information is processed.

Many times I have thought about what I know and how it might be better, for me, if I didn't know it. That, unfortunately, is a lot like not seeing something coming; not wanting to see it coming because it is disturbing ...but it is still coming. If you know something is coming, you can try to make arrangements to avoid it. If you don't know that it is coming, the thought is unlikely to enter your mind. What does one do?

These days there is so much trouble loose in the world that one is hard pressed to know where to go to be beyond its influence. Other countries? Other countries have a gathering darkness of their own. They are distinguished from each other by the density and intensity of the darkness, as well as by its proximity. In some places it is closer and in some places it is at a greater distance but it's out there and it's in there. In some cases the darkness is right there inside the country and those in service to it make the rules of order and disorder.

There is a point where society appears to be more or less functional, if you don't look too close and you can only look closely to the extent that you are free enough of its influence to be able to see because otherwise the subjectivity is so great that you only see what you are shown by the manipulators of appearances. This pretense can be kept up for a good while. At some point, however, the underpinnings start to give way. It has become so unreal that it can no longer hold itself up and it can no longer hold itself together either. That time is fast approaching. It is inevitable and it is going to be specific to the karma of the locale. Everything has karma and if you want to see what that karma might be, you have only to look at what exists around you and imagine what might happen when all semblance of normality is gone. Let us say you live in an urban location that has also a large suburban sprawl. Let's say that there is the usual concentrations of crime that operate behind the scenes and below the surface. Let us say that there are gangs that have as many as a hundred thousand members and uniformed gangs with just as many, that routinely cause things like this, every single day, where a man or woman or child winds up dead or disabled, or with a severed spinal cord where no force was used to cause it.

When critical mass comes to pass in a world ruled by self interest and the pursuit of material gain, it becomes everyone for themselves in a wild tooth and claw melee. The thin veneer of civilization is ripped away and the beast emerges and this can be attested to in all the times where it has happened before. Those who are not students of history are quite unaware of how truly horrific it has been and can be. It's all a dream, isn't it?

Sometimes I lay in my bed at night and I think of the incomprehensible quantity of suffering taking place right at that moment all around the world. It is juxtaposed by an also incomprehensible quantity of mindless pleasure and appetites being exercised. Screams and laughter; screams and laughter echo upon the aethers. I try to visualize it all. I come to the inescapable conclusion that it is out of my hands. I wish it could be otherwise but I realize that is a foolish thought. I would simply seek to reshape it closer to the hearts desire and... in the process, most likely, make considerable mistakes of my own. Some of the greatest murderers in history were social reformers.

It's all so very big and incredibly complex and this planet is only a tiny particle in a measureless universe. I can also hear the restless hearts of those who care and care deeply. Great force comes down on me at times, with various malign intentions. I don't know what it means. All I know is that it comes and goes. How do any of us come to be so precisely singled out for these things?

I am coming to understand the wisdom in what I have heard, concerning simply staying in place and... being. Whatever is going to come by this route will come and I will meet it at the door. Everything outside of that is not my concern. The day provides the duties and they get done. One can care at a wider reach but caring is only effective within ones reach. Otherwise one cries in the wilderness and is heard only by the wilderness or by ears that have no inclination to reply.

It appears that the powers that think they are, are going to move on Iran. I used to think this was going to happen some while ago. Then the time came when I didn't think about it because it seemed to be somewhere up ahead and not operational in present time. Now it looks to have come into present time. It's got something to do with the S-300's and more so it has to do with long range geopolitical strategies finally coming to the fore. It's not going to work out the way they expect it to and it's not going to work out the way we might expect it to either. It's an apocalypse and everything that happens is all a part of a wider plan and they don't have the blueprints and neither do we.

We may not want certain things to happen. We may desperately not want certain things to happen. The present level of suffering loose in the world is massive. A substantial increase is definitely undesirable but... for whatever the deeper reasons may be, it is coming on in many places all at the same time and the madmen at the wheel are hitting the accelerator and driving with their eyes closed. It cannot turn out well for a very large number of people. When you are going the wrong way, wrong things begin to happen with an ever greater and greater frequency. If you don't make note of this and readjust your direction it will get worse and worse. The force of the consequences of going in the wrong direction is serving to wake many people up. It is also serving to force people to insist on staying asleep because of the undesirable consequences of waking up. Then there are those who are well aware of all of this, according to the way in which they understand it and they are pressing with their greatest intensity in this moment.

I don't want to be negative or defeatist. I fully expect a new world to rise from the ashes of the old one. I am seeing patterns and the patterns speak to me. These patterns indicate to me that sweeping change is about to be ignited all over the world. Wherever you may be. I wish you the very best.

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