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Lambs in Vengeance Suckle at the Teats of Irony.

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“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.” My dog was pushed out of a car in Italy and abandoned. I took him in and have noticed this was assuredly his greatest fear.

The more things don't change, the more they remain the same. It's freakish indeed, the way the Israeli trained police Morlocks are carrying on these days. The brutality meter has red-lined. Events like the following are happening in multiples every single day. Meanwhile in Make believe La La Land, hope and change have reached the level of the sheer ridiculous and bizarre media manipulated religions, are bombing the planet with false narratives, brought to you by the authors of the Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian massacres; not to mention also being the authors of every Middle Eastern genocidal war in recent decades.The irony! The irony! Ah... the lambs of vengeance suckle at the teats of irony.

In concert with everything else that is going on, the wealthy are in desperate need of ever greater and greater handouts. Then, in the latest horrific monstrosity, crypto-Zios are killing without conscience and don't give a damn what anyone thinks.

“Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright” uh... no... not hardly. How it all teeters on the edge. Observe the high tension spectacle of a runaway gyroscope, spinning, leaning and veering on the precipice of the lip of a smoking abyss. If I didn't know better and there are times when I come to doubt that, the general picture is not pretty by any stretch. Down at the bottom, the mass of humanity writhes in torment, while far above them, the privileged and well to do, preen and prance in the funhouse mirrors of reflected hallucination. They are drawn in fragile carriages by the two horses of vanity and greed. They see but they don't see. They know but they don't know. They are but they are not. They are all having sex with Schrodinger's Cat and each other, of course. It is a riotous bacchanal that looks like the moving wall behind Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate.

We scrolled down the pages of several alternative news sites this morning and it was dark and dreary, much like that evening when the raven came to visit Poe. I'm looking for bright spots shining through the cumulo-nimbus thunderheads but there is not a great deal of that; not today anyway. Some of the Blackwater murderers got a whole lot of time in prison. Looks like someone dropped the ball or the whole thing was so egregious that they had no choice. Elsewhere a judge ruled that a three year old girl played a part in her rape. Things like this are so very, very far beyond the boundaries of normal that even Mr. Psychotic and Madame Neurotic are crying, “Uncle! Uncle!”

I often sit back, stand back, or lie in bed, wondering about it all. An endless freight train goes whistling down the long grade, bearing millions of images and sound bytes. The noise of the ensuing confusion is deafening. I retreat behind, below and above the swirling chaos. There is peace and tranquility to be found, even if it can seldom be shared. These are not high density population zones.

Marx started a whole lot of dangerous nonsense; courtesy of Rothschild. Then Max Weber came along and it can't be denied that either of them said a few things that came across as true. Around the same time there came Georg Simmel. He said that the decisive force in people's lives is, “the power and rhythm of emotion.” This explains the intense industry of the manipulation of the same, in present time. In this time, people treat things and each other as commercial items. Their lives are built around making money.

Simmel makes a great point about the cities. He says it is the most concentrated locale of the money economy and it is here, above all, that mental life becomes essentially intellectualistic ( I don't think that is actually a word). Regimentation is the soul of the city and he goes on to say that the dwellers of Berlin and Strasbourg were required to tame their passions in favor of a punishing exactness.

In the tug and twist of existence, people come to look at others for their usefulness to them. We become commodities to each other in this time of soulless materialism, people are treated with “formality and an unrelenting hardness.” The major fruit of the whole affair is cynicism and a weary cynicism at that. This is how we came by words and terms like, ennui, weltschmerz and ca m'est egal. There are plenty of words to describe it all and precious few who pay attention to them. Simmel also says, there are “special nurseries for money.” He continues; “the more that money becomes the sole center of interest, the more one discovers that honor and conviction, talent and virtue, beauty and salvation of the soul are exchanged against money, the more mocking and frivolous attitude will develop in relation to these higher values that are for sale for the same kind of value as groceries and that also commands a 'market price.' “Cynicism is the subjective expression of a market place for values.”

“The growth of the blasé attitude produces a paradoxical result- a culture of sensation.” “So emerges the modern individual, a role player who is also a part time adventurer and stimulus seeker, trying frenetically to find himself by abandoning himself. This paradoxical creature is primed for unlimited media.”

Money twists the fabric of reality and the irony with that is that there is no reality per se. There is only the various depths and densities of of the dream weave. However much one is committed to that, to that degree one is submerged in it. There is reality, of course, it exists in the minds of those who possess it. They are a quiet and retiring sort. You might call them painfully shy. They have their reasons. They don't speak very often and in times like these, less than in other times. Sometimes they do speak when used as channels, or vehicles for the delivery of ageless wisdom. These vehicles are not always perfect because those chosen for the job are not always those with the highest moral character. That doesn't fit in with the tendency of the cosmos to use fools and madmen; possibly because the cosmos has a sense of humor. One would imagine that that must be true. I think there is a higher octave of humor that cannot be understood here because it is so incredibly outrageous. Then there is the humor of the infernal, which is seemingly triumphant at this time and whose dark, scatological and cynical nature is apparent. If it's not apparent then you are caught up in it and it has grafted its perspective upon your mind and often tattooed it on your behind as well.

Life is precious but if this idea is allowed to become a more universal understanding it gets in the way of business. Business suddenly becomes constrained by a moral climate that hinders what is called... heh hen, 'free enterprise'. Everything that is going on is par for the course. It is an exact expression of the general mental state of awareness that one must strive AGAINST their fellows in order to succeed. It doesn't even matter what happens to the other guy as long as you prevail. In many places, up there in the dizzying atmosphere of corporate hi-jinks, they laugh about what they did to the other guy. They congratulate each other and celebrate their business acumen and savvy. It is so distorted now that wrong has become the greater right and whatever was right once, is now looked upon as weakness and aberrant. So it has come to be. Let's face it. It cannot go on like this much longer. It looks like this is the year of fantastic change and, of course, it comes in an election year. Oh the ideas and things they must be thinking of on high, given what we are already seeing and given the links provided earlier.

Where do we go from here? I can think of nothing better than to quote the great mystic Lao Tzu. “Why go outside for better seeing? Rather abide at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.”

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