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The Steel Cage Match between Romper Room and Kardashian Think.

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Some things go without saying, no matter how hard they may be to believe. For instance, it is a given that each Steven Segal film will be worse than the one before. “How can this be possible?” you might well ask, since it seems inconceivable that the one you saw last could possibly be followed by anything more ridiculous than that. Then you get something like Mercenary Absolution and then you know that there is some kind of reverse genius at work. There should be an award of some kind for this unique ability.

You also know that the Kardashians will come out with some bottom feeder celebrity stunt and insist that it has nothing to do with celebrity seeking and this will be followed by a small smattering of positive reactions from a handful of those who will also be profiting from the effort and it will be declared as a nationwide outpouring of support; when it amounts to about five comments. Hoorah!!!

At the same time, the manufacturing end of social mores will come out with tandem efforts that show us, one and all, that wonderful things are happening in the area of freedom of human expression. Like this tasty little tidbit. You can't have just one of these on any given day, as the envelope is pushed... into a shipping container. We have to make sure that 3 year olds don't keep on making slanderous comments about tiny little fractions of the social mix that they have never encountered before in any case. It wouldn't be a day at the zoo without a visit to the endangered feces wing and some kind of a primer on modern military life.

It's a sad thing, I know, when you encounter intolerant Neanderthals like myself, who just don't seem to get it and... I don't get it and I deeply apologize for this (imagine visible bowing and scraping before the image of cultural inevitability). Abandon hope all ye who enter there. From Girl Scout cookies to backdoor Girl Scout Nookie.

I can tell you why this is all going on the way it is, though many of you probably know this. We are in an age of extreme Materialism. What this means is that the minders and routers of contemporary perspectives are all reverse Kundalini aficionados. At the same time, the social climate, due to its state of extreme Materialism has become radically feminized in the most perverse possible expressions because the culture is run by Urban Think and urban living environments are a transposition from true nature into aberrant artifice and the more intense the materialism, the more intense the twisting of the meme into something other than what it is in its natural state. This means that there will be a relentless press into ever stranger and stranger forms of expression.

The reason for this is that there is a transition from the male principle into the feminine principle in the arriving Aquarian Age. This is intended to actualize on a higher arc and stimulate qualities like intuition, compassion and a host of informing and nurturing accessories but... these higher end qualities are not nearly as profitable in the marketplace as what we are getting from the manufacturing arm in the pit; visualize Saruman's factories underground at Isengard. “We are the servants of Saruman the Wise, The White Hand: The Hand that gives us man's-flesh to eat.”

Yes... everything you are seeing is the natural outcropping of the unnatural, as it is ever more fiercely applied to our world in transition. Money is a medium for the exchange of goods and services. This we are told. Money is also a force and it operates with the consideration of maximum reward for minimum investment and that is why ever more inferior products are the rule. This, unfortunately applies to our species as well.

Here's one of the reasons that everything is the way it is at the moment “the pigs are at the trough. The pigs are at the trough. Hi Ho the Derry Oh, the pigs are at the trough.” If a handful of satanic psychopaths are to be allowed to make more and more and more, at the expense of those who have less and less and less, then there needs to be applied measures of social control taking place at all times. People need to be reduced to mindless consumers of crap and their social and sexual intercourse practices need to be pushed into areas that go contrary to everything their intrinsic nature tells them it should. This sets up an ongoing conflict between their conscious and subconscious minds. So it is that they are rendered into states of confusion and self loathing and this makes it all so easy for them to be herded in whatever direction these psychopathic Satanists want them to be herded.

When there are so many crazy people running around crazy things happen. There is most likely some amount of those events that happen which they are protesting against but nowhere near the amount they claim. Therefore they have to engineer claims as they did at the University of Virginia through the tender media ministrations of Rolling Stone magazine. My suspicion is that this doesn't all just come out of the blue. It's not an expression of recovered memory, ingeniously manufactured by compromised psychologists, in the employ of psychopathic Satanists. The orders are coming up from down below and then being materialized in the same way that all those staged anti-Semitic events are.

What I am saying is that even when it doesn't seem to be all about the money, it is all about the money and any trend that's constructed in the sewers of Hollywood and Madison Avenue are in pursuit of the money because the money grants 'control'.

I want to say a little something about the phenomenon of Satanism here. It proliferates much further and over a wider reach than you might suspect. It involves a considerable portion of politicians, financiers, entertainers, military officers, clergy, law enforcement and a veritable army of uninformed lumpen proles and Stepen Fetchits. A not insignificant portion of them know that their works are evil but that's okay because, “bad is good'.

You see this in song lyrics. Take Elton John's line, “Don't let the sun go down on me.” Here he is warring against his inner self at the prospect of getting a hum job from the home office of the avatar and anyone who just read that and doesn't get that I just got the whim to mess with your minds is a little slow on the uptake. This would be known as a humorous digression, should it, in fact, prove to be humorous.

Please consider, in all seriousness just how truly wack it has all gotten. I am speaking of the links given in this posting. Can you possibly be, or consider yourself to be sane or rational and not get this?

The saving grace in all of it is that it does not matter how organized they are and it doesn't matter how powerful they appear or how carefully crafted their plots are; everything they do is being choreographed by far wiser intelligences than their own The movie is being guided and directed toward an end that they do not suspect. The sad reality is that they will drag millions down the garden path with them but this is just how it is because of the way it is... for the moment.

Ah well... another day, another posting.

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