Wednesday, May 13, 2015

American Stupid LTD, Accept no Substitute.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why.

A fellow wrote me today. He said some nice things to me, which I appreciated in light of some of the shit I have been catching during the biorhythmic shit cycle that comes and goes and given that it comes and goes, there is no reason to pay a great deal of attention to any of it. Anyway, this fellow wrote me that he is putting together a news gathering site and he seems on the level to me and I am inclined to support him in his efforts. He went into some detail about the behavior of Google and others and their efforts at suppressing real news and truthful writing.

Then today I noticed this. It doesn't appear to be the same source. Is this one of those things like when the telephone or the car got invented and there were several people coming up with it at the same time in different parts of the world? Of course, one is a news gathering site and one is a search engine. Well... I support any effort that works to consolidate and promote what is being held underwater by the forces of darkness and obfuscation, even if the main manifestor is a good buddy apologist for The Buffoon King.

This is the kind of news that is being power drilled into the consciousness (what there is of it) of the cinderblock heads. I'm guessing that is rebarred cinderblocks. Still, I am confident that an awakening is taking place. I encounter examples of it every day. Conversely, I am starting to believe in a genetic strain that I call American Stupid. It's a brand name and it is a widely operational state of being with a cast of tens of millions.

American Stupid (accept no substitutes) is founded on some number of core beliefs that are disseminated in the same way that farcical education is disseminated through Common Core. It believes that some certain amount of a certain people were executed in World War Two but does not believe that tens of millions of Russians were executed by these very people that were alleged to have been executed. It doesn't know or doesn't care that a horrific mass murder then occurred again at the hands of these same allegedly executed people, in the country where, allegedly, the orders were given for the execution of those allegedly executed. American Stupid believes that a handful of Stone Age Arabs orchestrated and carried out the 9/11 attacks, which were, in fact, carried out by these same allegedly executed peoples.

American Stupid believes that there is a huge international gang of Muslim terrorists plotting to destroy their wasteful and pointless lifestyle, when the only real terrorists are their own government and a cabal of these allegedly executed peoples, who happen to run that government. The exception to this being; terrorist armies that are created, funded and controlled by these allegedly executed peoples, who control the governments performing it.

American Stupid likes to drink cheap mind and body destroying beer and believes that professional wrestling is not fixed. As a result, the American Testosterone Express likes to walk around looking like it is shoplifting a watermelon from the supermarket under its America First t-shirt. American Stupid likes to sit at home in its easy chair and repeatedly strangle the one eyed monk, in defense of religious freedom, while pneumatic automatons engage in their idea of quality sex, coming at them through the electronic altar of their TV or internet monitor.

American Stupid lives on an island so far away from reality that it thinks reality TV is reality. American Stupid thinks that Jesus Christ wears a flak jacket and rides on top of a Humvee, blasting the landscapes and residents of foreign countries and shredding them into crimson coleslaw for their Fourth of July picnic.

American Stupid believes the bank has a right to take anything they have worked to pay for anytime it suits the bank to do so and they firmly believe that when it happens to anyone around them that that person didn't have their shit together on any necessary level. If it happens to them, they stand there like some stunned cow, hit by a captive bolt pistol (cue Javier Bardem).

American Stupid thinks that Georgie Segway Bush is smart. American Stupid thinks a manufacturing base is the Black and Decker collapsible work bench in their garage. American Stupid will eat anything, including each other, as long as it tastes good and is bad for them. American Stupid is going to drum itself out of existence in a few generations to the sound of John Phillip Sousa and a marching color guard. American Stupid likes to plant its cottage cheese ass on a bar stool and talk about all the killing it did in Vietnam, while it was manning a desk in the Coast Guard or nowhere near a military base of any kind. Sometimes it likes to talk about all the killing it did in Desert Storm, while it was watching CNN (Comatose Nimrod Network) at the time.

American Stupid is weak in the knees over the vibrating butt plug cellphone app. American Stupid believes that the Boston Marathon Bombing happened the way they were told it did and the same for the Sandy Hook Massacre; both of which were staged events, brought to them by their government under orders from those people that were allegedly exterminated in World War 2.

American Stupid believes what it is told and does what it is told by the people who are creating everything they are afraid of. American Stupid can't wait to get off work and run down to the closest Monsanto fueled, fast food emporium for a family basket of deep fried, beer battered, chicken butt rings and a fifty five gallon drum of industrial dip. American Stupid is hosting a 24/7 steel cage match marathon of Colon Cancer fighting Heart Attack inside their own bodies, which are no longer their own, just like the mind that now belongs to the media company streaming the proprietary content that plays on and on in it. American Stupid truly believes that it can drive better with that cellphone jammed up its ass and it is definitely set to vibrate, if not stun.

American Stupid cannot hear and it cannot see and it will wake up at some point well beyond the point of no return. American Stupid is cooking on the stream table at the all you can eat Hannibal Lecter Bat(shit) Mitzvah Buffet.

American Stupid was bred in a test tube, into a replicating multiplicity, down at the Trailer Park Boys Sperm Bank. It flies the flag of its ignorance, waving in the stiff breeze of chipmunk chatter, while its brain is at half mast along with its fly. American Stupid is a joke with no punch line. It's a knock knock joke where they are invited to start the process.

American Stupid is the fruit of the American Dream and one size fits all. Kim Kardashian is their Holy Madonna and Jesus Christ had better not show his face in town if he knows what's good for him. American Stupid has one of Valentine's free sim cards because American Stupid is a master at tripping over the cordless cellphone line.

You are a member in good standing of American Stupid if you are not making every effort to be as far away from American Stupid as you can get. Here is American Stupid's answer to affordable health care. American Stupid is its countries prime export. The Dodo Bird is Cupid for American Stupid. American Stupid is a bigger cash cow than the private prison industry and believes that everyone with the misfortune to be locked up is guilty and never sees the irony of their own imprisonment in an institution circled by invisible fencing for dogs. American Stupid never gets it even when it is announced to them.

The hardest task for most of us is to discover a reason for why everything is the way that it is. If you are not stupid, you can't see the logic of most of it because there is none and justice of any kind is MIA but that is just another kind of stupid. It is as it is because of the nature of what takes place within it. Things are resolved according to the level of awareness that exists in the mix. 'What is is the was of what will be'. One's basic defense against being swallowed up in the chaos of present day confusion is to avoid at all costs getting caught up in the slip stream of the gigantic tractor trailers of murky desire and stupidity whipping down the highway of life. Step away. Step away. Step away.

If you jump on any merry go round, you need to know that the speed of the mechanism can change at any time without warning. It is true that you can still get off but you can no longer control where and how you land.

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