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Dancing to the Music of the Planets Passing in Space

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Along with the myriad of ills that attend Materialism, not to mention the ever increasing ripples of insanity that now appears in so many minds far and wide, due to a complete capitulation of the consciousness toward externals, there is the drive of excess pushing toward ever greater excesses. They say the line to get in to this funorama is sometimes a quarter of a mile long. That is long enough that most Americans would prefer to drive that distance in their cars. Speaking of insanity, this is pretty much the wedding cake at the marriage of bizarre and ridiculous. It seems that it all comes down to the sexual angle.

Yes... it all comes down to the sexual angle. Here we are talking about that basic drive that is everywhere in your face. When you toss in the survival instinct by threatening the livelihood, security and economic well being of the ordinary citizen, it becomes easier and easier to manipulate the reproductive drive and bend the natural aspect of the force. The more they can twist basic nature into The Land of Perversity, the easier it is to drive people in directions they would 'normally' not go. I am not here saying that certain forms of expression are evil. They are more a product of the times. Nature is female. Things made from Nature are an adaptation of the female as well and when it moves into the area of artifice, it mutates toward expressions of the feminine within the male aspect in ways that it would not express itself, were the culture less decadent than it is. Anyone who doubts this has only to take some LSD and walk through a mall on the weekend and see what impressions come up. I am NOT suggesting doing this. I am illustrating that I have clearly seen things in this state and that was a long time ago. It is not my nature to ingest the sacred substance in such locations but... for the sake of research I have done such things and in places stranger than that.

It behooves one to take a close look at the behavior of our leaders in these times. Note how they proceed in a lockstep en masse. From my observations and in my opinion, the force and control of Satanism upon those in power is ubiquitous. Behind the scenes in every corridor of power are agents of the darkness. They are placed in critical positions. Victoria Neuland comes to mind. I wouldn't refer to her as a person. That implies some aspect of humanity and she has none, nor do any of the rest of them. The sheer scope of their evil is more than most minds can comprehend. They slaughter millions and regret none of it. They revel in it. It is like the exhalation of saints but... in reverse.

Those performing these outrages are of the same stock as those who killed tens of millions in Russia and who later then tortured and murdered millions of Germans and who then set in place the fabricated Holocaust tale to shield them from exposure for their crimes. This is why they were harping for decades about the plight of Russian Jews, making themselves out to be the victims when they were the perpetrators of the crimes. “Save Soviet Jewry and Win Valuable Prizes”. This is all historically validated and verified and it is going to become known world wide soon enough when Mr. Apocalypse puts his walking stick under the skirts of darkness and lifts them up before the golden, revelatory light of the Avatar. Then all that was hidden shall become known and the scales will drop from the eyes of the world. Now their vision is obscured and they are fed lies which they believe are true and which are not.

It says in the New Testament; “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” So it is that the evil doers are being pressed by the force of the divine to continue in their works for the fulfillment of the destiny of each and also granting a window of mercy for those who might still repent of their misdeeds. We are in the land of the last jot and tittle. Let those who have eyes to see let them see.

If you are fortunate then information will come to you in surprising ways. If your heart is open, your ears will be open and we are not speaking of physical ears. It is complex and its origins go back beyond the reach of personal memory. Our personal history is not just about this life. Just as it did not take one lifetime for people like Victoria Neuland and the bankers from hell to come to the level they are operating from, it did not take even a few lifetimes for us to get to our own level of awareness, nor did it for them.

It is all about control of the sexual force. If we are not controlling it then something else is. Those who are informed about the power of sexual retention know that when properly exercised it can lead to immortality, literally. It can also lead to various Hells. Of course, the last steps are only gained with a hand up. All of this takes place in the heart and mind and all of it depends on what comes into your heart and mind and what is allowed to stay there. As has often been stated here; one must stand guard at the gate of the mind.

Everything you see in entertainment and advertising is an expression of the sexual force, processed for the purpose. War is a permutation of the sexual force. Most aggression is an improper channeling of it. I'm going to give you the reason why there is such an incredible force pushing on us for all forms of sexual expression. It is because demons feed on the ectoplasm of the fluids. The more they get the more powerful they become and that is why it would be impossible for some of us to manage or escape it without the help of the Avatar. You can imagine it like a massive whirlpool in the ocean. The draw is so powerful and the draw is to another world, by degrees of vibrationary transition as the particles of your being are charged and harmonized with ever denser expressions of itself. On the other hand... on the other hand, there are other whirlpools also leading to other worlds, depending on one's focus and that too would be hard to maintain if it were not for the extreme benevolence of the divine. We really have no comprehension of the breadth and depth of the divine. There are places in the mind of god that a small taste of it causes one to completely lose themselves and to cease to be anything but an awareness of that and yet the divine goes on and on and on further still into immeasurable space. What the mystics say, is limited to the paucity of words. It is past all definition and description. It really must be experienced.

What are the things of the world compared to this when this is the pleasure and joy of the world that the world cannot provide? It only promises. It cannot deliver. The furthest reach of the imagination cannot grasp what is concealed in the better zones of the ineffable but certainly anything that can be gotten here is small change by comparison with that. It is near impossible to see this or to get this when the attention is mesmerized by the mundane. We live between two worlds; the sacred and profane and the one has the edge over our attention because of the age we are in. Still... there is a thing called 'degree of difficulty' and that means that the harder it is the bigger the payoff. You can't do it on your own so all of this struggle is about making enough of a connection so that the help can flow in. We are surrounded by bright angels and we cannot see them but the moment we turn to that spiritual sun which generates them, that moment they rush to our side. All the forces of good rush to our side when we invite them.

What moves in you and what moves on you has hands that shape you. We are shaped by what influences us from within and what impacts on us outside and that struggle between is our own rising and falling between the two. The reality of constant failure is to be of no great importance so long as one does not cease in the effort to rise. Victory is not achieved. It is conferred.

The yawning of the pit is so much greater than it was because the lures in use have coarsened and intensified. We are surrounded by a warfare of those at war with themselves but we are not subject to this if we have made peace with ourselves. Once again it is more than one world but you live in your own.

We know big changes are coming. We should know that one mind is in command of it all and it only looks otherwise when we are separated from our knowledge of that and our understanding of its certainty of being. It will certainly be chaos in places but the opposite will be true somewhere else. We live in a world of opposites, right? That means that every situation is counterpointed somewhere else. We make the decision of which of any of these states we exist in, except when it is made for us by the law of karma and we can dance with that if we can hear the music that comes from the rubbing of planets in space. We dance in any case. How that turns out depends on the choreographer. We are surrounded by dancers in a temporary and eternal dance.

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