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It's Likely they're not Living in Scrub Brush Country.

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This caught my attention the other day and it made me think of many another phenomenon in Nature; like the Bombardier Beetle, also from Australia. Then there is bacteria and the production of Ketone. Plants create pesticides. They defend themselves against invasive and destructive insects by putting off chemicals that attract other insects that prey on these insects. Plants communicate with other plants and send them messages to make their leaves poisonous and inedible. It seems that all life forms communicate with each other and have levels of consciousness. One might say that plants are in a form of dream state and some might think of that in a dismissive sense but... aren't most people also in a dream state, regardless of what they may think to the contrary? What I am saying is that there is life and consciousness in many more things than most might imagine.

We get the occasional yahoos coming around tossing out pot shots about the non existence of the divine, of which they know nothing. We are not here inferring that we know much more because we know next to nothing. They don't qualify as scientists. They are simply reactionaries because a scientist would never mistake apples for oranges; metaphorically speaking. A scientist wouldn't confuse the ineffable or the question of the existence of an ineffable with the religions built around an ineffable. They are not the same thing.

Let me provide another argument. It won't be comprehensive but it makes a few points. Hard core physical scientists, physicists, have proven that the universe is thought born, just as we now know that everything is made out of the same thing, only vibrating at a different rate and a variation or adaptation of the same basic substance. Like it says in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus;

“And as all things are from One, by the mediation of One, so all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation.”

A certain portion of existence comes and goes within the narrow bandwidth of the senses. Outside of that is a much larger area where existence comes and goes as well. Those making arguments about god or not god, in the great majority, make their arguments in the narrow bandwidth of the senses and, although what they are arguing about is everywhere at once in everything- or nowhere at all- what they are arguing about cannot and never will be able to be defined within the narrow bandwidth of the senses and even if one had a supreme and comprehensive understanding of everything resident in the narrow bandwidth of the senses, only that which is there can be measured by them; certainly not anything outside of that. Beyond that it is all theory.

Sometimes theory proves out to be true over and over again but it always remains theory. Why is that? Possibly it is because it still can't be defined or explained for some reason. Consider electricity. Consider all kinds of things. Consider the nematodes in a very small section of earth . Consider the bacteria and fungal hyphae, tiny arthropods and other microscopic forms; there are far more of them in a yard of Earth than there are all the birds and beasts and humans on the entire Earth. Perspectives like these do not register in most human minds. Most human minds are perpetually fixated upon satisfying appetites and desires.

The thing being described, defined, vilified, worshiped, affirmed and denied is itself, one thing and all the descriptions and definitions, etcetera; are something else. There are some preposterous idiots out there like Foucault, Derrida, Latour. They exist for no other reason than for pseudo-intellectuals to have someone to quote. Like Wittgenstein and others, they serve no useful purpose except as curiosities for fish bellied ego contests between examples of breeds that are dying out. Unless a society was already incredibly sick, people like B.F. Skinner wouldn't even exist and they don't... for long, or according to the first series of names, don't exist even if they are standing right in front of you. Deconstuctionism is the industry of the sexually impotent and the spiritually dead. That's a pretty bad double whammy, now that I think of it.

Why are we off on this unmarked dirt road into scrub brush country? I couldn't say. There's never any telling what sort of subjects will wind up under discussion here. Scrub Brush Country is one of those deceptive locations that seems to be abandoned and empty, or never populated to begin with but is, in fact, teeming with life. So... maybe we are off in Scrub Brush Country because it is not what it appears to be, just as we are not what we appear to be, except when we are exactly what we seem to be because we are so hidden from ourselves that we will not make any positive discoveries in that area in this lifetime or possibly, many another.

You're welcome to travel in whatever conveyance suits your fancy out here in Scrub Brush Country. I'll be using the saucer pod and you're welcome to catch a ride or keep to your privacy of thought and observation in your own vehicle, with the use of the intercom giving us that desirable interface of back and forth.

No matter what happens to civilization, Scrub Brush Country will still be around. In some cases it has been scalped, looted and poisoned already but it's still Scrub Brush Country; home of the tarantula, the rattlesnake, the Gila Monster and the coyote, among a much larger portion of life forms that you can't see. There's the visible life forms and the invisible life forms and among much of the visible life forms their designation is also invisible because of that narrow bandwidth of the senses. There is another general narrow bandwidth and that is the narrow bandwidth of the mind and that accounts for why so many minds are their own form of Scrub Brush Country. There is also a narrow bandwidth of the heart as well. These conditions of existence for these levels of consciousness, awareness, whatever it is that they are, are created states. They are created by the conditions that these items are programmed according to. You could call this condition, 'civilization' but that is a mild alternative of a euphemism for something that isn't civilization at all and which accounts for a narrowing of many things that are only best experienced in a manifest expanding of the bandwidth mentioned.

In times of material darkness, you can't expect much in the way of civilization having a civilizing impact on those contained within it because civilization exists only to meet the mercantile needs of those preying upon the narrowed beings of those compressed into that shape by them for the purposes already mentioned.

There's music in Scrub Brush Country but it has never yet won a Grammy or been noted in the entertainment press. This is because it isn't controlled by the forces of false civilization. This also means you aren't going to hear it on the radio. You have to go to Scrub Brush Country to hear it. In many ways it is a form of ambient sound, which can be quite entertaining and more... if you are in the mood for that. That music will be around long after the execrable crap, presently ass raping the air waves, is long gone.

We sit here in the solitary silence of our present location and we wonder. We wonder about the days that follow the days in their splendid routine, as if nothing were ever to change, except for the continuous concerns of personal maintenance, which somehow get met by mysterious means, often like the squeaking of a mouse squeezing through yet one more narrow confine of apprehension and walls pressing in; something like swallowing condoms filled with illegal powders, or geese being tortured by gavage, by means of an augur in a feeding tube but I exaggerate. Things do change and they can change very, very quickly. We get used to conditions and we can get used to them very quickly too and start thinking it will just go on like that and sometimes it does but we never expected that we would become so changed by routine. We imagine that routine will keep us pretty much the same but it doesn't. We never stop moving through time and time never stops moving through us until the ultimate serendipity, if ever, that is.

One of these days, however, it is all going to start moving fast and furious, unless for supernatural reasons, it does not. Otherwise, you can see where it is all headed and if you can't that would be filed under TFB. TFB is a destination and Scrub Brush Country is a location and you are... what are you? Ramana Maharshi was big on that question. It seems he might have answered it according to his own needs but he talked about it all the time because he was pretty sure most everyone else has not answered it “Who am I?”

What will it be like when it changes? You get the sense that planes won't be taking off, flying and landing like they presently do and that trucks won't be trucking in and out of urban landscapes for any number of reasons besides the threat of hijacking and attendant ills. For me... it all comes down to whatever state of mind and being you have achieved and how that factors in and out of what is going on around you. I really do believe it all depends on what you rely on.

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