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The Busted Rhapsody of What is and What is Not.

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I love things like this (sent in by one of our regulars).

Sometimes it is hard to see how far out of wack it has all gotten in the general sense. Regardless of how long life seems to be sometimes, the usual human life is very short, relatively speaking. Because of this it is hard to gain a true perspective on the long term trend of existence from say... what we don't even have a record of, to where we find ourselves today and this is further complicated because the vast majority of us have little desire to 'find ourselves' and that is why so many of us are so hopelessly (seemingly) lost. What we know about where we came from, according to the totally fabricated historical record, is... very little. We are told that we slowly evolved to our present state from brutish origins. We get a lot of bunk about cavemen and dinosaurs... cro magnon, Neanderthal... fragments of bones from a million years ago that are supposed to tell us something but... we don't know anything.

There's the mainstream historical and evolutionary record, which is put together by a particular strain of scientists, who come to conclusions that are given to them by the people paying them to arrive at the results they arrive at. Anyone outside the box is marginalized or censured in various ways, for the same reasons that people like Tesla and others ran into what they ran into on the technology end and for the same reason that The Bible has been run through the same kind of meat grinder that makes McDonald's hamburgers and then gets reconstituted into a liturgy of lies, to serve the interests of whoever it is that profits from the deceptions that are programmed as truth into the minds of the true believers.

It is safe to say that nothing is real. It's all a put-up job. We have what is permitted to be believed and we have all that other evidence of visitors from outer space- unusual remnants of unusual civilizations and relics, representative of technologies not possible today and so on.

On the one hand are the paid scientists; religious leaders, political hacks, other academic Step 'n Fetchits, entertainment clowns, with flashing teeth and psychopathic eyes, musical drone delivery systems, corporation heavies with nothing but profit motive in panorama view, social reformers with bad sexual behavior and motive, fashion Nazis who celebrate difference while manifesting a wide conformity, teachers who go by the book, which books are written by other paid assembly line droids, a general public that has no problem with hinges on the top of their skulls and who only want to see if they can beat the masturbating monkey in the science trials and a lot more that is some version or variation upon themes already named.

On the other hand we have the renegades and rebels who do not buy into the brainwashing matrix of the close order drill society. We have the sages, mystics, bonafide teachers, true inspired artists and dreamers. We have those considered to be criminals and misfits because they won't French kiss the anal ring of the overlords. We have those who have fallen off, or been pushed off the boat because they won't toast the captain who is sailing the vehicle toward the rocky shoals of disaster and also those who are simply incompetent and they are some form of chaff, acting their part under the Lords of Karma and whatever else I left out that doesn't fit into the program of knock-kneed programming that confers fluffer status on one and all.

Is it sane to go by the pronouncements of gilded lilies in ridiculous finery and stupid hats who tell you what god wants and expects of you, while they bugger each other (and anyone in reach) senseless? Is it sane to adhere to the rules and regulations of the elite controllers who are not subject to the same rules and regulations? Is it sane to willingly poison yourself because some Gleem smiling android told you that this is what you should eat and drink? Is it sane to seek to integrate with what is insane? Is it sane to immerse yourself in and appreciate a culture that is an absolute embarrassment to your humanity? Is it sane to ape the styles and moves of those damned to perdition for their perfidy, arrived at by selling their asses for personal gain and advancement to the top of a flyblown shitheap? Are you... out of your fucking mind?

We live in a material world but some of us are having a spiritual experience. We are either sitting on the lily pad or we are in the murk below it. We are either in the shit or not part of it. Life does not have to be a constant struggle. It is a constant struggle because you are constantly struggling. You are either driving or being driven. One is an expression of the hand of the divine, unhindered by your interference. The other is the hand of the devil. Yes... sometimes struggle is unavoidable for any number of reasons but... are they good reasons? Ah. Yes, life is a myriad of contradictions, all around us and here at this blog as well. It is impossible to speak at ANY length without contradictions and that might be why the wise often do not speak or speak little. Are you stoned or stupid? There IS a difference between being stoned and high. We recommend here that everyone consider the possibilities of this.

What catches your eye? What attracts you and... why? Of course, these are all considerations that are treated with in the process of elementary self inquiry but self inquiry is not represented by a lot of apps here, nor is it generally an indulged in process by those so terribly distracted by the world around them. Yet... how can you experience anything in the proper way if you do not know the knower? How can you think and be and act if you do not know who is doing the thinking, who is being and who is the actor? This should be a no brainer but it is not for those with no brains. Let us rather say, for those who are not in at some level of control over what takes place there. You are independent, or you are not. You are objective or subjective or... possibly completely immersed at a level outside of either, though that state may have the appearance of one or the other.

Those who think they are running things think you are stupid. The truth or fallacy of that is demonstrated in how successful they are at what they do. Look around.

Much of the reason that so many people are so completely captivated by the appearances that surround them, besides the fact that all of their desires (so far as they know what those are) are experienced or satisfied there. Outside of this environment of sensation engagement lies the UNKNOWN. For most, the unknown is a scary thing. Anything could be lurking there and the unknown is not just outside of them but very much inside of them as well and so they don't go there. For those with little or no control over their minds and imagination, the unknown can be very freaky because it can take any shape and often the shape it takes is determined by your fears.

There are systems that train and teach you how to take command of yourself and we speak of them here and they are spoken of in other places and they are to be found in traditions that have been around a long time and that is why it is called, “ageless wisdom”. Of how much use is ageless wisdom if you do not seek it? Within us is a deep pool of memory but few of us are able to access it. Everything we could ever need to know is located there. One comes into contact with it through certain disciplines. Certainly meditation would be one of them.

How do I manage or seek to manage my life? Do I rely on my own resources and the powers of my personal self in order to effect this? I do not have the skills, though there are many among us who think they do. I rely on one who has already gone before me and achieved all there is to achieve on this course. I defer to that which is wiser than me and there is a good chance it always will be. How do I go about this? I seek it out. I ask after it. I endeavor to communicate with it. I may refer to it here as it but the form taken can be various. Put the face of the kind most dear to you upon it and it will become that. Make inconsistent efforts and you will meet with mixed results. Give it your all and you will encounter it all, insofar as that applies to your presently limited capacity.

We'd like to say a great deal more here but unfortunately it cannot be stated in this medium but... it is vibrating eternally upon the ether. Dial in.

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