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The Man who Squats Behind the Man who Works the Smoke Machine.

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Dying cultures are unpredictable, like a drunk at a party who is about to pass out. You never know which direction he will fall in and if he falls in your direction, there is always the possibility that he might also puke in your lap as well. It's not an attractive image but neither is the culture under discussion. This is the first time in recorded history when that particular culture is worldwide, due to the level of information technology and international trade. One shouldn't be surprised that some number of psychopaths have joined forces in an attempt to take over everything that is left, once the war of intended culling and assimilation has take place.

It's evident that psychopaths have an unfair advantage because they don't care what happens to anyone else and we, those who remain conscious enough to oppose them, even in a quiet manner, do care what happens to others. There is nothing they won't do but we have our limits. George Soros is a classic example of a full blown psychopath. He has left tens of thousands of bodies in his wake and apparently he can't be touched. He's publicized as a philanthropist. The only philanthropy he is engaged in is a liberal giving of death and destruction worldwide and it's not taxable.

Some are aware of the following but most are not. Behind these psychopaths is a fraternal organization of Satanic practitioners of impressive power. The reservoirs of fear and despair are overflowing and it is from the deep waters of humanity's tears and torment that they draw the energy for the performance of their dark arts. You will note that there is no publicity of who these men and women are. Oh, they might be public figures but a public association with them and their affiliation with Satanic lodges is not mentioned.. They keep under the radar, just as do the good guys who move among us and whom we do not see. They bring the prismatic colors of light and the others bring waves of darkness that flow over the stunted consciousness of those too dumbed down to know what's happening. If we have a common enemy it is the ignorance that is as ubiquitous as fast food joints and just as nutritious.

Many people have made a deal with the devil. There were rumors that this was true of Ray Kroc and of course, the political, financial, religious and entertainment industries are filled with examples of this. Some of them have done it through direct contact and some of them are unaware of any particular arrangements, they serve without knowing. Eventually it comes to their attention. You can't drink the waters from certain locations and not eventually tumble to their origin.

Soon this collective menace is going to come out into the public eye. Even now they are preparing the ground for it at every level of society. They really believe that they cannot be touched and they have been given powerful evidence of this. What they do not know is that they are being set up and that it is all under control. We've said this ad nauseum here. We feel compelled to say it ad nauseum and both scripture and inspired fiction and non fiction have all made the case for this and this sort of thing happens over and over. Seeming evil and good go through a timeless dance here and the whole purpose of this dance is to reveal our true nature out of the mix. It is ALL for the purpose of demonstration. It's a movie with a director on set and who remains unseen because we are captivated by the actors, the plots and all the pastries and colorful candies that wink and glimmer from the display cases, which are sometimes just that and sometimes a sidewalk, a beach or anywhere that what we want is put into the visible bandwidth and does the hoodoo, voodoo on the senses. Oh how it dances and how it mesmerizes. One seldom catches it until one is not only exhausted and out of juice but also, no longer a commodity in play. You're good to go until you're gone.

It goes by so quick and at every point you don't know what you need to know until the time when you really needed to know it has waved adios. It's like some kind of magic act. You can't believe you didn't see through it.

We want it and we want it. We agonize in the absence of it and we plot and conspire to the limits of our capacity. We sacrifice our dignity and self respect in the pursuit of what? Sometimes we get it and what do you know? It's not what we thought it was. Somehow the idea of it was out of all proportion to the reality of it. Sometimes we get it and it gets us too and we can't get rid of it. It's like wresting with flypaper or being reduced to a miniature and attempting to swim across the bowl of a man-eating plant.

There's a reason why those who catch on lose themselves in selfless service or repair to the wilderness in a search for the truth within. From the outside, it looks like madness and many of these are truly mad. You can't escape from the real wilderness if it makes sense to you. Simply understanding the language is enough. You seem to be a part of it but the part of you that is real can never be a part of it. Then there is the part of you that exists between the part of you that is real and the part that is not and is faced with the choice and what is that part of you? It's like two different cars. One is there and one is not. The one that is not is everywhere to be seen and the one that is is hiding because it cannot be known and experienced in the illusion that conceals it. The essential reality of life is that whatever God is, it plays hide and seek. This is so that you might pursue it and in the pursuit you are led out of the web of illusion without even knowing it is happening. Irregardless it is in pursuit of you.

Creation can be described in many ways. One of them is that the divine is a totality unto itself but it yearns to experience itself and it can only do this in a manifest environment. The divine is everything and everything is made out of it so... the divine makes all of creation out of itself and invests a portion of its consciousness in every living thing. Then it plays hide and seek with all of its expressions and some get found and some don't get found, at least not for what could prove to be a very, very long time. For some this is an equitable trade off. They are willing to take the pain that attends the endless interplay of disappointments and loss that attends everything ...because everything is temporary... so... how can it end otherwise?

Please... I'm listening. How can it end otherwise except in loss and disappointment and every investment made in every part of it is an investment of being, which manifests in attachment. It's a brier patch. It's a glueboard. It's glutinous Turkish taffy. It's a viscous sucking Jell-O. There is only one inexpressible thing that does not age or tarnish and it confers immortality upon those who achieve it. It masquerades as something of no value. It is cast aside out of the marketplaces of the world. Those who seek after and pursue it are considered to be insane and it has always been that way. Luminous souls come into this world and the world wants no part of them. The world wants to put them to death and it often does. Their names ring through the centuries and the very ones who abused and assaulted them, now dream about and imagine them.. They are ever so much more appealing when they are no longer around, or don't 'appear' to be.

It is a timeless story and the only place where it gets old is in the hearts and minds of those who are used to illustrate it in their lives. It is the subject of all classic literature, music and art. It's tragic comic. Tragic when it happens to you and comic when you observe it happening to others. It's darkness dancing in the false light of time, refracted here through the lens of eternity. It was everlasting before it got here and endlessly temporary on its way back. It hurts all the time until it doesn't hurt anymore. It hurts when it is surrounded by everything and the pain fades into nothing when you are free of everything. Everything is simply you separated from everything in the appearance of fragments of yourself in extension, because you are everything and always have been. You are the be all and end all but not so long as there is you and everything else. There is unity and there is everything else. There is oneness and there is multiplicity and the good guys know this and the bad guys know this and they know it within the limitations of their opposing perspectives, which are constrained within the dimensions of its kind. Then there are the neither good nor bad guys who've moved beyond such pedestrian concerns. They are immune and everlasting members of the Gate-gate-paragate-some gate- some don't gate club.

We're all here for the purpose of demonstration. I'm here for the purpose of demonstration and everything that has gone on at these blogs and been diagrammed here; all the events that have transpired in the course of the time spent here, have all been for the purpose of demonstration. I look back upon it and I cannot understand much of it. Sometimes things happened that had a life of their own. Rather than a participant, I was often a bystander, watching it happen as if I were apart from it instead of a part of it. Sometimes nothing happened and yet it was documented as an event. I have to give a lot of the credit to the invisible friends and those who were present will attest to that feature. Then there are those periods where it all recedes and you find it difficult to come into touch with the idea that any of it even happened. Then it happens again, or... we expect that it will. Stay tuned. Time will tell and we shall see.

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