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The Politically Correct, Batshit Crazy March off the Cliffs of Sanity.

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Any member introducing a dog into the Society's premises shall be liable to a fine of one pound. Any animal leading a blind person shall be deemed to be a cat.
~Oxford Union Society, London, Rule 46

Surely you knew it had to happen; that is was right around the corner. You must have sensed that this was the whole point behind it. Yes, as the subject of the article says; “I am the new normal.” These days when you want to bend something out of shape and... just as often, when you want to distract the beleaguered public from any, one or many, of the crimes being hatched or performed upon them, you orchestrate an event for them to focus on and you toss in words of nobility and promise, like compassion, caring, public and private generosity and... understanding.

Let us look at 'some of' the logical, next steps in this politically correct, batshit crazy, march off the cliffs of sanity into wherever that leads', god help us. Here is the latest intriguing example of personal choice, following directly on the heels of transgenderism. There will be a lecture on this subject by one of the leading lights from Local 106, of the Professional Sophistry Union, Alenxandre Baril, who is both transgendered and disabled, although the latter should be presumed without argument or evidence to that effect, because it is prima facie. Baril is listed as, “a visiting scholar of feminist, gender and sexuality studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.” This is what passes for curriculum in today's university climate. How convoluted a rats nest is Baril building? You can explore it here.

Here is another of the new normal mindstates; pay careful attention to the language being used in the handwringing, mind contorting effort to bring this new awareness to the public's understanding and please note that the op ed piece is written by a Tribe Member. Also note that 'the paper of record' is being used. The author of this article is labeled as; “an assistant professor at Rutgers School of Law, Camden.” Here is another chilling commentary from the English press. England is the control center for Canada, Australia and other far flung locations and is typically run by banker fiat and Zionist Satanists, whose social agenda should, by now, be commonly seen for what it is.

These ideologies are fabricated in academic stink tanks and legitimized by the advertising and entertainment industries, who possess the professional nose for profit at all costs, so long as those costs are not their own. I present one shining example from the shitweasel warrens of Hollywood and that is the illustrious Steven Segal. There are extensive reportings on the low jinx of this bizarre fellow. You might have some idea of the composition of this Tribe Pterodactyl but I assure you your knowledge of him is not comprehensive. This is just one search with one term. You can find plenty more on your own.

On and on these issues devolve like deep roller pigeons in search of terminal sidewalk communion.

I suppose I could wait for you to take a shower at this point but wait! There's more and then there is the religious angle to it that you might expect from the Land of Mummies.

I could give you ever so much more to chew on but I'll bet you are ready for the palate cleansing sorbet at this point. I like to look a few moves ahead, Backgammon and Chess like. I feel as if that is the best defensive effort one can make because those seeking to plunge us into the abyss, or alternatively, drag us down with them, generally work in stages that conceal the end from the beginning. You can always apply scientific method, provided you are capable. If anyone is still confused at this point about what is going on and what the agents of the shadow intend for us, it can be understood as being concealed from the consciousness by fear, denial, or the insistence of maintaining one's objective, regardless of the annoying impact of common sense.

Yesterday I was informed that it was not helpful for me to advise people to consider relocating out of urban environments. I would say that in that particular matter one needs only look at Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit and any number of other places, timed to go off. One need only look at... Jesus... if it isn't evident I'm not going to take paragraphs to illustrate what I have already gone into in depth about over a long period of time. Now... of course, one might remain safe and sane just about anywhere but that would certainly be the exception rather than the rule, should shove and push start shooting meth, as they definitely will do, in places and that is not just because of social and cultural transformations but also due to things like water shortage, environmental resource poisonings and on and on and on.

I don't want to frighten people. I want to encourage people. There is a small collection of individuals who are unhappy with me for one reason or another. I take comfort from the fact that there are few of them and they rarely resort to the truth concerning me; in most cases they have had no contact with me and so they sling about wild accusations that any rational person can see are unsubstantiated by fact and are simply conjecture. The truth about anyone is shown in the totality of their efforts or lack of them. Time will tell and for me that is enough. I just want to reassure the visiting public here that it is not my intention to sow panic or dis-ease among you and it is my expectation that everyone will do what they think is best under all circumstances. This will not always prove to be the right choice but, such is life.

There has been some amount of static about my not being very nice to certain people on occasion. In those cases one should consider that it is more than passing odd that only one unfortunate exchange leads to a lasting vendetta. I submit that this was the intention all along, so make of it what you will. We are complex beings and the why of us is seldom more than partially apparent. It has always been the operating motto of these locations that you take what you find useful and ignore the rest. In this fashion everyone can be happy after their inclinations, unless they wish to be unhappy and they can have that too. We are a full service industry here.

We are measured by our friends and supporters and our enemies and detractors. Both play valuable roles in our lives and unless we learn from both sides we learn only one side. Sometimes those that hate and afflict us are irrational expressions of some yet to be revealed karma. Then it might become rational after all.

What has been presented here today is for the purpose of showing just how crazy the world has gotten and it is going to get more so in select locations. In some places it is going to transform into a howling fury beyond description. In some places there will be far less of this because of the concentration of it in those other places. The trick is to discover not only where that is (and it is always the internal state that should be the primary consideration) but also to discover which of these states of serendipity apply to you personally. Not everything that is good is good for everyone, nor is everyone good for each other. Discrimination is one of the most important qualities that anyone can possess (Temperance). This is an internal quality. Good looks can be considered an external quality, just like wealth. These are always connected to the inner being. Sometimes they are signs of good fortune and sometimes not. Life examples have given us evidence of both sides of that equation.

Don't be a victim and this is best accomplished by whatever inner resonance one has with intrinsic nature.

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