Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Most Incredibly Long and Winding Road.

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Someone wondered if it was me these days at the blogs or some kind of stand in. You know, I often ask myself the very same question (grin). As far as I know it is me. It is not the me of a year ago or five years before that but... in truth, neither of those were me but simply a personality in transition from one point to another until all the points are joined.

Am I the Indian head nickel guy?

Am I Marty Feldman doing his “An Evening with Jacob Boheme” at some rich Italian's House in Tuscany?

Am I that guy from better times?

Seriously, I don't know if it's me or not and sometimes I am quite sure it is not but that is a positive. As I mentioned in earlier times when it was probably more of a factor, I have a wide range of personalities. This is the result of a great many blows to the head and body shots in earlier times. As it so happens these personalities have come much closer together in recent days and so... it is much less of a factor. There is a small of contingent of souls out there who desperately want me to fail and it incenses them that it hasn't happened yet and I think it further incenses them that I remain cheerful through all of my adversities and... against all odds, seem to be improving as a person despite the difficulties of present times. I'm afraid they are going to have to live with that and I suspect it is going to get worse for them because despite what anyone may think, I am absolutely committed to my spiritual evolution and whatever changes and conditions I am put through it's going to have to be okay with me because there are no possibilities otherwise. I think there is a pretty significant body of visitors who will read this during the day and say to themselves, “Yes... I feel the same way.” We owe it to each other to feel this way. We keep each other inspired and we keep each other strong. Life is a group effort. We don't make it on our own. We need each other and that is one of the things the ineffable looks very closely at. The ineffable looks at the way we treat each other and to what extent we care for one another and how fully we embrace the concept of Brotherhood.

Because we are caught up in our own affairs and our own ideas about our relevance and value we are seldom aware of the scrutiny that the ineffable puts on us or the situations that the ineffable puts us in to measure our humanity. Most people think of the ineffable as being far off. That is an unfortunate perspective to possess, or be possessed by. The truth of the matter and THIS IS the truth is that the ineffable is closer to us than anything could be. The ineffable is our self, our real self and all these mortal personalities that we dance out of one life and into another with are just suits of clothes. We would literally have no life in us were it not that the ineffable lives his life or her life in ours. One of the reasons that I am not of an opinion concerning people's sexual attractions is because we all possess a male and female nature and the secret and sacred job of existence is to harmonize them and that is why there is a bridal chamber in a certain location of the brain and the esoteric and etheric planes in that area that overlays the brain. Most people's eyes glaze over if you mention something like this, or they are immediately distracted by the things of the world and that is the job of the mind and the world to do that. If there is a devil and in some fashion a force of that nature does exist, it would be the mind and the world is the playground of the mind. The mind forms attachments with the world and this isolates us away, behind veils, from the glory and splendor of the ineffable.

I hear negative things occasionally from people who rail at me for encouraging people to put their faith in some unreal being, or they give me static about my invisible friends. The truth of that is that just because they don't have relationships of this order that means I couldn't possibly have either. We all have relationships of this sort but we don't all acknowledge them or pursue them. That is their fault. I have mentioned more than once that I never had the contact I have today until less than ten years ago. Yes, I have had contacts of this sort for decades but only via the medium of psychedelics or at odd moments but... I persisted and persisted and I suffered and got knocked about by life's hammer. I never gave up seeking, no matter what I was put through and this is one of the payoffs of a consistency of purpose. The greatest love affair of all time is the one that takes place between the ineffable and our soul. There is nothing like it and all of our earthly romances are poor copies of this and only successful insofar as they go if we are able to see the presence of the ineffable in them.

I don't much care if people believe or don't believe in my relationships on another plane. It is only I who must be convinced. What they think doesn't factor into it at all. Why should it? I have put the time in and eventually it comes true, just as it comes true for many another in respect of whatever it is they have invested enough time and energy in. The real question is whether they are happy with what they got. There is no lasting satisfaction apart from the ineffable and however many lifetimes it takes you to figure this out, you will figure it out. The suffering and emptiness eventually becomes too much to bear; however many lives it takes. Why suffer for such a terrible long time, over and over and over? This is a mystery to me but not a mystery. I can see it and it's a fresh start every time, though sometimes it is a horror story too. Someone has to play all those pimps and hookers; slaves and serial killer victims, war casualties of every shape, birth defects, alcoholics and crack addicts and the terribly impoverished in the Bangladesh's of the world. Why do they do this? Many of them were careless about the way they treated each other and worse, much worse. Cave Dei Videt- Beware, god is watching.

People want to know why things have to be the way they are. Why is there so much hate and violence in the world? Why do so many terrible things happen. They happen because this one did that to this one and then came back for it to happen to them. It happens because it is Kali Yuga and these things get settled here in this time zone.

In The Way to the Kingdom, the author talks about a time long long ago when some very terrible things happened on this planet; far worse than anything we are seeing today and that the Earth was very deeply affected by it and the remnants of what happened still permeate the planet. Some of this is being resolved in these times as well. These are very significant times. You don't get all these billions and billions of people for no reason. There is a very good reason.

It is important to keep in mind how special this time is and the sort of quantum leap in consciousness and being that is possible for those determined to strive for it, to be open to it, to aspire after it, to hunger for it. I'm not just fantasizing here. This is real. How I know this is real is not important because why I believe something is not relevant to why another may disbelieve or believe. We all arrive at our conclusions by our own unique line of progress. Life is an opportunity and this segment of it is a great opportunity. One should take full advantage of this.

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