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The Zio Cons Relentless Perversion of the Divine Feminine.

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Today we address a subject that has been a hot button issue for some time. No doubt this will offend some who have been brainwashed by the system and peer pressure. It is mostly the young who are affected. In that period of their life they are awash in idealism and the desire to be inclusive of all. They have had the supposed sins of the past drummed into their heads and for most of them, being reasonable or objectively analytical are not a part of their modus operandi. Thinking has been overwhelmed by feeling and feeling is something easily and relentlessly manipulated by those seeking to control social agendas.

What we are talking about is that gay political thing; not the consideration of being gay itself. That's none of our business. I will say this, Nature is not gay, or there would be no Nature ...but cultures can be gay; not overall, or there would be no culture after a certain period of time. Unfortunately, in order to discuss the gay political agenda, we have to delve somewhat into the gay lifestyle. I'll draw no conclusions on that. I am simply going to state some truths that we know, or should know by observation, about gay culture, such as... gay is very rarely monogamous. It shouldn't be assumed here that i am some kind of cheerleader for monogamy. That is also a matter of personal preference. I'm simply stating what is commonly known. I also want to point out that nothing I say here will sit well with those invested in this lifestyle, regardless of whether it is true or not. The same thing applies here as applies to those who, hearing the truth about 9/11 say, "I don't care if it's true or not. Even it was, I wouldn't believe it anyway."

The main argument from the gay political agenda is that the gay lifestyle it is a human rights issue. They argue that gays deserve every right presently being enjoyed by the straight community. Anyone who has watched the changes that have been brought about in recent years surely realizes by now that equal is not the objective. The objective is the permanent subjugation of the tyranny of the straight lifestyle beneath the demands and desires of the alternate sexual community. Let's keep in mind that this is a tiny splinter of the whole of the world's population. It is made to appear much larger than it is by the Crass Media which is 94% owned by the Zionist, atheist Tribe consortium and it is a part of their agenda to destroy the family unit, the Christian religion and western culture and you may be sure that is not all.

Here are certain irrefutable truths about gay culture. These are demonstrably and provably so and there is no sane, rational or truthful argument that can be made to the contrary; gay individuals appear very, very sparingly in primitive cultures. They appear very sparingly in emerging cultures. It proliferates in declining cultures. Decadence is also a by product of declining cultures. History has proven this out again and again so I don't need to get deeper into it. I am not saying this because I want it to be true but because it is true. Gay lifestyles proliferate commensurate with the force of Materialism and at a far greater percentage in urban as opposed to rural environments. Over population is a major determinant of gay behavior and this has been proven ad nauseum by experiments with rats and beautifully delineated in Ton Wolfe's article; "Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding Down the Behavioral Sink."

When Materialism becomes the supreme influence in the manifest sphere, as presently, appearances dictate to be true. the strongest impetus in sexual identifiers is demonstrated in Reverse Kundalini. The reason for this is that Materialism is always represented by a Satanic mind set and agents of the same who are also Reverse Kundalini practitioners. Bottom line (pun intended) the magnetic draw of the process is down and into The Pit. Everything is geared in a particular direction AND there are attendants, footmen, retainers; confusion, disorder and discord. They all work together to a common end, accent on 'end'. The whole thing is as funny and entertaining as a prolapsed colon.

Let's move to one of the centerpieces of the whole affair which is the ascendance of anal sex, both gay and heterosexual. These days many younger people consider it a form of birth control. Now... it isn't my place to define the morality of what people choose to engage in with each other, I will simply say this and everyone is free to make their own determinations on the matter. What is the esoteric meaning behind the ritual penetration of the canal that exists for the processing of waste products?

There is a war going on and it is an information war and most all information wars are about competing propagandas. Who is most likely to have the most efficient impact with their propaganda and the greatest reach? Those who control the mediums of dissemination. This is why the very forces that are most active in pushing these lifestyles are also the ones in control of the media. If one seeks to be objective they are inclined to weigh all of the evidence impartially. They want to find the truth, not prove a point. When all you are after is proving your point, you will go to any length to get it done and the facts be damned. This is why I seek to avoid argument at all costs. I don't argue. I state. You can take it or leave it. My belief is that when you are committed to argument, you have missed the point. Here's another twist in the wind in this world of continuous change; sometimes both positions are right. They only cease to be when they devolve into argument.

Does the Buddha argue? Does any enlightened soul argue? They state their case and then they are silent. Sometimes they state their case by their silence and how is it that that is an effective statement? It is because if there is one thing they know it is that the ineffable knows. They also know that the only constant here is change. What does not change is what remains unseen.

There are many reasons for the larger numbers of gay identifiers these days. One of them is that the feminine dynamic is being restored in this coming age and when that filters through the lens of materialism it results in the sexual feminization of the male and a certain amount of role reversal. This is on the physical level where, as it so happens, in this time, Materialism is the driving force. On higher planes it results in the awakening of the esoteric feminine qualities. These are the very qualities in practice in the lives of the more evolved among us. These are the qualities that we see activated in masters. Unfortunately such mastery is not celebrated in these times. Rather, it is the lowest common denominator that is in the ascendant. If you can control the sexual mores and blur the distinctions between men and women then you can control the discourse of public thought. We are not all equal and everything is not okay but the proof of that will be in the putting or pudding as you prefer.

We are going to find out what is okay and what is not. We already have ample evidence of things that are and are not okay. It should be as clear as sunlight who is behind all of these gay political organization. Feel free to argue about this evidence. Feel free to argue with this evidence and by all means feel free to argue with this evidence. It should be as obvious as can be. When you go to the forces behind 9/11 they are also all from the same demongraphic. Stating the obvious invites censure and slander. I have first hand experience of this and so does anyone else who has taken the trouble to put themselves in the line for truth. It is not a career enhancing choice. It comes at a cost and so one must make the determination within. Is the truth more important than the pursuit of self interest? This you must answer for yourself.

My feelings on being gay is that it is not something that one always has control over and sometimes it is one of those matters of reincarnation and Karma. For the purpose of experience and demonstration, sometimes one has to live out certain forms of behavior. Why this is I do not know. I have no opinion on the right or wrong of anyone's sexual preferences. I do have an opinion on the political aspects as they play out on the greater stage of world events. I am especially motivated when I study who it is that is behind it and that is OBVIOUS. It should go without saying that their end game is less about sexual expression and more about political and social control of the culture. Even more, it is about the complete destruction of the culture. One need only look at what they did with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia where as many as 60,000,000 Christians were murdered. Do you get the feeling they have something kinder and gentler in mind for this go round?

This is why I am in possession of the perspective that I have. It's not about who you are having sex with. It is about a particular sex act that a partiular cabal of Reverse Kundalini Engineers wants to perform on you and everyone around you. Assume the position or... not.

Well... we all have to make up our own minds or they will be made up for us.

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