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Nailing the Nobel Piece of Ass Prize in Bat Shit County.

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In the last dying gasps of the empire of darkness they press relentlessly toward ever greater absurdities because this war on souls is serious business and if you want a general sense of outrage you have to commit ever greater outrages. There is a hubris in the center of the darkness that creates circumstances for the agents of darkness, so that they might cavort like red assed baboons; so that they might laugh and mock and run wild with the madness that consumes them. This is why they arrange for a man with a name like Barack Obama to be president, following on the heels of their greatest false flag that was blamed on a patsy names Osama Bin Laden; Obama-Osama.

This war of souls is serious business. One might even say it is a business. We have many currencies here on the planet that serve as a medium of exchange for goods and services. There are other currencies for other worlds. One might say that blood is a currency and in the more occult understandings of the nature of war, blood sacrifices feed the hunger of certain demons who are then obliged to respond with some amount of magical power to those who have facilitated the torments and deaths that take place on the battlefields. Some demons are susceptible to blood and some to anguish, some to tears and some to torment and... some prefer different age groups and sexes. Some feed on the sorrow of mothers who have lost their children. They have unique tastes just as they have unique appetites. In many cases, a demon is a personification of a single hunger.

Battlefields are banquet tables for the damned and ghouls have been seen feeding on them by those who were sensitive enough to see this happening. You won't find records of these events in the usual search engines for some reason but I have read about it in occult historical accounts that I have come across. Ghouls are not the only diners at these events. Nor is this the only feeding of the kind that takes place, nor the only environment it takes place in. In the boardrooms and banks, certain entities feed upon those who labor in these locations. They feed upon their humanity and the power in their souls as that power is converted into a darker and more digestible (for them) substance. Of course they cannot feed on the light, which cosmically keeps them at bay. However... if humanity can be lured into a negative transformative phase, they can be processed the same way that power is processed through an inverter but I would call this mechanism, 'a perverter'. This explains the global efforts at sexual manipulation. The sex force contains immeasurable power. It is a huge reservoir of force and it is either going up or down and you are either going up and down with a little of the old in and out, so to speak; inward to the manifestor or outward and into the manifest... in the world and of it, as opposed to in the world but not of it. You would tend to know which. given that you are hassled or unhassled and each of these is a state of mind.

These is a reason that masters have a serenity about their being and those who come to see them often do not. It comes down to one's level of commitment. Think about it in terms of stopping smoking, or any behavior that has become fixed as a repeating pattern. If you are fully committed to ceasing in some recurrent activity it comes easily, if you are not, it is difficult. I know about both ends of this first hand. Masters have, usually, thrown the responsibility of this upon the one who is master of all things and who then resides in concert with that master within them. If you are discerning you can see those who posture as a master but have not accomplished the indwelling side of it. This is because they prefer to present themselves as the master and mimic the characteristics. Psychopaths do this. They don't feel normal human emotions like the rest of us, so they act according to what they have observed in the rest of us and they are often successful at this because most people are not very observant and they expect others to be like they are. The truth is that many desperately need others to be like them and they make all kinds of accommodations in the perceptions for this. It's what happens when you lead an unexamined life.

This general cognitive disconnect makes it possible for people like this to exert a powerful influence on the rest of us. Many of the examples here given are psychopaths. We have the inimitable Dr. Lasha Darkmoon to thank for this exhibit. There are a few brave and observant souls out there whose perceptions are not compromised and who are courageous enough to share them with the rest of us. She would qualify as one of those.

When it comes to the skewered perceptions of the hoi poloi and lumpen proles (caution! Offensive and non politically correct language in use.) there is no greater example of the wider deceptions going than that of this charlatan. The idea that this impostor is in touch with the mind of the divine is ludicrous. First of all, under no circumstances does one who represents the ineffable engage in this sort of display. This article is filled with hypocrisies and strange allusions. Sometimes they say more than they mean to in the mass media, or perhaps they say exactly what they intend to. Sometimes they get away with it in a kind of tongue in cheek manner because no one expects subtlety these days.

It should not be a mystery, although to many it well may be, why the most media celebrated and followed celebrities are notorious for having no talent at anything except being famous and those who can perform in some limited fashion that mostly serves to embarrass them, were they capable of experiencing this state, are either visibly satanic or pandering to the lowest common denominator of human interplay which, now that I think of it... is also satanic. There's a major sleaze, Tribe run site called TMZ that is devoted to promoting the trailer park, trash antics of these people. It's like attending a full on proctology seminar every day. They seek out the very worst examples of reality show pseudo actors and do proctology exams. There is nothing accidental about any of this. It's one more well financed and high profile effort to massage the collective consciousness right through the gates of Hell. Hyperbole? Not at all. To say that the world is headed to Batshit County with all possible speed is an accurate assessment of the matter.

I've been getting these hyper-dimensional viewing moments, where the graphic clarity of the situation is coming at me in a kind of 8K picture power. It's one of those things where you take a few steps back without even knowing that you have done so. I can compare it to the sudden appearance of an LSD state that manifest in a 360 degree radius of awareness. It doesn't stay for long but it's long enough.

The call for the destruction of the white race for alleged crimes against the other races is among the most rank of uninformed hypocrisies. First off, The Tribe, which is behind most of this nonsense are themselves the biggest mass murderers of all races on the planet and as for the black and Asian races I think there is ample history to put them right alongside everyone else. None of the races are immune to bad behavior against each other.

So... it is in the murky flood waters of Bat Shit County that we find the Kardashians on the center stage of the world receiving the Nobel Piece of Ass Prize. Trying to understand how we have come to the pass we find ourselves in at this time is not easy. It snuck up on us somehow. Back in the 60's there was an epidemic of both liberty and license. While some of us were seeking a higher awareness, others were after all the casual sex they could get. While some were immersing themselves in the teachings of ageless wisdom others were embedding themselves in the university infrastructures for the single purpose of advancing political correctness. Meanwhile, back in the spiritual swamps of think tanks and war machine corporations, psychotics were fabricating and orchestrating policies to legalize and legitimize awful horrors against domestic and foreign populations. Given that strange and bizarre have become the order of the day, it is not hard to imagine that talentless buffoon Kanye West actually becoming president in 2020, where there will be nothing 20-20 about anything. I can see him in the oval office drinking Brawndo, beneath a large inverted pentagram airbrushed on the wall. There are serious people in conference, studying how to bring this about; count on it. However, I do not think 2020 will be anything like what they presently imagine it will.

We don't like to write this sort of thing anymore. We'd rather focus on the important esoteric considerations but this is the Petri Dish and it's probably a good idea to just write what we are given to say and not try to take the high road all the time, especially since we don't know where that is all the time, given the deceptions we have to navigate as we make our way. September continues to motor on and not much has happened in any world shaking sense but... let's keep in mind that the specific dates are yet to arrive. In fact... they will be coming this week. Time will tell and we shall see.

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