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The Adamic Principle and Friends in High Places.

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Well... it is all coming together or... coming apart, depending on your position with the glass being half full or half empty; even though the biggest concern is what the glass is half full or half empty with. Russia is officially dumping the US dollar and China has offloaded half a trillion in recent times. It is the end of Reserve Currency Status. The critical reality here is that this is directed at the Zionista Bankers who have been running things for a good while and who are now sitting on the Whoopee Cushion. It doesn't matter which way they shift in their seats, the sound effects will follow. That leaves only the one option that remains, every time only one option remains and that is WAR.

In consideration of WAR being the option, the Zionist Banker controlled West has been circling Russia with ZATO forces and utilizing all sorts of sanctions and seizures as intimidation tactics. The war is actually not simply one of geo-political nature. It is operating on many fronts. Here is another front where the forces of the dark side are massed and- moving right along, here is another theater of operations. At MSNBC the tale of the Kentucky clerk has been the number one headline for days.

The war being promoted by the Zionist Bankers and their agents in tandem with International Satanists on the physical fronts, where proxy forces are being employed in The Middle East, the Ukraine and other locations has just experienced a dynamic shift, given that Russia is going boots on the ground in Syria and will be committed to the destruction of ISIS which is financed and operated by Israel.

The war on human consciousness is being financed and operated by Zionist Bankers, whose agents own 94% of the Mass Media and an equally massive amount of the entertainment and publishing industries. Their agenda has been ongoing for decades, just as has been their promotion of The Holocaust fantasy, whose purpose is to create a Sacred Victimhood Status for those pressing their diabolical agenda and to protect them against justifiable criticism for their malicious behavior in their all out war on the rest of humanity.

One of their primary arch fiends is Little Georgie Sorrows, AKA George Soros but they have their people placed in strategic locations everywhere and the Gefilte Fish Telegraph and Matzoh Ball Jungle Drums are humming and thrumming with infernal force across the globe. They own The State Department and they own Homeland Security. They are also behind the training of domestic police forces and have major policy and performance power in the FBI and the CIA. They have had this kind of power for some time, due to their control of The Federal Reserve and this is why it was so easy for them to arrange the assassination of John F. Kennedy with the assistance of George Bush and others. The only thing that is different is that they have moved into other phases of operation and that also involves a great deal more personal exposure. You can see them now and you can see them at work. Part of this is a reflection of their insane bravado and certainty that they have everything under control and part of it is because the ineffable is forcing them into the public eye for the purpose of demonstration, via the motivation of a great many courageous souls through 'one of' the avatars magic wands; the internet.

Soros in Secret Garden

Obama, Woods, Soros

This brings us back to the 'coming together or falling apart' – 'glass half full, glass half empty' dynamics. You can see the whole mass breaking into barbarian driven fragments, via all of the immigrants being force flooded into western countries for this purpose, or you can see the whole thing as a lesson in progress being orchestrated by the ineffable. The full court press toward a race war is also being hothoused by a Monsanto type of super growth chemical infusion. Don't forget, Kanye West says he's running for president in 2020 and that makes him President Camacho from Idiocracy. Drink Brawndo!!!

It's up to you how you view and interpret the meaning of what is happening around you. If you are faithless, or an atheist, you see things as random occurrences; possibly driven by some kind of Darwinian Imperative, or whatever pop tart explanation we are being force fed by the one's who think they are running the show and who replicate people like Steven Hawkings for the purpose of being spokesbots for the (un)happy hamsters in The Delusion Matrix.

One certain result of the end of Reserve Currency Status is that all those cheap goods that are flooding the Walmart world and sundry, are no longer going to be cheap; just about nothing is going to be cheap shortly, except life.

I don't know how that plays off with my own personal fortunes but since I don't have anything much, there isn't much that can be taken away from me and even if my life were to be removed from this plane it would only mean a promotion. This isn't some kind of a maybe. This is a definite, so... “What me worry?” You go where you are headed based on intention and industry to that effect. It's simple physics. Sure, you can set off for Kansas City and your flight can be canceled but if you are determined you will get a following flight. Your plane could crash on the way to Kansas City and that brings us to an esoteric followup based on that timeless arcane maxim, “As above so below”. Everything down here has a counterpart elsewhere. Your soul exists on a vibrationary plane that can make it seem like it is far away, if... your consciousness is materially immersed. Your intuition is your soul speaking to you but... can you hear it? Whatever radio station you are in the habit of listening to; meaning the level of frequency, is transmitting from that level, all of what is resident in and relevant to that level. In some cases this can block the intuition from reaching you on a conscious level. That is not good because you need intuitional input.

If you don't have access to the intuition, or the intuition doesn't have access to you, you are left at the mercy of whatever partial understandings you have about what is going around you and the chance that you will make any number of mistakes is pretty much a certainty, as it always is when you rely on what you think you know. We are all enclosed in a certain schematic that has to do with what I call The Adamic Principle. Adam means 'namer of things'. Whatever we have named everything we have encountered in this life, is what it becomes to us and that is why we all live in a world of our own creation. Being able to experience, “I don't know” on a visceral level can free you from this prison of your own creation because you will come ever more and more into the world named and defined by the ineffable and what the ineffable knows, as opposed to what you think you know and as opposed to what we have told ourselves is real. Is it real?

This is why, “I don't know" is so fundamentally important because, only speaking for myself here, “I don't know” and why would I want to put myself at the mercy of thinking I know? This is a form of arrogance and self assertiveness that is all to common in times of Material Darkness and the dangers of it are many. You might think of it as attempting to traverse a minefield while blindfolded when you don't even have to be in the minefield to begin with. All of those mines are things you think you know. If you don't know these things then the mines have no explosive potential. HOW we come to understand anything is a matter of serious importance, depending on whether it comes to us via the intuition, or whether it has come to us in a corrupt or biased manner because the machinery by which we arrived at our conclusions was corrupt and biased. We are influenced by the world because we live in the world and the world collective of common identification of everything that exists here exerts a great influence on our view of everything we encounter. Many influences intersect to affect our judgment. The intuition is our lifeboat and our intuition is the firm and all seeing hand on the tiller and eyes on the horizon and most importantly here; eyes on the outer and inner horizon. Nothing else can do this for you and if you have taken refuge beneath the wings of the spirit, or beneath the overarching hood of resonating and risen serpents... you will be led and watched and you will be protected, even if it sometimes seems, as one might imagine it could have to me in recent times, that this was not the case. It's not what you go through that is important, it is how you come out of it.

Don't let the world shake you up too much. You have friends in high places.

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A viewing recommendation passed on to me from a reader and which looks very impressive, though I have only seen one episode. It is called, "Mr Robot":

I have been predicting September as a time of great change; simply drawn from intuitive input. I am not alone in this but I don't see any specifics here. This was sent in from a reader:


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