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The Musical Bowels Dancing in The Bugs Bunny Bardo.

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Before we set off to points unknown, as is usually the case around here; I had no idea that Icke would even get mentioned in the latest Mirrors when I started out and I will probably pay for that down the line (grin). The truth is that I am under automatic pilot most of the time and like that guy in Airplane, I usually pick the wrong time to start sniffing glue. I suppose my judgment might be in question but the Back Office seldom tells me what their reasons are.

In the theme of recent postings, I would like to recommend the following article as a penetrating read into the possibility of coming events and this September we are in. One might say that the haywire impact of unseen forces on the planet are leading us ever more surely into The Bugs Bunny Bardo, as can clearly be seen here. You don't often encounter such a perfect matching of hubris and overall ignorance as that personified in Kanye West, whose idea of his cosmic relevance is perfectly mirrored by an utter lack of it, except in the sense that it so unbeautifully reflects the state of the culture. We're only using such a cumbersome term as 'unbeautiful' because a word that encompasses what we are still reaching out and probing for, in it's location somewhere arrears of the trail of Niburu; loathsome? Depraved? Shot to Hell? Somehow these just don't capture the sense of it. It's like trying to analyze the radioactive slime track left by Kim Kardashian, as she pulls herself backward on her knuckles and her ass in estrus toward the altar of Baphomet. Can something be woven out of the noxious mist that rises from this excrescence? No... once you grab after it, it behaves like mist, or those dust motes that dance in a ray of sunlight coming into a half shrouded room.

While we are at it, let us throw in some shameless self promotion as we bring to your attention a certain publicity that is coming to us, through our litmus test postings, via the tender ministrations of a Tribe member at large. There's nothing much of any substance there but it is entertaining none the less. I wish she would have mentioned my coining the term, 'the truth is antisemitic” but you can't have everything. I certainly can't or haven't so far. This, of course, means I am skirting that metaphysical truth that I do have everything; of value that is. I just can't see it. Perhaps a few more raps upside the head might help with that. Given the predisposition of the cosmos toward me in this area, I think we can be sanguine about the potential.

When I look at the world around me. I do not measure the looming specter of catastrophe in examples of killer dwarf stars, or economic freefall, nor most of the other evidences given by those running around and screaming that the sky is falling. I just look at what is right in front of me and what I see at a distance through the internet. It strikes me as a literal manifestation of that poem by Yeats, called “The Second Coming”; most specifically, “things fall apart. The center cannot hold” This is what you see, if you have an uncompromising perspective. You don't see much of anything revelatory if you don't. Most telling is the sexual angle. We've pointed out many times here that the sexual force is the primary force of life and in a sane culture, its expression is built around the family unit and the culture is built around that. In a diseased society the forms of sexual expression are skewered away from the family unit, with the intent of destroying it as the basic building block of society. What this accomplishes is to create a disorientation in the mind of the general public; blurring the arbitrary margins between right and wrong. To me, right and wrong are not opposing standards that demarcate permissible and not permissible behavior. They represent what is effective and sane and what is ineffective and insane.

Here is another litmus test for you. Those who support the ever more outrageous social transiting from stable to unstable, are agents of those forces who are seeking to destroy the underpinnings of a functional society. They are consciously so engaged or they are bone stupid and easily led with invisible halters toward the cliff edge. It is unfashionable and economically dangerous to speak truth to power on these subjects. One is excoriated and slandered as being intolerant. Does one possess the stones to do this, knowing that one's integrity is bled away otherwise? You will note that every one of the points I hammer on about and will in coming paragraphs are all, without exception, politically incorrect. There is some kind of meaning to be drawn from that.

The usual voices of the left are joined in an ear raping dissonance, concerning one's right to dance with the devil. In truth, talking heads from every side of the equation are hedging their bets and saying what they feel needs to be said to keep their paymasters happy. This is what happens when you have a paymaster. Your money is dependent on saying what is desirable. Do not underestimate the degree of raw force that, for the moment, resides in the hands of the money changers and currency printers that run the temporal sphere. Multinational corporations, huge government agencies and practically any presently standing infrastructure, is bought and sold, according to the dark agendas of the ones who control the ebb and flow of the money supply.

Immigrants are flooding every accessible border. This is the result of intentional planning on the part of those financing and carrying out the many wars presently taking place that are causing these migrations. The scale of human suffering is immeasurable. Comically, those victims of these tragedies waste little time turning into outraged and organized mobs, screaming for their rights to a better life the moment they cross the necessary borders. This is what viral materialism creates; a frothing at the mouth insane grasping for pretty much anything. There is no ease of being. There is only an uncontrollable fidgeting, as if the individuals illustrated here were afflicted with St. Vitus Dance or Grand Mal Seizure Syndrome. When there is no peace within there is war without and this is all a deliberate routing of the sex force and why canon fodder grunts are referred to as, "young and dumb and full of cum."

The most powerful defense against a nation in chaos is an informed public. It is because of this that the dark side has taken control of the flow of information and who is it that owns all of these mediums? Those who represent the ones who do, whether the relationship is obvious or not, would like you to believe that the world's marching orders are coming from The Vatican, or The Masons, or some Illuminati, Archons and Annunkai, subterranean planet dwellers or extraterrestrials. From what I can see and... keeping in mind... maybe I am blind... from what I can see, it is whoever is controlling the money and that means the international bankers and their master, Satan and his minions who are distributed throughout the astral plane. You can't do anything without the money so... do the math.

Some want us to believe that ALL world leaders are corrupt and in league with the devil. I don't believe this but I am also not going to start listing who is and who is not. Here is an article and a listing. Make of this what you will. For myself, I immediately begin to come up with other names and different theories. I don't know if this is true of Tony Cartalucci. I also don't know if this is true of Tony Cartalucci but I do see and understand what is being said and I see where these things might apply, just as I note what is manufactured in defense of Noam Chomsky and Greg Palast and others. The facts are that these people have no careers and no financial status unless they bend the knee to the money changers. They won't get published in any wider way unless they cater to those who own the publishing industry, the same way that an entertainer has no chance of success if they turn on the one who holds their leash. This is true in all related industries and what do you know? They are all owned by the same people. Now is it possible that a heretofore unknown cabal of immense power is actually pulling the strings on the Tribe money moguls as... some seem to keep insisting without EVER telling us who they really are.

Were their representatives in New York on 9/11 with the Israeli masterminds who were in attendance? Are they told when to eat dinner and when to go to the bathroom by some ultra-secretive group, which we have never yet come face to face with? Do they own all of these huge business operations, with their names on the deeds and the doors but they are just fall guys? Is this why the fall guys have been thrown out of every country in the world over all the centuries since they called for the execution of Jesus Christ, though it wasn't Christ who got crucified and all that horrific bloodletting before that and all this talk about who is evil and the in your face legacy of The Talmud that says all anyone would need to have said to make some kind of point but... it's not them. It's not them because it has to be some unidentifiable group of unnamed and... the reason for that is because hardly anyone has the balls to tell it like it is. It's them. The track record across the centuries says it over and over and over again. Still... if you can sleaze your way around this argument you might get paid.

I sincerely wish I hadn't come here for this or been saddled with this. I don't know why I was but I am. Ah... to simply be able to write poetry and songs and take walks in the woods, with my collar turned up against the cold, or to sit in a meadow and feel the sun upon my cheek, though it would have to be my upper cheek since I cannot feel my lower jaw. Would that it were that I could dally in some southern clime and not have a care for the evil that men do. It is foolish to long for what is not, as if I were Miniver Cheevy in search of sobriety as a alternative to wishful thinking.

Keep in mind that I will gladly change my tune the moment I have reason to and that doesn't mean hearing a lot of speculative yadda yadda with little in the way of substantiated facts.

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Good grief, I just went outside to get more tea and I heard a bird I have never heard before calling, 'visibal' over and over. That hasn't happened since India.

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