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The University of Reversed Kundalini and Backdoor Freaky Deaky

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And the beat goes on, yeah... the beat goes on. And the truth comes out, yeah the truth comes out. And hype gets hyped and the hype gets hyped but what do I know? Could be... maybe, maybe not. What I do know is that no man knows. The ineffable keeps certain things to himself and I don't worry about what might happen. I only worry about what I might be and that shouldn't be a problem as long as I be myself and given the process of self inquiry, as I am given to understand leads to self discovery well; onward and upward. Join me, please.

Will a comet hit the Earth? Will a peacock fly up my ass? It certainly flew up Donald Trump's ass. There's quite an epidemic of forced rectal vanity going on these days and... as is usually the case with vanity, the greater the vanity, the less there is a reason for it. This is like the truism; the bigger the limousine, the bigger the asshole. You see a lot of that at state funerals. This also means that the bigger the send off the less gracious the welcome on the other side. Life and the continuum between the connecting points of coming and going is filled with ironies.

It makes sense that a comet might hit the Earth, given the condition of the cultures operating on the face of it at the moment. Of course, it might be a metaphorical comet that varies in the manner of its expression according to the needs of the location, like the fires of Kalifornia. None of us who walk the path of the inward light need fear the shadows of the night, for the way forward is illuminated. This is the physics of evil destroying itself. Those who walk in darkness cannot see. Do the math.

There are two roads being walked on this planet, regardless of the appearance of many. There is that wide broad road of material obsession and legion is upon it and there is that narrow and true road that leads to abundant life and few are upon it. It's that simple. Waking up is all about discovering this. Waking up is about opening that door within that allows the light to enter and which floods the mind and permits one to truly see. It comes in stages usually though there are cases of the door being instantly flung wide open. We'd all like that, to be sure, but it takes a rare soul to be able to bear it. That is why it usually opens in stages. Anyway, the journey is forever so it makes sense to luxuriate in that awareness and not become reckless with a passion that lacks the necessary forward vision. Occasionally one of us burns up entering the atmosphere and occasionally some are devastated by having been impetuous and thereby acting in haste so that we can repent at our leisure, so to speak.

I am all for being driven by a focused intensity but I've seen and experienced what unbridled zeal can bring about and have learned that lesson; steady as she goes- so to speak.

Meanwhile a lot of funny things are going on. We've known that The Papacy is one of the seats of Satan on Earth, just as the College of Cardinals is pederasty central at The University of Reversed Kundalini and Backdoor Freaky Deaky; no enforced Twerking between here and the corner. One of the problems with The Catholic Church is that the bishops can only move diagonally. They're not rooks and they are certainly not knights who sometimes possess codes of behavior that result in some degree of moral restraint. They don't have that sort of thing in The Vatican, it's all a glitter rock front with Turkish prison guards in the back and no reacharounds.

Judaism is inarguably a demon riddled Wal-Mart of fictional history, compressor pumped into a pornographic Macy's Day parade float that has turned the sky overhead into a swamp land of deliquescing sewage, precipitating into the once breathable atmosphere.

Christianity has morphed into super church stadiums of hysterical mental patients whose collective sex force has been channeled into a Disneyland amusement park of cartoon holy families and everything is squeaky clean in public and quite the opposite otherwise because (cue Charlie Rich) no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. I'm guessing it ain't Ozzie and Harriet cause I have a functioning imagination and a good idea of what happens when your plumbing gets bent all out of shape by the monsters involved in doing it for the purpose of rendering the parishioners into Israeli owned canon fodder and variously disposable life forms that are recycled for the benefit of the international sheep shearing industry. I'm a big fan of Jesus Christ but I don't recognize this one.

The enemy of humanity is aggressively afoot and one of his most successful ventures is to turn organized religion into a travesty upon itself, while manifesting as a big time commercial enterprise that goes contrary to every tenet in the cosmic bylaws, which frown upon, if not outright forbid this kind of chicanery and which makes for a fabulous hypocrisy of do as I say, not as I do.

So... here we are talking about externals that are irrelevant in terms of anything real and we should be okay on another frequency entirely but... all of these things sit like bloated behemoths scattered across the landscape and broadcasting into the minds of everyone susceptible enough to pick up that kind of traffic and you run into them everywhere you go and the influence of these broadcasts on their consciousness renders them deaf to reason and difficult to get along with unless you just skirt all those issues that scare the shit out of them and as a result makes them very angry. Fear does that. It has nothing to do with any honest outrage about something they are well informed about. It's that ubiquitous and surreptitious fear that the world may not be at all what they think it is and that everything they believe in is made of sand and straw, held together by bullshit and tears.

So... yeah... a comet wouldn't surprise me. Not much would surprise me when it comes to catastrophe in these times. I am of the opinion that the world is always an expression of the collective consciousness of the inhabitants. If people are not meddled with and allowed to go about their business, all is usually well and good because people are generally decent. It's only when materialism gets its hooks into them and they become fearful and confused that everything gets out of wack.

It looks like, whatever form(s) it eventually comes in, that those sweeping changes we have been watching lumber about in fits and starts... floundering on occasion, are about to engage in some of those 30 to 40 yard downfield side line passes, instead of five yard crossing patterns across the middle. This analogy might not make a whole lot of sense to people who don't follow this particular sport but it's relevant nonetheless. If you are sensitive you can feel it. You can feel it in the air (cue Phillip Collins). My tactic is to simply put my attention on each day and let the day and myself account for whatever we encounter in one another. We'll see what we see when we see it.

Recently, Mr Visible has watched the first two seasons of Da Vinci's Demons:

I have to say it is easily as good as Game of Thrones, if not better. I don't know how historically accurate it is but the writing and direction are pretty much off the charts. I'm thinking the words, riveting and engrossing definitely apply. It's been a bright spot in an otherwise repetition of bad efforts across the board. If you enjoy this medium, you will like this.

“Listening” proved to be very interesting too, given how it ties in to what is going on around us these days.

Have a good day my friends. We don't know what's around the corner. What we can know is who we will be when we get to the corner and my personal theory is that that has everything to do with where we are personally at after we come around the corner, or whatever is coming around the corner, comes around the corner. Obviously, by this time, we should be able to see that the world we now inhabit is a great deal stranger than we may have ever expected it to be and it's getting more and more strange with every passing day.

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