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The Depravity of the Beast in the Hours before the Dawn.

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Well... it looks like that Oregon shooting is a big put up job like all the others. If a picture says a thousand words then this one is War and Peace, or something by Minchner and of course there are any number of videos. Some go after this one specific event and aren't very well done and some go after the collective of false flags and are better done. Some bring up very interesting details and illustrate people like that Oregon sheriff. Here is someone that provides hope that not all of us are cowardly followers of impossible scripts.

Meanwhile there is much darker shit going on over in the center for international Israeli bankers called, London. It has long looked like London is the main center for Satanic pedophilia and child sacrifice. Perhaps it has always been like that and goes all the way back to things like ancient Druidic evil. It seems like certain things got woken up in that land a long time ago and these forces have since prospered and countless children and others have died in agony at the hands of aristocrats and other privileged sorts and the evil goes all the way up into the royal family, the church hierarchy, the leaders in business and politics and of course, all curses flow from the central bankers.

The thing is... when you are inclined toward evil and... some amount of us always are... and far more of us become so inclined in times of material darkness then... the kicks that are possible through what money and position will provide, soon lose their flavor and become old. One is pressed in pursuit of ever more and more dark experiences, in order to satisfy a hunger that cannot be satisfied this way and which only grows stronger as a result. It grows stronger and more demented because... the fires of these appetites are stoked by invisible (and eventually not so invisible) demonic forces because these forces seek more than anything else to become manifest and to especially do so through the possession of a human vehicle, where they can then express hungers that no sane or humane soul would consider.

This possession is effected by bringing the intended human consciousness and vehicle ever more and more into rapport with the demonic intelligence. It becomes shaped by degrees and through experiences into a harmonic counterpart. It becomes what is called an acceptable host and this process is very similar to what happens to souls on the other end when they become channels for celestial intelligences. Any of us that consistently aspires to such a state will achieve some level of it. The same can be said of those going in reverse, except they are usually not aspiring toward a possession by these forces (usually) but they are in pursuit of things like power and position, varieties of sexual expression, other appetites, revenge and all of these things and more, are available through demonic agency.

The thing is, you think you are going to get one thing and maybe you do but that one thing leads to other things you well might never have dreamed of and the thing to keep in mind is that demonic entities usually hate humanity and like nothing better than to bring or lead souls into horrific states and though there might be a difference in the intensity of their hate for the evil and the good, it is probably only so defined by the greater difficulty of possessing the one over the other and MOST IMPORTANTLY... there is a war on. It is the only war of any importance in the cosmic sense. It is a spiritual war and the objective is souls. Demons and angels and other forces and entities are all on one side or another, except for the ones who seem to be outside of the pull in either of these directions. We don't know much about them and we won't be discussing them anyway.

I'm going to give an analogy here. It may not be completely precise but it will do. Imagine life here in the manifest as very much like a gambling casino and this casino exists both in the manifest sense and in the invisible sense. In the manifest sense, people take risks all the time and those risks are more extreme and less extreme and the prizes are commensurate. Here people bet against each other in everything they do but that is not the whole of it. Some do not play. Some bet on themselves. Some have no sense of self worth and are unable to put enough value on themselves to bet or be bet on.

Of course there is a lot more to it but we don't need to go into that because you can just take what has been said here and use your imagination, your reason and the tools of logic, induction and deduction (which most people don't know the difference between but they know the words) and you will come up with all kinds of possibilities... or not.

In the invisible realms, both infernal and supernal, there is also betting going on, on us and what we will and will not achieve and there are efforts taken to influence our actions. The infernal realm has the upper hand in this regard, which is a funny way of putting it, isn't it? This is because it is Kali Yuga where it is three quarters dark and one quarter light but generally appears much worse than that. This also means that the degree of difficulty for those seeking higher states is greater and that also means that the odds are greater and that also means that the rewards are greater.

The reason it is so difficult is because of the appearances of the material world. They are overpowering a lot of the time and the magnetic draw toward the exercise of appetites is intense. On the one hand, for most of us, the access is limited or not satisfactory, when measured against the fantasies and that leads to frustration and anger... rage... and attendant violent expressions. All of this comes out of the sex force and the agents of the manifest stir up the passions and then make the accomplishment of them difficult and often impossible. On the other hand, those with money and privilege can get anything they want but since it is not what their real self really wants they are- like I said- driven to greater and greater excesses of ever more perverted expressions. One might study the state of Rome under certain emperors to see just how base it all became. Most people know little of what actually transpired there because they haven't read the more arcane historical records of the times, as some of us have. What they know they may or may not have seen in things like Satyricon.

We live in similar times now and behind closed doors and in the privileged locations, all kinds of things are going on and have been going on. The level of common cruelty in this world is much greater than most people in the west imagine. The things that happen in Saudi Arabia and many another place are filled with daily expression of terrible horror. All over the world bad things are happening to people all the time. Most of you who read here are very lucky in this regard. It's all Karma however. All of these things are being encouraged and bet on and worked for and against by invisible forces and by agents of all their varieties here.

We think we've seen the extent of human depravity by this time but we have not. When the mask comes off the beast is loosed and it is like no beast ever seen in the natural world and it is invoked, revealed, brought forth by conditions. When conditions become extreme then the reaction to those conditions becomes extreme. Seemingly powerful forces are working to bring such conditions about with all possible speed in these times and that is because the hour is late and the prize and what is imagined as the prize, looms like a burning ring of fire before the eyes of those deluded by the attraction of it. There is nothing attractive about the prize of the material reward, there is only the appearance of it. There is only what it looks like but is not. The world is a disappointment and always has been because what the real self hungers for cannot to be found there. It only appears to be and the whole long progression of disappointments has one purpose and that is to bring the human heart and mind to an understanding of how shallow and empty material pursuits are. That is why one is exhorted to be in the world but not of it.

We get lost and we get more and more lost because we are following blueprints that don't lead anywhere based on our certainty that we know where we are going but we don't. One can only be led out of it all. One cannot find their own way out. The forces of ignorance and appetite are too great in this time. One need only look around to see the extent of collective confusion and illusion and all of the blocks and bindings that harness the mind against realization.

They are betting on you and against you. This is because you are found both predictable and unpredictable, even though the ineffable knows the outcome in every case and that is why every game in the casino is fixed. The infernal croupiers believe the game is fixed because they know the house has rigged the wheels and the dice and the cards... and the ineffable knows the games are fixed because the ineffable controls the wheels and the dice and the cards and whatever mediums are employed. As has been said, 'it is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a riddle'. It appears to be of a labyrinthine complexity while it is absolutely simple and this all depends on whether you believe you know what you are doing and where you are going, or whether you are following the lead of one whom you believe has all the answers and according to your faith it will be done unto you.

Ah... we could go on and on here and we have left many a question and holes everywhere in this Swiss Cheese diagram of what is, having talked about what is not.

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