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There be Komodo Dragons Dancing at the Krispy Kreme

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A lot of celebrities are atheists and that is not surprising because most actors are generally egotists. It comes with the territory. They tend to 'celebrate' their celebrity, believing that their abilities are self generated. Sometimes though, they get accused of being atheists when technically they are not. They are more in the agnostic don't know category and that is different. What is less surprising to me and none of it is surprising in any case, are the amount of gay actors that are atheists. Most of the time, atheism comes out of one's inability to accommodate their lifestyle to the pronouncements of scripture. In some Eastern religious systems they are less condemnatory but none of them support, promote or validate this form of behavior. They just acknowledge that differences happen and that there are all manner of challenges that come upon a person based on their plumbing, which gets routed in the early years by environment and that is why so many of them form such dramatic attachments to their mother who is often the cause, when it isn't the result of a negative or absentee father figure. My take is that it is something we all pass through, like everything else.

We have often pointed out here that nearly all atheistic beliefs are caused by a reaction to the hypocrisies of organized religion and have nothing to do with the existence of god apart from religion. I am very fortunate given that I have direct, repeated evidence of an ineffable being. I am not talking about psychic encounters or supernatural or metaphysical events that came about through the ingestion of psychedelics or unexplainable events. There have been many of those and many of those have been legitimate encounters. I am talking about those events that have happened apart from any of these influences and which have been a consistent part of my life and are happening more and more as time passes and I have less and less to do with comestibles.

Sexual connoisseur of air brushed twinks and ranking member of the Hollywood Gay Mafia, David Geffin (also an atheist) has financed a school of Medicine at UCLA for homosexual studies. Of course it isn't listed as this but that is what it does. Here is one of the more in depth collection of essays on this Hollywood Gay Mafia. Of course, I know a bit more about the power brokers for this lifestyle since I knew I wanted to include the demographic in novels I had yet to write at the time and since I had a friend who was a member of this trend/lifestyle and knew all about where and when to go and took me along with him as an observer, sort of like those early guys in Vietnam (grin). I had the fortune, or misfortune of seeing many of these things coming from a long way before they arrived due to connected links with both the Jewish and Gay communities. In Washington DC I saw the emergence of the gay lifestyle in tandem with taking large amounts of the very best LSD this planet has seen, so the things I saw were powerfully demonstrated and fantastically surreal. I remember seeing this acquaintance, Larry, sitting with others who had all arrived in the park that summer and I was very high on LSD and they all looked like confections, pastries, colorful candies that might dance, writhe and squirm in a crystal bowl. Though I was not a customer at that particular bakery, I still saw it as I saw it. They were playthings that got consumed (don't play with your food!) and this was the case, as I observed, after seeing them down the road later on.

Ironically, along with my friend Carlos, who was also into the martial arts and who used to make parking meters ring with head butts, I protected these fellows and the handful of queens who minced around the fountain at Dupont Circle in those times. This park could be a very dangerous and rowdy place at night, on the weekends and any time really. It could also be a blast.

All this time has passed and I still remember these young men as selections on the desert cart. That is what they had come here for. Yes, some of us came here for the spiritual opportunities of this epic period of transition on that massive cosmic clock but others came simply to frolic among the available delights (so defined according to taste) that this period has to offer as distractions from the soul advancement side of it. People look at certain objectives as something they will do later. However, sooner or later many things show up on their own, like disease, old age and death. They creep up on you. You don't expect them and you can't ever tell at what point they arrived.

I had an epiphany last night. It had been coming for awhile. I had been asking for certain things and then, at some point, weeks ago, I found myself asking the ineffable to take responsibility for and authority over all of my material and spiritual concerns but... even though I was asking for this I still had items on the list, on the menu, things I would like to have happen to or for me and it hit me very hard last night that there is really only one thing I truly want and that is to have the ineffable as the centerpiece of my life. I was laying there and the thought came into my mind of moments when I was blissed out on LSD, when I was in a state of transfiguration and deep serenity of being that was, for the moment, drenched in a state of orgasmic oneness and the ineffable said to me. “This is what it was like and what it is like when I was awake and within you. You remember don't you?” And suddenly I did. I realized that every experience like that, whether it occurred as a result of some medium or came out of nowhere, was always like that, where I was filled with love and something even more, though that would probably just be a higher arc of love than what I was ordinarily aware of, or capable of ...and I knew in that moment that all I wanted was to feel like that as often and for as long as I possibly could and that that was a guaranteed state of being if the ineffable were there in my being.

Nothing else matters. All my material concerns and spiritual apprehensions are of no consequence beside the absolute wonder and security of the ineffable resonant within. I had been deceiving myself on a very basic level where I was telling myself if only I had this or that or I was whatever it was, I would be as I wanted to be but none of any of it would have accomplished this, only the indwelling ineffable can accomplish this. I see that I am on the right track now and I see that I have been headed this way for a time. We shall see.

People want to tell me that the Jews are pawns of some shadowy cabal and I agree there is some degree of this, given that the infernal realm is a spiritual zone. However, they are part of a team that includes Satanic Masons and others who wield the temporal scepter over the fates of the rest of us, or seem to. Consider this. They own 94% of all the media, print and electronic. They own the Hollywood movie studios. They own more than 90% of all the art galleries. They own or control every aspect of the music industry. They control the United States government and many another. You can really see this in Canada and they are the financial and executive arm of every major atheist organization and every alternative sexual organization. I could add significantly more to this but it is unnecessary. What it means is they influence the general mindset and belief system of most of the world, with the objective of controlling the world. Why did I segue from the one focus to this one, all of a sudden, like I had some kind of schizo break?

There is the world and then there is the invisible vibratory realm that has to do with what precipitates into form. It is like how the lines in your palm are formed by the currents of your thought and the nature and direction of your thought is formed by your Karmic schematic and colored and defined by your particular Samskaras. The world is a creation of our minds and depending on what influences our thoughts, to that we give our support in terms of what we collectively bring about. These dark agents could do none of this without our ambitions, appetites and desires being woven into the scheme they are devising for us. Though we seem to live in a certain world that is generally agreed upon as existing in a commonly understood way, that is not the case, as there are many worlds within worlds and many degrees of sorrow and joy that color the varieties of what can be found here. As you think so you are.

As has been said here any number of times, Adam means, 'namer of things'. You see this in action when you hear conservatives and liberals speak from their perspectives or when you see anyone acting out on their idea of what is and what is not. These may not be completely right or wrong but they are most certainly flawed as far as being representative of what is. We are all caught up in a particular illusion that had hidden our view of The Garden. Apparently an angel guards the entrance there. Some live in that garden this very moment. Anyone could. That garden is wherever the ineffable resides and if the ineffable resides in you, there you are. Of course, none of us would have life except for the life that is a manifestation of the light of the ineffable but we are a conscious host or we are an unconscious vehicle that is being driven. God and the devil are the same. It is just as matter of perspective. The devil is the way the wicked see god. This is also why the devil doesn't exist except as an expression of a limited awareness. He is often called the limiter and that is the job of the planetary force of Saturn. Saturnine? “If god is for me, who can be against me?”

I'm starting to get it I think; took me long enough. You can know all kinds of things and yet not know them. You can make mistakes and they aren't mistakes. You can get into all kinds of situations and you might not have the slightest thing to say about it. Until true surrender takes place you are walking blind and the least you can do is be aware of it. You are either degenerate or you are regenerate and that all comes down to innocence lost, which is not unlike Paradise Lost. This is another thing you notice about true masters is those childlike qualities that they have. Of course they know where the real value of everything resides and it resides within and it has to be brought forth into a luminous state of resonant unity with the indwelling self. There is nothing more. Outside there could be 18 billion permutations of difference competing for both survival and attention and there is only one attention that should be sought after. Count me in on that.

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