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The Monsters of the Unreal are Marching into The Minefield of Exploding Cowpies.

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Well this certainly isn't politically correct. You just hate to see that kind of thing. Obviously the husband of the officer who died (yes... she was a female) must be confused cause... how can he miss the courage of a creature like Bruce Jenner transiting into a new life form? Jenner John's are going up all over the country now. However, since we don't understand what is going on any better than this fellow does, we'll move on to something else, commiserating for a moment with all of those who lost loved ones in the Israeli orchestrated attacks of 9/11.

Speaking of Israeli orchestrated attacks, let us turn our attention to the recent massacres in Paris and share this interesting tidbit which was mirrored in the 9/11 attacks. What is also mirrored in ALL of the attacks over recent years is that, once again, there was a military exercise taking place on the same day.
If you go to the Crass Media, you find that there are so many slithering lies of duplicitous darkness running across the pages that you can't read them. There is not enough time in the day and there is certainly not enough gullibility (on my part) to wade in the septic swamp of these pustulous prevarications (I'm starting to sound like Spiro Agnew).

It is obvious that those who control these terror attacks, when they actually happen and... who manipulate the information when they don't happen; like Sandy Hook and The Boston Marathon, have certain results in mind and we are seeing the reality of that in all of the bombastic strutting and fretting going on as a full press in the media. It really astonishes me that they think people are that stupid and what astonishes me even more is that... they are. There is some kind of headspace where people just can't believe that all these world leaders would lie to them or that life could possibly go on as it does and for all of the people behind the vast charade of appearances to be as corrupt as they actually are AND they are. Here is yet one more example of Tribe gotcha, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse and it is one more example of what the people behind the scenes get up to. What is amazing here is that this guy put an ad up on Craigslist. You know Mr. Apocalypse had something to do with that. Once again we return to the words of that strange philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, “those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.” Here is yet another Tribe action that Mr. Apocalypse has ripped the covers off of. As we have long maintained, Israel was created for only one reason and that was to create a sovereign nation that allows for an international crime syndicate to flourish without restraint.

Those of us who are not seduced by the blandishments of the material and the entertainments that squeeze out of it like fluoridated toothpaste are also not taken in by compromised figureheads who lie with such frequency that the only time they tell the truth is by accident and that accident is usually catastrophic and then obfuscated and explained away until it becomes as if it never even happened. We who are not taken in by these things have some kind of immune system in operation. For this we should be extremely grateful. There is something that comes with this awareness that manifests as a form of protection. It has a way of transmitting information through the intuition, which is not being blocked by the force of the lies which are not believed in. it's another one of those cosmic and inexplicable things.

One of the most important things for any seeker to remember is that it isn't over until it's over, as the baseball sage, Yogi Berra once said. Too often one can fall by the wayside in despair because of the relentless press of the invisible vintners whose passion is to make wine out of us. It wouldn't hurt so much if we had not become attached to all the things that are being taken from us. This is one of the tragedies of manifest existence. No matter what you may acquire in this life and no matter how sweet a run you might have for some extended period of residence here, you will lose it all. You will lose everything but what you have been made into in the process of living. For some this is a very good thing and for some this is a serious burden that can only be removed through the karmic circumstances necessary to bring it about.

Times are grim and we must seek to find what beauty and joy we can under the threat of an approaching Armageddon. Speaking only for myself, I have never found it so difficult as it has been of late and believe me, I have seen some difficult. My living situation is threatened. My financial sources are either dried up or challenged and I would think that many would consider such a situation dire, or even a testimony upon ones choice of path but for myself... my days are calm and I am certain that everything will resolve itself in a positive fashion. By now, I know that everything that happens is only brought about to test my faith and handled without alarm or panic, it will only increase the faith. This is what I believe. Sooner or later, even when you are as consciousness challenged as myself, the point gets made and you no longer buy into negative appearances. It is just weather and the weather constant is change.

Because the monsters of the unreal have not yet stepped into the minefield of exploding cowpies, we still witness their profane and psychopathic dancing and preening on the stage of the world's attention. This is all happening for a reason and at no time is the whole of everything not in the controlling hands of the invisible ineffable. Soon enough the mighty are going to fall. Many of them are being driven insane as I type these words. They are going mad. The rudder of stability within their hearts and minds is broken. The times in which they formerly prospered are fading away. The source from which they have drawn their power is being shut down and the power is being rerouted. These are not speculations on my part. Whenever humanity passes from one age to another, this happens. The appearances and manner of the functioning of the archetypes changes. The infrastructures, that had been expressions of the resonating archetypes of the age passing, are all in a state of transformation.

What we are witnessing is a playing out of grand dramas, all for the expedient working out of karma created and invested in the bank of karma where it draws its own form of interest. This bank is directly connected to the experience generators that Shake and Bake circumstances out into each day of the manifest. It is all under control and all part of the movie. It is comi-tragic; a comedy if you can laugh at it and a tragedy if you can't.

At the moment, as this posting is being composed, Mr. Visible is watching, “Hotel Rwanda” again. The epic scale of what took place there beggars the imagination, as did Bangladesh and so many another horrific disaster. I could list more of these but what would be the point? In so many of these episodes, the real travesty and tragedy was that nothing was done, as this movie, which is based on real events, clearly shows. These are the kinds of leaders we have. These are the kinds of leaders that the French and the Belgians have and it's been going on since the colonial periods and the wonderful tenure of King Leopold.

This has all been the result of the drive and imperative of business. Commerce drives politics. Commerce buys and sells politicians and Commerce gets its money from the bankers. Commerce paints the landscape with products and molds, accordingly, the mores and appearances of the times for the purpose of fixing the collective attention on more and more products and objects of convenience, until humanity is ever further, more and more separated from Nature, both the greater Nature and their own individual nature and this leads to perversity that becomes ever more and more perverse. This leads to ever increasing levels of insanity. The human psyche can only take so much of this kind of thing and remain human.

There was nothing human or humane about Rwanda and it was all the fruit of businessmen and politicians, inflaming simmering animosities between people. They did this in Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Croatia. The world stands indifferently by as the Israelis genocide the Palestinians, whose lands they stole and have continued to steal until there is almost nothing left to steal ...but they intend to steal that too. If you now go to Google, you can no longer find these maps. What you find is page after page of Zio constructed refutation of the maps. It is prima facie what is going on in the kingdom of money and murder ...but so little attention is being paid and all of the other unrest and wars throughout the entire mideast are the psychopathic step-children of the illegitimate nation of Israel.

When I was in India, I saw how cheap life could be.

Something like a million people died in Rwanda.

I have no idea how all of this is going to be resolved. All I know is that it will be and... from what I can see... at great cost. Some places will be leveled and some remain untouched. Time will tell and we shall see.

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