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Weaponized Mayhem and Madness at the Turning of the Age.

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It's hard to know how to go when you can't see past the bewildering foliage of the moment and especially when you can't see over the curve of the planet or apply some kind of personalized Google Earth that sees up around and into things. Much as most everyone that comes here knows that it's all 99% bullshit out there, it is a labor indeed to consistently reject the impact of the lies streaming at us 24/7. It takes a unique and disciplined mind to accomplish this. We are assaulted with sounds and images without respite and you can add into that all of the invisible waves bouncing around the landscape at all times. Some of these may be not so harmful overall and some of them we know to be toxic. One experience I had was a short time spent under a high tension wire. I've never forgotten it.

It's not just the microwaves and whatever HAARP actually is, it's not simply all the weaponized frequencies that are being directed at large population masses, it's the focused, occult force, resonating from the hive mind of twisted psychopathic freaks and acting upon the collective unconscious for the promotion of all manner of perversion and mayhem. You can take it to the bank that there are some number of genuflecting sycophants of the dark side, bobbing up and down and reciting vile chants and ceremonial imprecations, seeking to call up residents of The Pit for the purpose of the enslavement and torment of the human race. How logical is it that this is real? Aren't there all sorts of monks and members of many faiths who join together in fellowship and prayer, directed at the benefit of humanity? Why would the opposite not be taking place as well? Of course it does. The Kabala Boys and Vatican Vipers and sundry are all intently fixed upon every possibility of greater harm. Behind the scenes they are swinging their own kind of censers and plugging daggers, or other devices of penetration, into small children, while shrieking out the name of whatever demon they are summoning to the manifest plane. Of course, much worse that this is going on and that's pretty bad already.

I was reading where someone said that the Paris attacks were setting back the migrant infusions for a good piece of time and that they had shot themselves in the foot by bringing it about and then... I see where Hollande just said that the attacks wouldn't affect the state sponsored migration movements at all. Travel enough and you will hear almost anything. If it sounds plausible, the mind is inclined to believe it but... I suggest, question everything. Sometimes our biggest problem turns out to be something we accepted as being true a long time ago and which is now a part of us, too intimate to question.

It you look with any sort of sustained intensity at the world around you, you see tens of millions who operate out of a programmed understanding of what they believe life is all about, as well as what is desirable and what is not. Many bug eyed religions are awash in hypnotized acolytes who take the most absurd things as gospel. Their ministers tell them one thing one week and another thing the next week and contradict themselves as if it were some kind of integral yoga of their faith. They tell every kind of cynical lies directed at supporting a murderous administration on the political end, setting them against people they have never met and cultures they have never experienced and exhorting the young to put on a uniform and head off somewhere they have never been and kill everything they see for the profit of godless bankers.

Last month in the NFL it was Support the Breast Cancer Financial Scam and it was pink everywhere. Not a dime of that money will ever find its way to a cure of anything but fattening the wallets of the Tribe con artists who came up with it. Now.. this month, we've got Support the Young Dumb and Full of Cum military service scam and all the coaches are running around with cammy headsets and cammy baseball caps. The only one not doing this is Bill Belichick. Maybe next month it will be Salute to Hanukkah and Shotgun Santa Claus month. Instead of helmets the players can wear yarmulke beanies with spinning helicopter blades on top.

We've been scouting around the wider landscape of this blue green planet and noticing some interesting things about perversity. We engaged this by using the search engine to locate places where certain action goes down and found that it was very hard to find in rural locations and smaller towns and villages. The bigger the city was, the wider the selection. We also noted the presence in university settings, out of all proportion with everywhere else, of all manner of agendas that you just don't see at a wider reach. We came across many a curious situation that seemed to say to us that diverse destinies are afoot for specific locales.

As we looked deeper into the mix we saw trends massing and expanding in a kind of time lapse manner and the harder we looked the more it slowed down and sped up at the same time. That is to say that it was slow in the places where we were understanding the meaning of it and fast when we put our attention on the way the trends indicated they would be expressing themselves and we noted a rising hysteria of a religious nature and this made sense to me because the world is changing in such a way that most minds are unable to change in concert with it, so they believe all the nonsense about the national identity and they head off into the last refuge of scoundrels and meanwhile, immersed in fear because they have no idea of what is going on, or what it means, they seek after supernatural solutions that are interpreted for them by materialists. I doubt I am making much sense but there is a sense of something in what's been said... moving right along.

What is interesting about this Salute to the Military Industrial Complex at the NFL is that it was set in motion BEFORE the Paris attacks and the more we look into the Paris attacks the more we see all kinds of operations that were in motion prior to or in concert with the attacks. Obviously the whole thing was orchestrated and once again, we only have to take a look at the theater where one of the attacks went down and the fact that the owners had just sold it prior to the attacks after being there for 40 years and then hightailing it to Israel.

We don't like to pay much attention to events like the Paris attacks anymore. They are a waste of what time we have left here. By this juncture it is pretty clear that all the terror attacks going on are being managed by the same people and whatever terrorist armies, like ISIS that exist, have been created and are controlled by the same Satanic cabals financed by the same Satanic bankers. As we look deeper we find that most of the big time international crime is also being engaged in by the same people who finance everything else, or are so financed. There are some amount of entrepreneurs out there but they get the wack a mole treatment cause they aren't in the big leagues. They aren't connected

We were supposed to go down to the Police Commission tomorrow to complain about the incredible lack of professionalism on the part of the local police who are about as efficient as a lawn jockey playing hockey... a lawn jockey of no particular color by the way. I think the only color they don't come in anymore is black. So I am speaking of a contemporary lawn jockey playing hockey. One officer Murray came by when I told them I was going to the newspapers. He had nicely jelled hair and he didn't give a shit to the point that his contempt and impatience were palpable and when I thanked him for his perfunctory and indifferent performance.. At that point as I reached for his hand to give him a hearty handshake, he extended two limp fingers which was strange and freakish and I have no idea what it meant and that is kind of how it is here a lot of the time, meaning to cast no aspersions on the island culture in general. I've had some fine times here... just not recently.

I brought up this last to preface my call to the Police Commission about my hearing there tomorrow. The secretary informed me that I was supposed to be there from 8:00AM and possibly until the end of the day since there were 17 complaints to be heard. I was told there were so many because the last Commission meeting was canceled. I told her that that was not actually why. It was because the police on this island are thoroughly incompetent and it makes sense that people would complain on a regular basis but the good news was that nothing would get done and she could inform the commission that I wouldn't be coming in because I already have a passing familiarity with corruption and general indifference and that Hawaii and all those employed in the defense of reason and justice here should be rightfully proud of service rendered and service received, even if there was none of either. She wasn't amused I don't think but I'm guessing in her job she has heard some variations of this before.

We'll close by saying we have found a game plan for our own movements and just as I suspected, the ineffable has arranged the best solution for me at this time. Everything necessary to effect the change has materialized and we are... as they say... good to go. Time will tell and we shall see.

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We hope to have a radio broadcast for you this Sunday and will notify in the comments section when it is ready.


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