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Your Inside is Out and your Outside is... Uh... I Forget...

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

Today we open up with something that I thought about saying, because it was obvious to me but I hesitated. It is the reason when I fight, which I haven’t done in some years; it is why I am completely defensive in my response. Victory is more certain in that regard. It won’t save you from blind side hits, only paranoia will do that and I am not Charlie Manson who said, “total paranoia is total awareness”. Others are saying that what I saw is so. Obama rubbed something into his eye that caused him to tear up and did he cry from both eyes? I don’t even know. I say these things spontaneously and don’t check beforehand. I like it that way because I am almost often correct in my immediate observations but not 100% in my conclusions. I’m limited …but often, as the passage of time has proven… correct. I take no kudos for this. It comes via the intuition. I hear bells, gongs, strange sounds that say… “uh huh”. Well what have we here? What makes me so sure of this is that this is exactly what I thought I saw.

The guy writing this right now is a little gun-shy. It is not because I have been proven wrong so many times because I haven’t. It is more about knowing that I have been wrong about things timewise or detail-wise and my peripheral awareness isn’t 100%. You can get blindsided in this life. It’s all purpose of demonstration but that is small comfort when seen in the light of the aftermath.

One thing I want to press on your awareness is… whenever the bad guys let go of their anonymity, arrogance has taken control and they are now in the spotlight. No one who successfully works in the darkness should EVER give up their anonymity, but… they have. They have. The ineffable, who is the absolute on all things and before whom I am ‘an ant in the afterbirth’, has seen fit to reveal certain things to me, while concealing other things and one thing that I do get… one thing I do get is…  that without the right backer, you are going where the sun does not shine.

As an example of corruption at its finest, we have this.

I know that this is the cultural blog but all bets are off at this time. One cannot simply comment upon events and conditions without getting deeper into the mix. You can’t bring a checker board to a chess match. You can’t compare Yahtzee to Backgammon. You can’t bring a knife to a gunfight and expect to win, you can’t expect to win, no matter what the game is, if the ineffable does not back your play.

What the hey… Let’s segue into some cultural circumstance, like “Making a Murderer”.  You probably want to see these two ladies side by side and watch the body language. Am I a sexist, homophobic misanthrope? According to some standards, yes… I am… but… I didn’t say anything. I just said, “look and watch”., more or less. Now… I would find it hard to believe that yon Damian and his cohorts were not responsible for the Robin Hood Hills murders and I know that police plant evidence and I definitely, personally, know that they lie about what did or did not happen but… I also know that certain types working for their Satanic Majesty, also lie in order to blur the lines between truth and fabrication so that those who might be inclined to behave in similar fashion will have the comfort of precedence to tell them, “Yeah, I could get away with it too.”

I’m not saying that this guy and his alleged teenage assistant did or did not do what they are accused of. I know he was suing for 36 million dollars after they made him serve near 20 years in prison for something he didn’t do. That has to be a big maybe there. All I am saying is that I have convincing evidence that the entertainment industry, ruled over by the one who has ‘chosen’ certain people to be his emissaries, do fuck with reality as a vocation and an avocation.

These not so lovely creatures are not all Tribe members but Tribe members do make up an alarmingly high number and you can disagree with my saying this and you can disagree with my conclusions but you cannot disagree with the preponderance of the evidence. Yeah… didn’t you think I would get back to that? Look at the phony Holocaust that DID NOT happen. Look at the overwhelming evidence of their orchestration of 9/11. Look at their Russian history. You know what? There are so many examples that I am just going to stop here. As I said… or implied, not everyone who serves the devil is a Tribe member. Materialism and Satanism are both equal opportunity employers. A soul is a soul, as it were, even if it is already owned. Sure… I probably should not have said many of the things I have said but… I could not live with myself if I were that kind of a coward and I can PROVE what I say. That should count for something.

For the first time in 20 years I am watching network TV because it is there where I am, available, so to speak) and I thought I would check in. I now understand what I had already concluded as real, once I had seen all the heartburn commercials and the idea that rather than change your diet, simply find a pill to militate against the effect of bad choices. I am now convinced that stress is behind nearly every death (and certainly leads to whatever condition brings it about) but… I also recognize that death is necessary for most and even desirable for some of us to see happen). For the truly industrious and spiritually attuned and compassionate… change is still necessary (note the points of spinal twist in the death figure in the Case Deck, Death card),

And then there is the Humira commercial, where you can catch cancer and all kinds of other lovely conditions so… check with you know nothing doctor first. Surely you can find this commercial on Youtube. This is a sick culture. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the impetus to go out and talk to people in a public forum. I’ve done it before. Two times when I brought my message to the streets, the clubs or the media I got arrested for things I did not do. One I did do to save someone’s life, only to find it was a putup job. The ineffable told me yesterday that he let me go to Hawaii so I could understand that that was then and this is now. I got it.

I heard today that Assad is a dictator and he is starving this CIA/Mossad financed city 20 miles away, which was killing Syrian citizens until Russia stepped in. Did you see the Edgar Cayce bit about how he predicted that Russia would save the world?

This is a crazy AIDS quilt of a world. Did you know that people who are RH negative don’t get AIDS? Visible thanks his fortunate stars that he has the second rarest blood of them all and it is negative but, I am not… attitude wise; better say that (grin) lest people make things up out of whole cloth. Yesterday or the day before, I got a comment which I did not publish that involved fantasized details about my personal history that showed me there are people who follow and dissect every word and event that happens here, simply so that they can create a perverted simulacrum of what is not …in their minds. You can’t do anything about this, nor can any of this do anything about you, which is why I bring this up… it’s not because I have some demanding need to undress in public but rather because we all, share the same states and considerations. An empath would see this easily here and many of us are empaths. TV seeks to rob you of your empathy, by misdirecting your concerns into garbage time and by lying to you ALL the time.

I don’t feel I have to convince any of you of anything here. Yes… weird shit has happened here and there and now and again. Unless you were there you know no more than you have been told and I know that most of you stayed and kept coming back because you know it would be impossible, to say what gets said here for this long and still maintain this level of the conversation. Sometimes you have to act like a crazy person or the next thing you know, you will be on TV too, or in someone’s hip pocket. Keep in mind what happens when these people sit down. Sometimes you can be completely sane and you still get taken for crazy, for pushing people out of their comfort zone but… that’s our job here, to inspire, infuriate, annoy and console and hope that every one of these results in  a better place for all of us because… what is the point otherwise? Otherwise, what is the point?

End Tansmission…….


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