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Riding that Train and Watching the World Gamble on By.

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Greetings from the other side of the country. Haven't been here in twenty years and never been where I now am, ever before. It is altogether a better place than I have been in some years. I was told that all of the tests and trials of recent years has now ended for me and it certainly seems as if this is true. Many remarkable circumstances and events are coming about that simply did not happen previously. Everything has changed for me and it takes some getting used to. Gunshy doesn't go away overnight (grin).

We have paid no attention to the world in the last week and hardly even opened the computer at all. Storms have been lashing California in recent days and I guess I picked the right time to hit the road. Trump is talking about his dick and killing the families of people he decides are terrorists. Not much has changed in the political area from what I can tell and that is the big news of the day, on any day, according to those who fabricate the news for the purpose of setting dimension and parameters to what passes for reality in the slumber rooms of this world.

Now and again, Chris Hedges has written something worth reading but presently he is parroting the paranoia of the Zionist Master Class and making sure to project in double speak, liberal linguistics, the very style and intentions that he discusses, at a distance from his projections of the objects and examples in extension of his arguments, while talking exactly like them with all the impotent passion of one who is safely tucked into the burrows of their pseudo intellectual hidey holes. Quoting Hannah Arendt more than once should be a dead giveaway and tossing in Hitler and Mussolini as the boogeymen of all good things is another. I am guessing that Hedges is a pliant believer in the Holocaust Fantasy and I can't remember him ever coming out about who was really behind 9/11; correct me if I am wrong. The bulk of 'these guys' from the pretend left, like Chomsky, Palast and others, write and talk from the pulpit of their own economic self interest. They say one thing, while shoring it all up with the same tedious arguments that their overseers have demanded of them for as long as they have been permitted to do the backstroke in the Cloaca Maxima.

I've seen a good deal of the American landscape in the last week and talked with people from towns, cities and states across the country. I've sat in bars in train stations and watched the entire row of people on the barstools running toward the other end of the bar, all hammering on their cellphones. In discussing it with the principles, I found them agreeing about the phenomena and laughing about it. I knew this had become the greatest pastime of this period but I had no idea how truly ubiquitous it was. It is a marvel, something to see; ranks and ranks of people pouring into stations with their eyes riveted upon the small screens. Half of them are playing some kind of game. One fellow at the bar took a bit of umbrage and said, “Hey! I'm reading a novel.” (grin).

I spoke with professors and blue collar types, as well as Federal government workers and a certain amount of crazy people, including a gaggle of Jehovah's witnesses, all blacks. That sect really likes to go after people of color. I remember back when I was occasionally spending time with George Benson that he was a Jehovah's Witness too. He had some kind of handler named after a Biblical figure but the name doesn't come to me at the moment; Noah? Jonah? I discussed what I know to be true, concerning 9/11 and the Holocaust Industry. Surprisingly, no one lept out of their seat and challenged me to a duel. A lot of them seemed to get it. That was weird. Most people, though... are more concerned with putting food on their families and staying the course on the trolley rails of their existence. They know all kinds of things are out there but what has any of it to do with what they have to deal with every day? I could say,”a great deal” but I didn't want to get too in the face.

I talked about the mass murder in Syria, Libya and other zones. I didn't get much argument from anyone but I also noticed that most people did not go out of their way to talk to me again.

One fellow was walking a little funny and I mentioned that I could see he had a problem and he told me it was Parkinsons. We'd been having some good conversations until this Rasputin double got into the mix and went off about his being a gay man and then the other guy mentioning that he had a gay son. I explained that I had no concern or quarrel with anyone's sexual expressions, only the political fires that were being stoked in academe and the media, in the desire to put the desires of the smallest demographics above those of the majority and... though I didn't say it... all of it is being manipulated by the smallest demographic of all. The highest concentration of gays are from the Jewish community and they do control and sit on the boards, sometimes exclusively, of every gay organization, as they do at every atheist and communist organization. These are not statements that can be argued against with any hope of success because the facts are easily discovered..

Then it became evident that Rasputin was drunk and simply being Devil's Advocate but that led to the end of any further discussions with either. Shortly after, the conductor cut him off and banished him to his room. People seem unable to parse various segments of a complexity, into their separate parts, without thinking it endangers their whole idea of the wide embrace of it. As you notice in Hedge's article, he makes a point of tossing this item into his work at different passes, along with blacks and sundry, as if and if only... we were to make straight the way (pun intended) with these areas of social concern, then all would be well in the heartland. I spoke with a significant number of blacks during my journey and none of them seemed to be possessed of any great degree of ire over their station and I am more oppressed and poor than any of them... heh heh... and I got no great ire either.

Last night I went to a large casino; actually several of them. Ostensibly it was to enjoy a very nice buffet. The invitation had come in the mail but... of course, one then winds up traveling through the gambling areas and there they were, thousands upon thousands of souls smacking the buttons that spin the numbers and images that Rolodex on the screen of the slot machines. I haven't been in a casino since Baden Baden and not for decades before that. I was in awe of the numbers of folks who just sat there and kept doing it. The smoking situation has all turned around and now there are entire areas where people are puffing away and whole sections of bars where the same is occurring. Conveniently, the casinos have put machines right into the bars so the customers can drink and swat at the same time.

Next to us sat a father and mother with their son. They all had more than one drink going and were knocking back shots of something called Fireball as well. I'm guessing they were staying in the casino hotel and not planning to drive around afterward; though you never know.

Everyone I haven't heard about in years was playing at one casino or another. Once an entertainer gets into their late 70's and 80's it seems like this is where they wind up; Bobby Rydell, Diana Ross, Olivia Neutron Bomb and then there were a lot of individuals and groups I never heard of before. The floors of some of these casinos were bigger than any Wal-Mart I have ever been in... thousands and thousands of machines and blackjack tables and roulette wheels. I ate and wandered for a bit and then hightailed it out of there. Some of us can only take so much of this and I suspect I am one of those. Others can sit there for hours and hours, in search of some grand moment where the odds get suspended or reversed for a space or two. A whole lot of money is being spent. Meanwhile there was an impressive number of the underaged but I suspect security has that all in hand, unless they were imported as party favors.

I was told that often there are scantily clad ladies dancing on the bar but I think we were there too early. Occasionally I'll get an email asking me if I want to download one of them on to my desktop but so far I have resisted this opportunity.

I have no idea where this whole shebang... meaning the country and all the other countries... I don't know where they are headed. Living so rurally for so long, I haven't had the measure of how many people there are. There are a whole lot of people at a wide reach... all the way out to the huge ice walls at the ends of the flat Earth. I guess the ice walls are a lot like the one in Game of Thrones. Maybe Game of Thrones is what is real and the rest of us are not? I don't know.

Well... folks, we are back now and I hope my absence has not been particularly onerous for anyone (grin). We'll see if we can't come up with things worth reading in the times to come. I apologize for leaving that last Smoking Mirrors as all there was in the hiatus period but... given a lot of what I saw, I can't say it wasn't relevant.

End Transmission.......

There might be a radio broadcast today. There have been various reasons why there has been none for some weeks. Perhaps all is well now. I don't know but... time will tell and we shall see.


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