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Dancing on the Ledge of Certainty, Nature is Going to React. It is Inevitable.

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(Sorry for interruptions in certain services from this end. Visitors have been coming and going and there have been technical difficulties on the other end with the radio shows. It will get sorted. I am in The Land of Old Friends and such meetings haven't occurred in over a decade and two decades and more in other cases.)

I want to sing the praises of a certain entrepreneur, to start off with. I am talking about Costco. I remember about, well... it has to be 25 years at least, when this fellow set up his business model and I found out how well he treats his employees and how wonderful his products have been. It has been a satisfying experience to return to the US after 15 years in Europe and be able to go there again. I was there a few weeks ago with a friend and I stopped to talk to the man at one of those vendor/sampling tables that they have set up by the different aisles. I told him how much I appreciated his attitude and how much I loved Costco. He said he was grateful for Costco because he had contracted MS and no one would hire him, nor could he get health insurance. Costco hired him and gave him that. Then he told me that they hire the elderly and I had noticed a handful of people who were in their 70's or more while I was walking through the place. This is the sort of thing we will see in the coming golden age. It is always amazing to me when people give a shit and strive to do the right thing and even more amazing to me when they succeed at it.

At the same time there are culture jackers who are grouped together and pushing those alternative sex, splinter agendas that are designed to throw a society into confusions and aggressive polarization that feed the divisiveness, in opposition to the creation of harmonic unification. Even a pea brain should be able to read through the language games and phrasal redundancies of this novelle cuisine, puff pastry article. People are being fired from their jobs and states, are being penalized for commentaries and laws that go counter to the designs of those who own the government and the media and who use both in their attempt to drive the culture down to Sump Pump City.

Then there is nonsense like this that links up Prince with Madame Just say No! I liked Prince's work but when known Satanic atheist, sewer sites attempt to traffic in quasi-spiritual symbolism, you know there are other things at work. Here, the same site points out what I thought happened the moment I heard about it; not to mention those flu symptom references. Of course, I've got no beef with people taking drugs or even dying from them. To me it is all Karma. Meanwhile, the lame stream media is doing a full blackout on this item. I don't enjoy linking this site at all but I do go there to see what their latest profanities are. There seems to be no end nor limits to the insanities afoot, all in the name of profit. Once again the coy and transparent language being employed is crystal clear for intention and the focus of large orchestrations of mind control are patently obvious.

Nearly all of the seemingly unrelated social obscenities are being employed to distract from these kinds of behavior on the behalf of Banker Syndicate Nation and because there is a rising tide of this sort of reaction to their psychopathic behavior.

As much as there is a ubiquitous social tension ramping up around the world, there is also the rumblings of Lady Nature that is burbling in the collective unconscious as can be seen here and also here. These come on the heels of the Ecuadorean quake and numerous other trampoline antics all up and down the Ring of Fire. To me these are obvious indicators of something large and unpredictable, dancing on the ledge of certainty. I have long felt that despite the more apparent, day to day, comings and goings of war on every front and the specter of economic catastrophe, the real transformation point was going to be Lady Nature. When you mess with the natural components of a sane society, as has been the case with all these politically driven sexual, press gang obfuscations and the destruction of the family unit, or eunuch, as the case may be, Nature is going to react. This is inevitable. The human mind and emotions are directly linked to Nature. Nature is a sounding board for them and adjusts its response to the level of imbalance in the world. This is basic math, although there aren't that many mathematicians that traffic in this kind of theory because of conditions like this.

Well... I think that is enough linkage for the moment. If I keep this up your day is going to be much shorter than it might have been, regardless of getting another minute of light with every passing day; until the 22nd of June.

It is clear to see what is going on, at least for us, who have been somewhat awake for years and all those people who are now waking up and don't like what they see and that accounts for the riots and fights over gender fucked bathroom agendas, on behalf of the way less than 1% -and the intensity of persistence on the part of compromised hearts and minds that are overwhelmed by that bandwagon virus. Gee... all kinds of burned out artists are refusing to play in North Carolina and Mississippi because someone identifies with sitting down instead of standing up. The professional liars say that the percentages are 0.2 and 0.3 of the population, so even though they are inflating the numbers, their numbers are still far below 1%. This is past ridiculous and I, no doubt, will be labeled as intolerant and a manifester of hate language, which is fine with me since the idea is absurd

It's like that anti-Semitic thing. The truth is anti-Semitic; “it is a trick, we always use it.” The reality of an apocalypse is that no one but Mr. Apocalypse can control it and it is all about awakening human consciousness to the conditions they have been dreaming in. This rings a death knell for those who have been preying upon us. There is no way they can spin it, even though they took control of world media through their connections with the international banking consortium, it will not help and they present themselves as more and more shallow, depraved and deranged with every passing day. It accounts for the Kardashians and reality TV. It accounts for all the never ending nonsense that floods the print media and the airwaves; be they literal or virtual. Absurdity piles upon absurdity until it collapses upon itself like a house of cards, or a massive third world garbage dump.

In the March 2016 edition of Town and Country magazine, there is an article entitled, “Is that all there Is? It is both profound and probably unintentionally revealing. It gives a penetrating look into the mindset of the 1%. You may think you have some idea of how selfish and self involved they are but this article sinks it to a new low. It tells you one thing for sure, this cannot last. It might go on for a longer or shorter period of time but it cannot last. I found myself reading portions of it out loud to my friends. It was hysterical. If you can find it online (I found it, courtesy of a reader named Tom!), which I could not, you owe it to yourself to read it; or... maybe you are somewhat upscale (in your mind-grin) and you have a copy... or they got it at the library or the beauty parlor (an oxymoron? Where's the oxycodone?) or some wealthy neighbors house. Wait for them to go to the golf course, break in and steal (or borrow if you prefer) it. Hopefully I have given you some useful ideas for the acquisition.

George Carlin is playing at the moment. If you stream any of his skits on youtube, one will follow the other and you will be hugely entertained. I always loved this guy. His genius and truthfulness is luminescent. It is only now, a few years after he passed that I realize what a genius he was/is; truly impressive.

So... on and on it goes and where it stops, only the ineffable knows. I am in a waiting zone, brimming with expectation. Every day I go to the news, thinking, “did it happen today?” So far, 'it', whatever 'it' is has not happened. One of these days though... “Niagara Falls!!! Slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch.. and then” Until that seminal, watershed moment, I'm just going to motor along in no definite direction except for within.

Have a wonderful day... insofar as that is possible for you.

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