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Diamonds from Zimbabwe and Kardashians from Hell.

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The Heliocentric sun is circled by the Earth. Planets rotate. Solar systems rotate. Galaxies rotate and wherever they may be in the moment of their circling; in the location of the cycle, there is a destiny that manifests every time it gets to any specific point that it is passing through on its way to another specific point. These points are only specific if you screen capture them at any moment in movement because it is always in movement. Ergo it is always a moment of change. Change is all there is. Change is the cornerstone of eternity. Let's attempt to rephrase what was just said in all its ineffective splendor. Let us attempt to make the point, when none of the points exist in stasis because everything is in movement, no matter how imperceptible that movement may be; whether it be the slow disintegration of a mountain, or the transformation of a shore over the course of centuries of storms and the daily pounding of the waves. Everything changes. It would seem that in those places where the changes can be measured, the most important thing is to be able to predict what changes will follow the change you are observing.

If there is nothing new under the sun and if all things have been as of old, it should be relatively simple to predict what will follow anything, as long as you are familiar with what happened the last time and... the time before that and the time before that. There are some who automatically know this because they have found a way to withdraw their focus and attention back and away from what is being observed and the further back they are able to withdraw, the greater the reach of time presented in the panoramic snapshot. I imagine it can go either way. One draws back and back until the whole of creation can be seen at once; however impossible that might be to illustrate or... one could focus closer and closer, until the entirety of a single moment can be seen, expressing the whole of it, within the microscopic atomic essence of the totality. It has occurred to me any number of times that the distance between the planets and stars are precisely relative to the distance between the atomic bodies in the molecular structure and that the whole is contained within the tiniest parts. I have no proof of this and it might be a whole lot of theoretic bullshit that I came up with on a slow Saturday. This is less important than the process of thought that is generated by you thinking about it.

Sometimes the results of any particular line of inquiry are of less value than the activation of reflection that is created by one thinking about it. I find it to be similar to what happens in your mind through the stages of coming into the rush zone of a powerful dose of LSD. What passes through the mind is so far beyond the reach of words to explain it as to make the effort of doing so an exercise in futility. I don't guess you expected anything like this today, did you?

They've discovered a massive presence of diamonds in Zimbabwe. You'll note in the video that the British (as usual) were first on the scene. However, in this case, even though they had finagled the mining rights, Mugabe tossed them out of the country and kept all the machinery. It seems that someone said to the predatory Brits that there were a lot of guns in the truck and they could either leave or have the guns used on them. They left. Further on you see that Rio Tinto, a subsidiary of Rothschild Vampire Industries is on the scene. Realities of the reality of fabricated circumstance, invariably leave out of the picture the important details of who is getting bent over the rail and who is servicing the account from the rear.

They say knowledge is power. That can mean all kinds of things, depending on what that knowledge makes possible, according to whatever anyone in possession of that knowledge is looking for; according to whatever the motive was that led to their coming into possession of that knowledge in the first place. Implied in this convoluted example of intellectual masturbation is the consideration that there are a near infinite catalog of types of knowledge and that every type of knowledge falls into a category of what it is useful for. An extension of this logic might (should) bring up the thought of the moral sector that the knowledge operates in. There are collective perspectives on morality that include large numbers of us. 'Most of us' agree on the understanding that we shouldn't steal, or kill, or do any one (or more) of a select number of acts. In times of greater illumination, a larger amount of us agree on certain common themes. In times of more pervasive darkness, a larger amount of us are ambiguous and lax about the meaning of hard and fast and the prevailing watchword is, 'just don't get caught'.

In times of ubiquitous moral relativism it has become far too common for people to behave with complete indifference to how they appear to others while engaged in the most odious behaviors; religious icons install solid gold fixtures in their bathrooms, fly on private planes and live in outrageous opulence, while literally stealing, under false pretenses, from parishioners far and wide. Somehow they are able to convince themselves that whatever they do is fine. The same applies to politicians, corporate thugs, entertainers and an unfortunate number of devoted felons from every walk of life.

These days there is no public honor in the exercise of integrity, or any of the other qualities that were once the signature of the truly worthy among us. If you are encumbered by any of these, that handicap ensures you will not wind up in the money at the end of the race. You will not be on the podium with a medal around your neck. Surely one should not operate as one influenced by the qualities of the divine if one is in pursuit of material gain. This causes the untrustworthy to consider you untrustworthy and if you call too much attention to yourself by behaving in a righteous fashion, you won't be welcome among the unrighteous. They don't want to be seen in operation by people like you.

If you are paying attention, you come across signifiers like this. The prevaricating, sociopathic, bottom feeders don't give a rat's ass anymore what anyone sees because as long as a particular amount of the population is below the stupidity line, they have a support group that not only doesn't care what they do but who also accept whatever explanation or excuse is given for their behavior. Practically everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is a criminal that has, at one time or another, broken every law in the book. If they don't know this consciously, they know it unconsciously. They sense it the way a person might sense the presence of a dead body by the evidence of the smell in the air. They may not know who or what is dead but they know something is dead, because the nature of the smell is obvious, except at those times when you have been fooled by a Durian left behind in the room next to your own, or even down the hall and sometimes... on the floor above or below you. In any hotel where Durians may be available from nearby markets, there is always a sign- often made from metal or long lasting wood- that says, “No dogs and no Durians”.

So long as this pinhead demographic exists, the despicably evil among us will prosper, especially since the greatest dream that is shared among all of them is to be just like these people. This is why fatuous reptiles like the Kardashians have tens of millions of followers and... where are they following them to?

The biggest news that I saw about the attack in Nice was about how terrified Rihanna was in her bodyguard protected hotel room. Her presence was more important than the numbers of anonymous dead. I've never heard anything by Rihanna or most of the rest of the Barbie and Ken dolls that make up the majority of the world of entertainment and hopefully I never will. Those who have appointed themselves as the medium by which we receive our news about the more important representatives of our feces species, make it a point to see that we know what we need to know about those too precious to live (we hope). Phrenologists (like myself) have a field day studying the arrangements of the features of her face. Suffice to say she is not going to be called upon to play the mother of Jesus or any female icon know for selfless compassion and service to the wider body of our being as it pops up like asparagus around the globe.

My friend insists that I include this last photograph, simply because, I, apparently, know less about phrenology than I think. There's a joke in there but I don't get it; speaking of the lack of self reflection.

Well... this has been only one in a series of postings having no connection to the ones preceding it and the ones following it. Have yourselves a wonderful weekend. Bang two doctors and call me in the morning.

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Snordster does Diamonds from Zimbabwe and Kardashians from Hell


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