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Tragedy, Farce and the Goddamned Kali Yuga.

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Well, it's official, Obama and his cabal of criminals are set upon creating race war in America and the migrant situation is a part of that, as is the shooting of black men around the country and now the killing of Dallas policemen in the worst example of the kind in 116 years. Expect much more of the same to follow. The self styled elite know more about what they are up against than is generally known by the general public. They know that their time grows short, so nothing short of global chaos will satisfy them in the performance of their doom, in the short hours before the changing of the guard.

What needs to be understood about Satanists is that they come in several types. The dedicated upper tier, committed psychopaths, fully believe that they will reign in Hell, according to their contributions to the will of their dark master. Their master is rendered dark by their perception of him as the Prince of Darkness. In fact he is both sides of the coin at all times. He is the one who both snares and liberates accordingly. This upper tier are conscious supplicants of evil and believe they will be rewarded to the extent that they have served. This is so but... when dealing with 'the father of lies', all bets are off in consideration of what actually comes to pass.

There are other tiers that are less aware of the spiritual angle and they are composed of the self serving, the materialistically committed, the aggressive atheists, the fundamentalist religion junkies, the professional liars and the political correctness agents; pretty much all of those deluded by one fiction or another, which permits them the license to oppress their fellows and anyone who gets in their way. There are the consciously willing and then there are those who assist in the process because the process provides venal opportunity for them. There are also those who are motivated by fear. Fear makes it possible to accomplish all manner of crimes.

There is a great megaload of bad shit going down at the moment. Chilpotles decided not to serve GMO farmed products in their menu and so Monsanto and fellow travelers poisoned their restaurant and also have launched a smear campaign against them, where characters come out of the woodwork, claiming to have been poisoned when there is no evidence of it. I can't prove this, so I had better say that but... I'm pretty damn certain this is what is happening.

Hillary Clinton has been absolved of proven wrong doing (over and over) through the machinations of a corrupt head of the FBI who has been both a lobbyist and an executive for Lockheed. Assisting in this callous disregard for justice is Loretta Lynch, the corrupt Attorney General of the US, who met with Bill Clinton very shortly before the whitewash took place. She ought to be prosecuted for this but it is near impossible to prosecute the prosecutors.

I don't know if Obama is being blackmailed for his earlier associations with Rahm Emmanuel in that Chicago gay bathhouse or if there is no need to blackmail him because he willingly engages in all manner of evil for the sheer joy of it. One could say that his present efforts at assisting in the orchestration of race and culture war might provide the opportunity for his suspending The Constitution and declaring martial law, which would derail the election and keep him in office. Of course, electing Hillary would in no way hamper the horrors that those pulling the strings in the backroom intend for us all.

One of the hardest tasks for the human mind to carry out is to become capable of seeing the whole of the drama of life as a movie that is being directed toward a particular end and to see the entire as a purpose of demonstration effort, with the intent of teaching a lasting lesson for the benefit of all. Everything is under control, no matter how it looks. Manifest life is a theater in which the same results repeat themselves in every evolving variations on a theme. Shakespeare illustrated this in myriad ways, as tragedy and farce. The events and conditions that recycle here over and over, are all filtered through the lens of a given age. Kali Yuga, is the time of payback and resolution. It is the time of the ascendancy of all the worst in the human psyche. It is a test of our inclination and ability to resist the trends of depravity and ignorance that are sweeping the planet like some kind of plague.

I hardly know what to say on these matters, except to say what I already said and then to say it yet one more way, as if the countless ways it has already been said have not been enough. This is a world of appearances and appearances are a lie. If we submit to the implications of appearances, we are caught in a web of delusion and then the powers that seem to be, turn into the powers we believe them to be and begin to wield whatever power we have conferred upon them against us. They don't have any real power except what we give them but... when the majority of the world is caught in the thrall, it puts us up against it. The fact is that unless you are linked up with the source of all power, you are prey to the sources of the perversions of that power.

Why is it permitted that allocated power can be expressed in perversions? One might as well ask why the divine permits evil to flourish. I refer you to the phrase in The Lord's Prayer; “lead us not into temptation.” Why would the almighty lead us into temptation? I submit that the world is also a composition of the collective desires and appetites of the world's population. This could well account as a reason for a great many of the conditions and events that take place every day, as well as the general direction of life in these times. We ALL play a part in what takes place here. It has been said that the avatar can do little, unless we rise to the necessaries of the message he brings. Without our cooperation the avatar will fail and this is not just me saying this but it is present in statements made by teachers and mystics over a long stretch of time. It really is the sum total of all of us and all an avatar is is an expression of the highest possibilities of the human experience. We can live up to it because it is already a part of us, if only potentially.

I've been engaged in a crisis of faith for a little while now. It seems that, depending on the wine that the grand vintner wants to make, upon that depends the amount of pressing force he puts upon the grape cluster under consideration. When we don't know who we are, we don't know why what is is what is and sometimes we are not allowed to know who we are for the purpose of the tale being told. Sometimes the mystery is a part of the key to the revelation. All of us are exceedingly unique in our own way but it it is a rare thing when we live up to the potential. However, when we seek to live up to that potential we put ourselves in a tornado of change; a spinning, whirling, transforming and transporting wind of personal devastation and renewal. One only changes in a dramatic and lasting fashion when one is capable of dying in every moment and being reborn in the next. The ancient mythos of The Phoenix, Prometheus and sundry tell the story of it all. When the scorpion becomes the eagle, we are at the gate.

It has been said in many ways, in many times ...and in many places that the higher one ascends up the mountain of awareness, the greater are the winds that buffet one. If you are insincere you can appear to be on that switchback mountain road but you have already been thrown down. As one passes into the realms of those locations where the veils close forever behind you, you see the real as opposed to the unreal and yet you still don't know and you never shall ...because the road goes on forever and it would be pointless for there to be an end to the process, as the realms of light are literally endless and so defined by the consciousness of the one experiencing the progression. There are no limits placed upon us except for the one's we place. The appearance of limits placed on us by higher forces are for the purpose of the performance of the drama we are engaged in. They aren't real limits. They are directorial limits to the end of the temporary tale of that segment of our passage. It's all increments but they express themselves in exponential fashion and when you start to get into dimensional progression, it ceases to be something you can sort out mathematically, logically or within the capacity of any mortal reasoning. Some would say that reason is among one of the highest arts that the mind can perform. Let us keep in mind that there is mortal consciousness and immortal consciousness. Only God can see God and that means one must become God in order to see God and that means... well, ...something to do with mirrors and what they reflect. You can't say certain things directly. They can only be inferred. I think you get it.

Someone once said, “these are the times that try men's souls.” I would have to agree with that but push the timeline up to the present. As chaotic as the world outside may seem at present, it is the chaos within that defines us and which is also the greatest enemy we have. Nothing outside of us has the force of influence of what is inside us. “Greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world.” “If God is for me, who can be against me?” I think that will do for the moment.

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