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Tranquility; Meditating by the Martha Washington Monument.

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I love times of reflection; moments of personal silence, amidst the noise and hubbub of modern life. Along with a desire to find that still, motionless pool that will mirror the emptiness of mind and fullness of heart, is a callback to the poignancy and nostalgia of former times when I, in all innocence, celebrated the archetypal icons of the world as I once knew it; those symbols of fortitude and faith that underpinned and supported my world view, in a time of personal change and growth. I want to go to Washington D.C. this summer and meditate at the opening of the Martha Washington monument, which is an elegant 500 foot hole in the ground. This is my celebration of the eastern Yabyum construct upon which all manifest life is based and which is responsible for any and all occurrences of it to begin with.

I've had many thoughts about this world in which I live and how we might improve upon our lives in the mix. As you all know, there is a serious problem with obesity in these times. I'm not talking about twenty or thirty extra pounds. This can happen to any of us in the passage of life from entrance to exit. I've wondered often about energy shortages and the costs of utilities for a family of four, or more. If we all do our part then there is no reason why we cannot revolutionize the world in which we live. Whether we are fashionably thin to where we cannot be seen if we turn sideways, or large enough to block out the sun while walking along the beach, we can all do our part. If you live in Alabama or Mississippi, you are aware of the given demographic of which I speak. I have probably broached this idea before but it was years ago and many of you were not around. I believe there is a way that those of us who are two, three and four hundred pounds north of what a normal weight might once have been, far in the unremembered past, there is a way for you to contribute to the general good of all humanity. I like to see myself as a visionary; a sort of combination of Nikolai Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Thomas Edison and Frank Zappa. Here is a rare and unexpected photo of Mark Twain and Tesla.

You are all, hopefully, aware of how bicycles have an electricity generating unit on them that powers the headlight for suicidal runs at night on busy highways and from whom drunk drivers can reap a bounty of 50 dollars per casualty. What if the pathologically obese were to attach such a unit between their thighs and in combination with wireless technology, were able to transmit the generated energy to a central storage center? In many towns and cities throughout America, these pioneering entrepreneurs could provide all of the power needs for the whole of the area they reside in. It is revolutionary thinking like this that once made our country great for a few weeks here and there, during those rare intervals where, inexplicably we were not at war with someone, in the pursuit of corporate profits, at the behest of central bankers and political opportunists. We can make America great again.

For some reason, this morning, my mind is filled with innovative ideas, where any small or large business, NGO or Zionist vampire bat reserve can improve, not only their lot but the lot of all humanity, even if, in the examples just mentioned, they are not a part of it. At the moment I am thinking about Kentucky Fried Chicken and their latest effort to maximize company profits by using failed Saturday Night Live, unfunny comedians, to play Colonel Sanders, in the hope that the public has been dumbed down enough to actually laugh at something that would make elementary school children fall asleep in their chairs. Why does food have to be what food has been for so long? Why must food continue to be so ordinary and unromantic as it has been for far too long? I've got an idea for KFC that will electrocute their bottom line, while drawing a new resource from a formerly discarded body part. The cost would be nil and the financial benefits unreal. I'm talking about deep fried chicken butt rings, accompanied by a welter of dipping sauces. I foresee young teenage couples with stars in their eyes, moved into realms of poetic rhapsody by the possibilities of it . I envision a callow, bath salts addled young man, gazing at the object of his adoration and taking her hand in his... asking her to be his, at least for the evening and then with all the ardor and intensity of the young, slipping a chicken butt ring over the appropriate finger, thus sealing their pending hookup for the evening, courtesy of Tinder, with that unforgettable transfat miracle, perhaps served with Buffalo chip fries.

There are so many ways that we could make this world a better place. Along with the obesity, electricity generators, we could place a similar appliance on every dildo sold in the country and exported overseas. We could attach them to hairbrushes and especially cellphones. Imagine what kind of power could be created by hundreds of millions of Adderal fueled fingers, thumbhumping our way to energy self sufficiency. Imagine an appliance attached to every genital engaged in every pornographic production world wide. ♫Imagine all the people, yadda, yadda, yadda.♫ Imagine such a device on the right or left wrist of every teenage boy. The possibilities are endless and it is starting to feel like this posting is too.

Imagine attaching such a unit to the tonsils and lips of every politician. Imagine it attached to every rollerblader from Venice to South Beach. Imagine one as standard equipment on the boots of all the marching armies, attached to every bullet and bomb, whether it be the stock issue of every official and unofficial terrorist, whether they work for the government, or are freelancing in the employ of any government. Imagine what kind of power might have been generated if the World Trade Center buildings had been outfitted with tens of thousands of small devices that went into a spinning fury as the Israeli/CIA bombs went off; or whatever the actual mechanisms of destruction were.

In the financial realm, world currencies as we know them are soon to become a thing of the past, due to Bit Share technology. Bit Share is going to revolutionize the world in the next few years. It works according to a philosophy of fair and able dealing and can be rendered incorruptible. There's never been anything like it. The speed of this technology is beyond anything we have ever known. A golden age is coming. It is coming in part due to revolutionary technologies, in tandem with an awakening in the hearts and minds of a significant portion of humanity. It's going to be out with the old and in with the gnu. It's going to result in all the Illuminati-elite and their catamite zombies, roller skating in a Buffalo stampede, as ♫another bolt of lightening killed a hundred head of steer♫

Despite the epidemic stupidity and collective denial of billions of quasi evolved crustaceans, gesticulating, like those silent and possessed horrors from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, pointing at the few still independently ambulatory, in a parody of the Edvard Munch Scream, we will have our consciousness revolution, whether the reality TV watching Kardashian junkies like it or not. They probably won't even notice because separations are going to occur between large and small masses of the public, in which we are all shunted into whatever dimension of being is appropriate for our state of awareness. Those who would kill without conscience will continue to do so. Those who would remain indifferent to such activities will remain indifferent and those of us who seek to elevate into worlds formerly unknown, through portals previously unseen, will do likewise (I'm sure).

♫materialism is a fire
materialism is a grave
materialism is a television
on the walls of Plato's cave

It gets hotter and denser
the deeper that you go-
oh tell me something I don't know.

Materialism has a stable full of whores
they bump and grind together
they party on forever
when you reach out for them
they turn to smoke
tell me... tell me something, I don't know♫

Zio-Ogre Vampire bat, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

who is tied with Jocelyn Wilderstein

for the title of The Ugliest Woman on the Planet, is going after Donald Trump and though I do consider Trump to be one of the most incredible megalomaniacs on the face of the Earth, more and more he is looking like the lesser of two weevils. It's amazing how those who lack all gravitas come to resemble someone dragged on their face over gravel. You come to look like what you are, as Little Georgie Sorrows and David Rockefeller have become the poster boys for. 

Over the course of time your features come to represent what you are like inside, whether the result of base and perverted passions etch a sketching you into some facsimile of depravity, or the inner light shaping you into a true example for us all.

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