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Anointed with Hyena Semen and Wolverine Piss.

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Well, it is definitely official now. The near wholly owned Zionist media REALLY hates Donald Trump. I've been watching this site for weeks now and sometimes it is as if Trump and all Trump related news; so long as it is negative, is all the news. As you scroll down the page, you find them announcing the same information over and over. The latest is an 'alleged' Trump intervention by such moral standouts as Mr. Deep in the Facilitation of the Israeli 9/11 Assault on America, Rudolph- the red nosed tranny- Giuliani and other name faces, where phrenology boils down to being able to read the cowpie formations of their features. If you read the article you see that there is no proof of any of this. Those close to Trump say they have no knowledge of any such thing and there is no quote by any of the 'alleged' players to that effect. There has been page after page of garbage, like the uproar from one Khan whose son died over a decade ago in one of those Israeli promoted and sponsored Middle East conflicts. He is apparently neck deep in the odious murk of Clinton's nether regions.

Today's page is surprisingly light on Trump affairs. I could have picked another day but this is the day it's come up. However, on my word, it has been off the charts on negative Trumporabilia. In the days that Red Ass Khan came bombastically out at the Gay Israeli Convention in Philadelphia, they would have the same article reproduced half a dozen times on THE SAME PAGE. I can't remember if he was followed by the spokes-it for Tranny Lives Matter but that is neither here nor there but... probably there.

The curious anomaly of this whole scenario is the extent to which Trump is not being measured and circumspect about what he says and which dovetails right back into what we have often said here, that he is a stalking horse for Kill 'em Dead Clinton. Why would she even need a stalking horse? She needs one because most of the nation hates her and they are pulling out all stops to make it look like she is the anointed. She might well be if the anointing oil is hyena semen mixed with wolverine piss. Lately the headlines have been blasting on about that criminal who was/is associated with Hewlett Packard coming out for the Clitosaurean. They want to make it look like major Republicans are leaving the party in droves to celebrate and support this latest permutation of Elizabeth Báthory.

Let's be clear here, I am no Trump supporter but I am a fair play inclined sort of a guy and I know that Hillary is a toxic waste dump, who is wholly owned by America and Christianities most bitter enemy; the Zionists. It doesn't take much to see who the real enemy of not only humanity but of the human race is and that is the full on atheistic and Satanic Zionists. They weren't banking on Mr. Apocalypse and now they are scrambling about like cockroaches caught in the sudden kitchen light of a Philadelphia slum project. Here is only one example of the sorts of efforts Mr. Apocalypse is bankrolling these days. It went up yesterday but it should go up again today as well. It will soon enough be in the sidebars here.

All over the planet, people are waking up and they are angry. This is being routinely ignored by the Crass Zio-Media and they are hammer banging on everything they can find to take the public's mind off of what Mr. Apocalypse keeps drawing it back to. They keep trying to finance and promote transparent lies, when they are not pulling the strings on manufactured global conflicts, bankrolled by their central banker kin. They are doing everything they can to plunge the world into chaos because this is what their sworn master demands. He doesn't care one way or another about them or their victims. He just wants the chaos because that is his job. He was appointed to this particular employment by the ineffable. People find it hard to get their heads around this truth but that doesn't impact on it whatsoever.

The thing is, in the past... their presently active techniques were effective. They had no inclination or motivation to change them. They could create one enemy after another and send the young men from both sides off to their death. It's hard to imagine people being stupid enough to be seduced over and over by the same slogans and circumstances but... they are. It's been said that “patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.” It is also the residential neighborhood of flag waving morons. These evil, evil fools are running scared now. Part of them is consumed by a reckless, overcompensating false confidence and part of them is trembling under the surface because they know that

"Mr. Apocalypse is Coming"

The reality is that their appearance of power is that of a paper tiger. It has the force of a tart fart in a thunderstorm. The force of the thunderstorm is the nature play of the ineffable. The force of the bad guys comes from the same source as the thunderstorm; from the same force where all force comes.

In the control room of the ineffable is a command panel with a switching mechanism and it routes all the power in the universe. The ineffable doesn't need sliders, buttons or knobs. All the ineffable has to do is to think something for it to come into being. With the ineffable there is no degree of hesitation. The will of the ineffable isn't time sensitive. There are masters going about here and there, very few of them, who can materialize as if they were the ineffable (the rishis come to mind) but... that is because the ineffable is operating through them. Only the ineffable can do this, which means that anyone who can do this is channeling the ineffable. Then there are the rest of us who can materialize things at lesser or greater speeds than one another. All of us do this but the time involved in most cases keeps us from being aware that we are doing it. In many cases it is the perpetuating product of negative meditation. In other cases there are those of a greater, positive perspective who are familiar with creative visualization. Their results are dependent on various factors. Some of you have had experiences of bringing things to pass. Some of us bring things to pass but do not make the deeper connections concerning the process.

The realities of existence are more profound than the general imagination can see. The truth is that there is only so much you can know on your own. It is the difference between an intellectual apprehension of something and Revelation. Without Revelation, you will never have more than a partial picture so, regardless of your vaunted self importance on a pitiful handful of subjects, if that... your own skewered vision of who you are and what you are, remains the biggest obstacle to your understanding that you will ever be faced with and this false self of yours will either be self abdicated or it will be dethroned in the process of the purpose of demonstration. There is only one thing that is really worth knowing and that is that you do not know ...but... that someone does. Once you find that font of limitless truth, knowledge and power, you are on your way and the good news is that you only got to look for it. Surely obstacles will be thrown in your way. You can't get anything here without putting some effort into it. Even if you do get a free lunch, you still have to put it in your mouth, chew it and digest it. When it comes to the most important thing in this or any other world, the requirements are more stringent. Once again though, it is fairly simple... you must simply persevere in your search, survive the tests and want it more than anything else. How hard can that be (grin)?

Yes... the swine have come out of the sty and are determined to turn the whole world into one. They are worthy of censure and contempt but they are more to be pitied. In the words of the great master; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” It has taken me a long time to learn some of the things I already knew. Some of the bad guys had no choice about the roles they are playing now. It is true that they walked the road to the roadhouse they are performing in. However, one must keep in mind that sometimes a demon is an angel in disguise and at the appointed moment may well be transformed into light. I wouldn't recommend completely believing this as a rule of thumb. This is simply to say that one never knows. The ineffable has a way of tricking us through the medium of our own false beliefs. The ineffable has a way of tying our shoestrings together for the purpose of the inevitable destiny of pride. Only through profound humility and unrelenting ardor can one evade the snares and pitfalls of this world. Only through the acquisition of the qualities of God can one approach the personality of God. Some things are worth having and some are not. We need to figure out what those are because we will surely come to know what value they do and do not possess.

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