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At the Oracle of Anti-Delphi, with a French Maids Outfit and a Feather Duster.

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I wish I had something cultural to write about but there is nothing happening culturally that doesn't involve diseased, bling addicted rappers with IQs that involve metrics, as opposed to avoirdupois, in order to give the impression of literacy, where none exists ...and to utilize smaller increments of measurement; apparently size matters when you can inflate the sum of nothing. The level of violent thought that is coming out of these Oracles of anti-Delphi is amazing. The Dark Ages got nothing on us. At least in The Dark Ages they knew better than to record it. Now we record it all. That's going to have the same impact as chewing gum hardening under a middle school desk, somewhere in the unwashed dystopia of 'where the Hell am I anyway?' Meanwhile, Lindsey Lohan wants to go to Russia.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then. Contemporary life is like surgery done with toenail clippers and too much anesthetic. You can have the surgery, I'll take the anesthetic.

There must be hope out there somewhere and I believe there is. Someone who really hated me just got in touch to tell me they wanted to bury the hatchet and... not in my head. You could have knocked me over with a feather-duster. It probably would have been better if I wasn't wearing a French maids outfit at the time but... I've always been a fan of haute couture and the dynamics of plugs and sockets. Actually, it blew my mind, coming on my birthday as it did. I am convinced that if you are endlessly forgiving (no matter whose fault it is- grin) you are well on your way to making peace with yourself. I am very grateful to this lady for reaching out as she did. It takes a lot of courage to risk the unpredictability of another person. This much I know about myself, if you want to make peace with me, you can assume I already did the groundwork on my part. I make it a point to forgive everyone as quickly as I can manage and wait in the hope that they can do the same for me.

One of the truths that nearly no one is cognizant of, is that we are all those portions of seemingly external characters that perform in our lives. If we can make straight the way within our own hearts, eventually the way will be made straight at every reach in extension from us. We are the mirrors for every circumstance and condition, 'within you and without you.' In other words, the whole of our existence takes place in our minds and then it afterwards projects itself on to the screen of the manifest performance side. Trying to talk about this sort of thing and being able to make sense of it at the same time is about as tricky as it gets. If you don't know what you are doing to begin with, it is unlikely that you will sort it out later on. In other words, going in the wrong direction, or operating out of a primal fallacy, will never result in the right direction of primal truth ...unless trauma or epiphany interfere.

Here is an interview with Don Ferguson AKA Zen Gardner. This is a very odd interplay of a couple of hours. The strangest part is the woman doing the interview. She looks like what I imagine Henry Kissinger or George Soros's mother might look like. The level of corruption in her face is astonishing. Am I misreading, via my phrenological background? I'm no expert at this sort of thing but I am more informed than any layman might be about the intricacies of the science. Did you know that until somewhere in the first quarter of the 20th Century that Phrenology was a highly respected science and much applied by criminologists and others in law enforcement and the psychiatric and psychological professions? I can see where it would be relevant. It makes sense to me but... as with everything that comes around in my life, I only have to impress myself with the efficacy of something. It doesn't matter to me what others may think, unless they are in a position to inform me about the errors in my thought processes. For that I am ALWAYS grateful, should it be correctly informed. I try to place relentless scrutiny upon myself. You learn nothing if you do not.

Today we are besieged by bullshit like this. As you will note, I take a lot of my links from The Truthseeker. I find Rixon Stewart to be an upright and conscientious man. He had a serious falling out with Jeff Rense. This happens to a lot of people who get casually dismissed and no reason given much of the time. Some of us are so consumed by our vanities that we can't see beyond the distorted mirror of ourselves that gets bent out of shape by self aggrandizement. One should always exercise humility because otherwise you miss all the essential features of your own shortcomings ...and if that is the case..., the image does a Dorian Gray, progressive illusion and sooner or later you wind up in darkness. I like Rixon, he is a mannerly and committed fellow and he doesn't backtrack on his affections. If you are his friend, you are his friend... end of story. I like people like this. You can trust and relax around them. Their whole concern is the truth, wherever it might be found. I could entrust my life to someone like this and I suspect that I do.

(If you are of a mind to meet up with us as we travel, please send your contact specifics to me. It is because so many of you have that Washington State and Oregon are now on our map. The more there are, the more likely we will come into your zone. The more intensely you convince me of your interest, the same will apply. This should be fun. I have felt for years that it would be a wonderful thing to sit across from any number of you, across a spread blanket, or on a picnic table, enjoying food and drink and company.)

I have nothing against Jeff Rense or Michael Rivero, or any of the other souls where a falling out has taken place. I get more and more convinced by the day that it mostly has to do with my unreserved love of the almighty. Crazy I may be but... it is a scientific insanity. I have actually put the work in. There is much I am not convinced of, or which exists in theory- though the theory is heavily weighted in the circumstantial and mentally projected- with some libraries of corroboration. I come across all kinds of things like this. The sheer numbers of the information sent my way makes me believe the Library at Alexandria is still around, at least in the minds and archives of some.

It is amazing what can happen in a person's life, if they are seriously committed to finding the truth. The truth will show up on their doorstep. Everything in life abides according to electro-magnetic principles. We don't know the extent of this at the moment but it is coming via Mr. Apocalypse. Certain tantrics know what there is to know about the universe, simply because it is all an interaction between the opposites. All technology and a great deal of spiritual truth comes out of this. The formation of the manifest is the dance of procreation between the opposites and beyond that lies the non dual but... what does any of it mean? People come to their wits end arguing about it but it is only to be comprehended in the silence of the quieted mind, beneath the testimony of lustrous love hewn stars. The wonders of simplicity are remarkable. This is why the almighty very often uses the simple and the crazy to accomplish his will. The trumpets of the world acknowledge the entrance and exit of the bombastic, ego driven world changers; thousands and sometimes millions, die in the wake of their passage but those who save lives and souls are more often forgotten because 'here' is not where they are remembered. They are remembered in those places that celebrate such efforts and where the vehicles of such industries reside. It isn't the applause of the world that one should hunger after but only the acknowledgment of their fellows in the realms beyond. One should not even hunger for that but more for the shared awareness of kindred spirits. It isn't what happens to you here that matters; that is only temporary. It is more important what happens in the places outside of the bandwidth of physical sight and the limited parameters of reason in a place like this.

I am really looking forward to seeing so many of you and some of you I have said this to. I expect to be more surprised by those I never heard from until recently. It is in the simple hearth of the heart where our important business is accomplished; there by the fireside of our most sincere and long enduring passions. God truly does love us, regardless of our knowing anything about it.

This is a world of endless curiosities; fascinating concepts and objects of no lasting value. Love alone brings us to the heights of our possibilities. It is love that is responsible for anything significant that we share a portion of the responsibility in for bringing it off. We are no more or less than what we identify with. In the end we become that which we sought most after. In the end it is the image of our own reflection in the pool of memory that we reveals ourself to ourselves. It is all remembering and not discovery. “There is nothing new under the sun.”

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